Invincible: Beerus, Son of Thragg

Beerus was born into a world of chaos and conflict, inheriting the bloodline of Thragg, one of the most fearsome Viltrumites to have ever lived in the Invincible Universe. Raised in the shadow of his father's legacy, he grew up with the weight of expectation heavy on his shoulders. The Viltrumite society, known for its strict hierarchy and warrior ethos, demanded nothing less than perfection from its offspring, especially those directly descended from legendary figures like Thragg. Disclaimer: I don't own Invincible or any other associated properties.

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Chapter 11: Confrontation

Hey guys and girls, welcome to chapter 11. I have been trying to make longer chapters and this is a bit longer than what I have written before so with that being said, enjoy the chapter. Also, if you want to join my discord to give me ideas or just want to talk about different fanfics then feel free to join and here is the code /zHnBV28C

"Success depends on previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure" -Confucius


As Beerus floated through the hallways of the Global Defense Agency, he couldn't help but notice the stark contrast between the polished floors and the crude technology of Earth. It was amusing, in a way, how primitive humans could be, yet how determined they were to protect their fragile world. His thoughts were interrupted when he entered the briefing room, where Cecil and Donald were waiting.

"Atlas, good to see you," Cecil greeted, leaning back in his chair with a casual smile. Donald stood beside him, his expression more guarded.

"What's this about, Cecil?" Beerus asked, crossing his arms and glancing around the room. It was cluttered with monitors and maps, a testament to their endless vigilance.

"We need to talk about Omni-Man," Cecil began, his tone light but with an undercurrent of seriousness. "His methods are... let's say, a bit extreme."

Beerus raised an eyebrow, a slight smirk playing on his lips. "You mean effective?"

"Sure, effective," Donald interjected, his voice carrying a hint of sarcasm. "But also reckless. We can't afford to have someone with his power causing unchecked destruction. It's bad for morale, and worse for the planet."

Beerus chuckled inwardly. Humans and their incessant need for control. "And what do you propose I do about it? He's your problem, not mine."

Cecil leaned forward, his eyes narrowing slightly. "We're asking you to keep an eye on him. Make sure he doesn't go too far. You have the power to match his, and quite frankly, we trust your judgment more."

"Really now?" Beerus replied, his tone dripping with skepticism. "And why would you trust me over him?"

Donald cleared his throat. "Because you've shown restraint. You've worked with us, protected civilians, and you haven't caused unnecessary harm. Omni-Man, on the other hand, well... let's just say his loyalty seems more... ambiguous."

Beerus's mind flashed back to the countless battles on Viltrum, the endless training, the survival of the fittest. Omni-Man's loyalty was to the Viltrum Empire, just as his own should be. But these humans, they were persistent, and maybe, just maybe, they had a point.

"And what if I don't agree with your assessment?" Beerus asked, tilting his head slightly. "What if I think Omni-Man's methods are perfectly in line with what's necessary?"

Cecil sighed, rubbing his temples. "Look, we're not asking you to betray him. Just... consider the bigger picture. Earth is your home now too, isn't it? Don't you want to protect it in a way that ensures its future?"

Beerus pondered this. Earth was crude, chaotic, and full of flaws, but it had a certain charm. The people, despite their weaknesses, had spirit. A will to survive that reminded him of the stories of Viltrum's glory days.

"I'll think about it," Beerus finally said, his voice carrying a hint of reluctant agreement. "But don't think you can manipulate me so easily."

Donald nodded, a small smile tugging at his lips. "We wouldn't dream of it. Just remember, sometimes the greatest strength lies in restraint."

As Beerus left the room, he couldn't help but chuckle at the irony. A Viltrumite, the epitome of strength and power, being asked to show restraint. Maybe there was more to these humans than he'd given them credit for. But one thing was certain: whatever decision he made, it would be on his own terms, not theirs.


Beerus found Omni-Man overlooking the city skyline from the rooftop of a skyscraper. He approached with a casual stride, his hands tucked into the pockets of his jacket. Omni-Man turned to him, his expression unreadable.

"Hey," Beerus greeted, leaning against the ledge. "Mind if I join you?"

Omni-Man shrugged, gesturing for him to take a spot beside him. "Suit yourself."

They stood in silence for a moment, the bustling city below a stark contrast to their quiet contemplation. Finally, Beerus broke the silence.

"So, I had a chat with Cecil and Donald," Beerus began, his tone casual yet laced with underlying tension. "They seem to think you're a bit... overzealous."

Omni-Man raised an eyebrow, his gaze shifting to Beerus. "And what do you think?"

Beerus hesitated, choosing his words carefully. "I think you have your methods, and they have theirs. But Cecil seemed convinced that you're a liability, and he's got a point. Earth's not exactly the kind of place that tolerates unchecked power."

Omni-Man chuckled, a hint of amusement in his voice. "Cecil's always been one to play the political game. He thinks he can manipulate everyone into doing what he wants."

Beerus frowned, considering Omni-Man's words. "You think he's manipulating me?"

Omni-Man nodded, his expression serious. "Of course he is. You're younger, more malleable. He sees an opportunity to control you, to use you for his own ends."

Beerus mulled this over, his thoughts racing. Cecil and Donald's words echoed in his mind, mingling with Omni-Man's warnings. He didn't like being played, didn't like being used as a pawn in someone else's game.

"But strength is what matters in the end," Omni-Man continued, his voice low but firm. "All living beings respond to strength. Remember that."

Beerus met Omni-Man's gaze, a silent understanding passing between them. Strength was indeed paramount, but so was control. And he wasn't about to let anyone control him, not even Cecil.

"Yeah, I'll remember that," Beerus replied, a steely determination in his voice. "Thanks for the advice, Omni-Man."

Nolan clapped him on the shoulder, his grip firm. "That's the spirit. And remember, you're not just a Viltrumite. You're the future Grand Regent of the Viltrum Empire. You make your own decisions."

He nodded, a sense of determination settling in his chest. "Thanks, Nolan. I won't forget that."

As they parted ways, Beerus couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement. Earth may be chaotic, but with Nolan by his side, he was ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead. And as for Cecil and Donald? Well, they were about to learn that manipulating a Viltrumite was easier said than done.



As the new Guardians of the Globe gathered in their headquarters, the atmosphere was tense yet tinged with curiosity. Dupli-Kate, Robot, Shrinking Rae, Black Samson, and Monster Girl sat around the table, while Invincible and Atom Eve were lounging on a nearby couch discussing the recent spar between Beerus and Omni-Man.

"Fuck, did you see that fight?" Rex Splode exclaimed, leaning back in his chair with a scowl. "I still don't trust that guy."

Atom Eve rolled her eyes, her arms crossed over her chest. "Give it a rest, Rex. Atlas held his own against Omni-Man. That's more than you could say."

Rex bristled at the remark, but before he could retort, Invincible spoke up. "It's true. Atlas may be new to Earth, but he's no pushover. And Omni-Man, well, my dad has got a lot more experience than him."

Invincible couldn't shake the nagging feeling of inadequacy that lingered after watching Atlas's performance. Am I really living up to my potential? he wondered, his thoughts turning inward.

"Yeah, but did you see the look on Atlas's face?" Monster Girl chimed in, her eyes wide with excitement. "He was loving every minute of it. That guy's got some serious guts."

Robot nodded in agreement, his metallic features betraying no emotion. "Indeed. His combat instincts are impressive, considering his relatively young age."

Shrinking Rae chuckled, twirling a pencil between her fingers. "Not to mention his brute strength. I mean, did you see how even their strength was?"

Black Samson, ever the pragmatist, stroked his chin thoughtfully. "We'll need to keep a close eye on them, make sure they don't get too carried away during their spars. The last thing we need is a full-scale brawl between those two on our hands."

Black Samson's thoughts were consumed by strategy, his mind already considering the potential implications of Atlas and Omni-Man's rivalry. We need to stay focused, he reminded himself, mentally preparing for any challenges ahead.

Atom Eve sighed, her gaze lingering on Atlas for a moment longer than necessary. "Yeah, well, he's still a bit of a mystery to me. But I have to admit, there's something... intriguing about him."

Rex scoffed, rolling his eyes. "Please. You're just saying that because he's a hotshot now that he's as strong as Omni-Man."

Atom Eve shot him a glare, her voice dripping with sarcasm. "And you're just saying that because you're jealous."

Rex was too caught up in his own pride to notice the subtle nuances of his teammates' thoughts. I'm not jealous, he thought stubbornly, his jaw clenched with frustration. I just don't trust him.


As Beerus was quietly contemplating the intricacies of Earth's peculiar customs, his thoughts were interrupted by the insistent buzz of his communicator. With a sigh, he glanced down at the device, recognizing Cecil's number flashing on the screen.

"Hello?" He answered, his voice carrying a hint of curiosity.

"Hey, Atlas," Cecil's voice crackled through the line, urgency evident in his tone. "We've got a situation at Mount Rushmore. There's a new threat by the name of Doc Seismic, and we could really use your help along with Mark and Eve who are on their way right now."

Beerus furrowed his brow in confusion. "Mount Rushmore? What's that?"

Cecil chuckled on the other end of the line. "It's a national monument, a sculpture carved into the granite face of a mountain in South Dakota. But right now, it's under attack by a supervillain with seismic powers."

Beerus nodded slowly, processing the information. "I see. And you want me to go there and assist Invincible and Atom Eve in dealing with this threat?"

"Exactly," Cecil confirmed. "You've got the strength and the skills to take on someone like Doc Seismic. Plus, having another Viltrumite on the team wouldn't hurt."

Beerus considered the request for a moment, weighing the pros and cons in his mind. While he was still hesitant to fully embrace his role as Earth's protector, he couldn't deny the importance of lending a hand when needed.

"Alright, Cecil," Beerus finally replied, determination creeping into his voice. "I'll head to this Mount Rushmore and see what I can do. But I'm not making any promises."

Cecil chuckled again. "Fair enough. Just do what you can. I'll send the coordinates."

As Beerus ended the call with a simple hum, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of resignation. The urgency in Cecil's voice had stirred a sense of duty within him, yet he couldn't shake the feeling of detachment from Earth's conflicts. Mount Rushmore, a mere blip in the grand tapestry of the cosmos, seemed trivial compared to the epic battles he had witnessed in his past.

But duty was duty, and Beerus knew he couldn't turn a blind eye to the plight of the planet he now called home. Despite his reservations, he understood the importance of lending his strength to protect its fragile existence.

As he soared through the sky towards Mount Rushmore, Beerus couldn't shake the feeling of unease that gnawed at the back of his mind. Earth was an enigma, a swirling mass of contradictions and complexities that defied his understanding. And yet, he knew that his strength could make a difference in safeguarding its inhabitants.

With a determined resolve, Beerus pushed aside his doubts and focused on the task ahead. For better or for worse, he was Earth's reluctant protector, and he would fulfill his duty to the best of his abilities. As he braced himself for the challenges that awaited him at Mount Rushmore, he couldn't help but wonder what new mysteries and dangers lay in store on this strange and unpredictable planet.


Beerus saw the coordinates that Cecil sent before breaking the sound barrier towards the state known as South Dakota. He felt the familiar rush of wind against his face as he soared through the sky towards Mount Rushmore. The urgent call from Cecil echoed in his mind, a constant reminder of his reluctant duty to protect Earth. The monumental heads of past presidents grew larger in the distance, an odd reminder of human legacy and pride. The irony wasn't lost on him—these people had immortalized their leaders in stone, yet they still needed protection from threats they couldn't handle.

He arrived above Mount Rushmore, the scene unfolding below him in a chaotic dance of power and destruction. Doc Seismic, a little man with a penchant for causing tremors and upheavals, was unleashing his seismic powers with reckless abandon. The ground shook violently, sending tourists and locals alike fleeing in terror. Trees nearby shuddered, some already crumbling under the strain.

Hovering in the sky, Beerus's sharp eyes focused on the battle below. Invincible and Atom Eve were already engaged, trying to subdue the villain while minimizing collateral damage. Invincible, with his signature blue and yellow costume, flew at high speeds, dodging seismic waves and landing powerful punches. Atom Eve, her pink aura glowing, used her ability to manipulate matter to create barriers and deflect debris away from the panicked civilians.

Beerus observed their efforts with a critical eye. Mark—Invincible—was strong and fast, but still lacked the refined combat instincts of a seasoned warrior/Viltrumite. Eve's powers were impressive, her constructs precise and effective, but the sheer force of Doc Seismic's attacks was overwhelming their combined efforts. He noted that she could have manipulated the air molecules to prevent the gauntlets from being smashed together or outright change the structure of the gauntlets to become useless but no matter.

A particularly powerful tremor sent a shockwave through the ground, splitting the earth and toppling a nearby building. Beerus's eyes narrowed as he saw the danger it posed to the fleeing civilians. His hesitation vanished, replaced by the cold clarity of action.

With a burst of speed, he descended into the fray, landing with a force that sent a shockwave of his own rippling through the ground. The impact caught the attention of both heroes and villain alike. Doc Seismic's triumphant sneer faltered as he registered the presence of a new and formidable opponent.

"Atlas," Invincible panted, clearly relieved. "We could use some help here."

He gave a curt nod, his eyes locked onto Doc Seismic. "Focus on evacuating the civilians," he instructed, his voice calm yet commanding. "I'll handle him."

Doc Seismic laughed, the sound tinged with madness. "Another hero to crush? Bring it on!"

Beerus didn't waste words. He moved with blinding speed, closing the distance between them in an instant. He grabbed and crushed the gauntlets with his arms still inside rendering them useless.

The Doc screamed in extreme pain as his most used appendages were broken. His eyes rolled in shock as he struggled to his feet, coughing and his arms hanging uselessly. "You... you're not human," he wheezed, eyes wide with a mix of fear and defiance.

"No," Beerus replied coldly, "I'm far more than that."

Before Seismic could react, Beerus was on him again, his movements a blur. He delivered a flick of epic proportions as the villain's eyes rolled back yet again into unconsciousness.

Meanwhile, Invincible and Atom Eve worked tirelessly to get the civilians to safety. Eve's constructs guided people away from the danger zone, while Invincible flew injured individuals to safety, all the while casting worried glances at the ongoing battle.

"He's efficient," Eve murmured to herself.

Invincible heard her and couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy mixed with admiration. "Yeah, he is," he admitted, a touch of frustration in his voice. "But we've got a job to do, Eve."

Beerus stood over the defeated villain, his breathing steady, his expression bored. He glanced over at Invincible and Eve, who were just finishing up with the evacuations.

"Is everyone safe?" he asked, his tone measured.

Invincible nodded, still catching his breath. "Yeah, thanks to you."

Atom Eve approached, her eyes filled with a mix of gratitude and curiosity. "You saved a lot of lives today, Atlas. Thank you."

Beerus simply nodded, his eyes scanning the area for any remaining threats. "It's what needed to be done."

As Beerus hovered over the now quiet Mount Rushmore, his thoughts began to drift. Earth, for all its chaos and unpredictability, had become a place of unexpected fascination for him. He couldn't deny the intriguing nuances of human culture, their traditions, their resilience, and they're often baffling yet endearing customs.

On Viltrum, life had been a relentless cycle of training and conquest. Each day was a repetition of the last, a monochrome existence dedicated to honing his strength and expanding the empire. There was a brutal efficiency to Viltrumite life, a singular focus that left little room for anything but the mission at hand.

Earth, however, was different. It was a kaleidoscope of experiences. High school, for instance, was an odd yet enlightening challenge. Navigating the social dynamics, the trivialities of teenage life, and the ever-present sense of discovery had been unexpectedly enriching. The invasion had been another story, a test of his combat skills, but also a lesson in the unpredictable nature of Earth's threats and the resilience of its people.

He recalled the mundane moments that had begun to weave themselves into the fabric of his daily life—small things like the laughter of classmates, the taste of Earth's food, and the sense of camaraderie he had started to feel with some of the heroes he fought alongside. These were experiences he never had on Viltrum, where every interaction was a means to an end, every relationship a strategic alliance.

Yet, despite the growing soft spot he had developed for this small, blue planet, Beerus reaffirmed his loyalty to his father and the Viltrum Empire. He was a Viltrumite, born and bred for conquest, and his destiny was intertwined with the empire's grand design. Earth was but a temporary diversion, a pit stop on the road to greater things.

Still, he couldn't entirely shake off the influence this planet had on him. There was something compelling about the way humans fought against overwhelming odds, their tenacity and spirit. It was a stark contrast to the ruthless efficiency of Viltrumites, and in some small, unspoken way, he found it admirable.

Earth was a planet of contradictions. Its people were capable of great kindness and horrific violence, often within the same breath. They fought wars over resources and ideologies, yet they also created art, music, and stories that could stir the soul. They were fragile yet resilient, simple yet complex.

As he looked out over the aftermath of the battle, the humans beginning to pick up the pieces, he felt a strange sense of responsibility. Perhaps it was the lingering effect of living among them, seeing their vulnerabilities up close. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but Earth had left its mark on him.

With a final glance at the horizon, Beerus turned his thoughts back to his mission. He would protect this planet for now, fulfill his duties, and ensure the safety of its people. But he would never forget his true allegiance. The Viltrum Empire awaited, and he would return to it when the time came, stronger and wiser for his time on Earth.

For now, he would continue to navigate the delicate balance between his growing appreciation for Earth and his unwavering loyalty to his heritage. And in that balance, he would find the strength to face whatever challenges lay ahead, both here and beyond the stars.

As Beerus flew back to join Invincible and Atom Eve, he couldn't help but feel a growing sense of attachment to this small, blue planet. He would never admit it out loud, especially not to his Viltrumite peers, but Earth was starting to mean something to him. It wasn't just another assignment, another conquest to be made or planet to be protected. It was becoming a part of him, a place where he could explore a different kind of strength and perhaps, in time, find a new purpose.

"Hey, Atlas," Invincible called out as Beerus landed beside them. "You, okay?"

He nodded, pushing aside his introspection. "Just thinking about this world. It's... unique."

Atom Eve smiled; her earlier wariness replaced by a genuine curiosity. "It grows on you, doesn't it?"

Beerus allowed himself a small, rare smile. "Yes, it does."