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Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System

Nine Nine Three

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So the story is just another form of "I can turn into a fish" almost the same powers, turn into a fish can eat them and can dominate lower lvl fish, modify fish, and evan the money making idea to sell fish is the same. Sry to say this since I usually am nice but this feels like a copy right situation.


Chinese title: 无敌神龙养成系统最新章节 Date started: 02/05/2018 Rating: N/A Chapters: ~2466 Word count: 6.7 million Status: Ongoing Author: 993 / 九九三 Number of works: 1 Website: Qidian, but the page is not valid anymore. This novel is kinda similar - in some ways - to 都市之点石成金系统 which is "I can turn into a Fish". Try reading both and look at the similarities, at least for the beginning.


bit.ly/3LyRF1N 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗


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Currently in Chapter 21, I'm enjoying the novel, but the translation says it's 14 chapter weekly, but I only see 1 a day, sometimes none! It discourages


I'd recommend that you completely skip the first 12 chapters if you decide to read this sub-par piece of work. Why? Because they are autism in its purest, most concentrated form. The interactions between the characters are so bad and awkward that I actually cringed while reading. The next four chapters are a lot better, mainly because this author has no idea how to talk to people normally, nor does he know how a lot of the laws and regulations about selling unlicensed goods work. Which doesn't show as much when the protagonist has nobody to talk to or interact with(Other than hot and slimy clam girls ofc). Basically, the fist 12 chapters are unreadable, the rest are decent. This is not a book for those who are looking for well developed, interesting characters with fleshed out backstories that interact with and influence the plot. Nor is it for people who look for great world building, or a world that has a lot of interesting history and hidden background like Emperor's Domination. I'd only recommend this to people who are bored and want to read something that doesn't take more than 10 brain-cells to understand. The novel would become a lot more interesting if it takes a darker turn later on, where the protagonist would begin to devour humans for dragon energy, and start a war against humanity with his fish armies.


Aku Selamat Selamat Selamat Aku Selamat Selamat yang Di selamat Aku atas sana sana inginkan sana inginkan sana inginkan hari apa yg sini ni ini ini ini ini ini raya raya ini ini ni ini ni ini ni ini raya untuk sini aku adalah


This is what I call a trash xianxia in a modern setting. The Mc is the typical, "If it's a girl I'll save you if you're a man well f*ck off!" He could have eaten a clam and reach nearly level 3 but no instead he makes her a "subordinate" who's only use might, MIGHT be a harem member later on. Then he gets into a race and looky here the granddaughter of a powerful man! Obviously he probably gets his backing but I haven't read far enough to know. If you like typical xianxia in a modern setting go for it. If you like utter stupidity go for it. And if you like an Mc who's "picking up" harem members like there's no tomorrow but not actually putting them in the harem, then sure. Also don't expect op Mc anytime soon since you know, he needs subordinates first. (just f*ck this novel honestly author ruined it, UTTER TRASH)


The translation is not bad. Story development cliche as much as possible it could be, poor guy gained system with which he could become an almighty dragon. Not much into a description of how he looks or what he thinks when doing things. Not much about world background. I'm bad at writing reviews because I have cancer from reading this kind of novels, but still from what I read so far this book is bad so not waste your time for it.


Well, you have a new story don't get much about the world, the progression in storyline is pretty slow so you don't have much to talk about... Release is 7 chapters a week not 14 as it implies at the top and premium at chapter 40 so well if you don't want to spend 8 SS per chapter in wich you couldn't even read a whole scene then just don't read this novel isn't worth your time. Have a good day👋 I'm out. (well at least the Character design is a bit decent)


Honestly... a fun read but the amount of repeated paragraphs worded differently are a joke. I literallly read 7 paragraphs that described "dragon powers" back to back that all said the same thing using different words. Which essentially explained nothing at all. ... the story feels like it was written by a kid with a harem fantasy and a hero complex. Only 40 chapters in and the usual tripe has already been used... such as dead family and only has sister, bank robbery that he prevented, saving rich people and earning millions in just days... worth reading, not worth paying for.


the mc had the most infuriating personality. every 3 chapters is a repeat of 6 chapters before that just with different charecters. and at the rate the mc is going every person within a 100 miles of him will be a divine dragon. which just takes away from the story. he gives out divine dragon cultivation manuals like he is throwing bread to ducks. he gives his blood away to anyone that looks his direction. and he created another divine dragon which just shouldnt be, he is the biggest show boat nothing but the same old show boat personality, belittling people with skills given to him by the system acting like he worked hard for it. every third paragraph is a description of him having perverted thoughts. he seems obsessed with being above others at all times, and ruining people's lives just for disagreeing with him. the first 70 or so chapters were good and intertwining the rest is relative garbage with a douce and a tool of an mc


The novel is a great one and I really like it only one problem the translation update speed is not that satisfactory for a popular (idk maybe) novel like this. My suggestion is to rush updates till it's about 100 and then start on the 2 chaps per day


Good novel to spend time hurts that the translator does not meet its release time..... --------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------


Wow, the first chapters gave him the system. And his arrogance swelled like a balloon, as if he had reached heaven. I am still beginning the novel


Translation issues aside (yuan dollars, jin kilograms), this novel is plain boring. Writing quality: the novel is plagued with inconsistency: shark smell blood but then abandons pursuit when it lost sight of MC. It is also very hard to read due to translation of currencies issues leading to fishes costing millions of dollars ... Story Development: the only thing to look forward to is MC getting stronger, there is no plot, no foreshadowing, we don't know how different the world is. Character Design: There is only MC and MC has no design. Oh and every one is a millionnaire but MC is both a millionaire and poor. Updating: not an issue given I'm dropping this in less than 10 chapters World background: I think the author doesn't know either


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I'm very much enjoying this novel, the supporting characters are good, the bad guys are typical but still enjoyable, the only problem I have is sadly with the MC he is strong and ends up with all kinds of techniques, but he in my opinion is very much like a coward, he hides in the back all the time unless is very forced to do something or just complains he doesn't have the time and runs away, and after a certain point he just completely became complacent and stop upgrading his on strength, it really makes me sad cause otherwise it would be almost a 5/5 novel for me...


What i can say is that the mc is a scumbag when it comes to romance. He knows both girls like him. He treats them both more than a friend with a smile. Now it comes to the point the he has to pick one. Picks the one who's useless, who used his power to save her ass family, because theyve been together much longer than the other woman. The other helps him, even risking conflict with much stronger family, always there when he has a problem, smart, beautiful, rich, talented lady, gets rejected. Scumbag cause he do what he wants, making the lady have hopes, even though in the beginning he already choose the other girl in his mind, he should've already stayed away, because as time goes the lady fell to him deeper. Fuccking scumbag, he could've prevented hurting her if he wasn't so arrogant doing whatever he wants, but just because he found it troubling, boom, 'i dont want you anymore'. What is with always picking the poor, helpless girl, compared to a rich, but always there to help you?


The story is good but I don’t like mc. Mc is too arrogant for my taste. After he get dragon blood he like to fight and not reason it. I will still read it until I can’t take mc no more. I hope that won’t happen.