Chapter 238: Child, what is your name?

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When the Golden Core emerged from Yang Xiaotian's body, suddenly, Heaven and Earth lost their color.

All light had lost its luster.

Even the most dazzling of lights would lose their shine in front of this Golden Core, all color drained away.

Even You Yi's top-grade Golden Core had lost its brilliance.

First, True Dragon Peak started to shake violently.

Then, the mountains surrounding True Dragon Peak began to tremble.

Last, the entire True Dragon Divine Sect vibrated.

The entire True Dragon Divine Sect was as if struck by a super earthquake.

It was as though an infinite, invisible force made the True Dragon Divine Sect unable to stop shaking.

Even the secluded grounds in the back mountain of the True Dragon Divine Sect began to tremble.

Li Zhengqing, who was cultivating in the forbidden area of the back mountain, was shaken to a halt and flew out of his cave dwelling, only to see the terrifying light above True Dragon Peak.