Chapter 235: Green Sea God Sect Defeated

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Yang Xiaotian and the other locked gazes.

"So you're Yang Xiaotian!" You Yi raised his chin arrogantly, scrutinizing Yang Xiaotian.

Yang Xiaotian ignored the other party and instead cupped his fists towards the guards of the Qingxuan Palace, "My name is Yang Xiaotian, I would like an audience with Princess Qingxuan. Please inform her."

"So it's Young Master Yang!" Upon hearing it was Yang Xiaotian, the guard hurriedly said, "Please wait a moment, I will inform Her Highness Princess right away." He then turned and entered the palace.

You Yi's face darkened as Yang Xiaotian disregarded him.

"Yang Xiaotian, our young master is speaking to you! Did you hear that?" Wei Youcai, You Yi's subordinate, became annoyed when Yang Xiaotian ignored his master, "Don't think you're so impressive just because you have the Divine Flame! Our young master has condensed a top-quality Golden Core, the only disciple in the True Dragon Divine Sect to do so in a hundred years!"