Chapter 239: Divine Child of the True Dragon Divine Sect

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"Elder, this is Yang Xiaotian," Hu Nan, still greatly shaken, hastened to step forward and respectfully said.

Li Zhengqing was surprised, then his face lit up with joy, "So you are Xiaotian!"

Of course, he remembered the young man who controlled the Divine Flame.

"Good, haha, excellent!" After his initial delight, Li Zhengqing was even more thrilled, laughing joyously and heartily.

Indeed, this young man who had condensed a Divine Elixir, was none other than the lad who had mastery over the Divine Flame.

Suddenly, the Tyrant Dragon spoke, "This child shall be honored as the Divine Son of the True Dragon Divine Sect."

Divine Son!

All the Elders and disciples of the True Dragon Divine Sect were taken aback.

It was known that since the founding of the True Dragon Divine Sect, the highest title had always been that of a Sacred Transmission Disciple.

None had ever been titled Divine Son.