1 After 3,000 Years, I Still Return as a Youth!

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On the fourteenth of February, Valentine's Day, in Beijiang City, snowflakes began to fall once the evening sky set in, but there was still nothing that could dampen the ardor of couples in love. The street was still packed with people.

And in Beijiang Park, everything was extremely quiet.

There was a lake in the middle of Beijiang Park that didn't take up a large area. However, due to the severe cold, the lake was frozen.

At this very moment, a rumbling sound was heard from under the lake.


With a loud sound, the frozen surface of the lake suddenly shattered and cracked as though a giant had punched it roughly. The black water in the lake began rolling and surging upward.

All the fish in the lake floated to the surface. The lake exuded a strong fragrance that spread into the air.

The fish had all been cooked alive.

A pair of hands made only of white bone suddenly appeared on the stone steps by the shore. Then the arms appeared, and finally, a full skeleton that was glittering like crystal slowly made its way out of the water and walked onshore.

The sky was filled with dark clouds, and a massive cyclone had appeared above the skeleton's head.

The skeleton raised its head and looked up into the sky, then smiled in a strange fashion.

Following its smile, blood vessels, muscles, and more began rapidly appearing on the skeleton's body. In the blink of an eye, the skeleton had become an extremely handsome-looking man.

The man was muttering under his breath, "Three thousand years… I can't believe that after three thousand years, I can still come back here!"

Then the man looked up, and a stream of golden light burst out of his eyes.

The huge cyclone in the air burst in response.

At the same time, the man's body exuded a mighty aura that made him seem second to none.

For a moment, the entirety of Beijiang City, and even the whole East Capital, experienced a bout of shudders.

Many old men who were sitting cross-legged opened their eyes all at once, and fear was written on their faces, because they detected an incomparably powerful aura. It was so powerful that in just the one brief moment when they detected it, it was able to get a hold on their souls.

What was it?

Who could hold such a commanding presence, as though he was the king of the world?

It had never crossed Xue An's mind that he could still return.

Three thousand years!

Too much had happened in the past three millennia.

That destitute youth from older times had become one of the few immortal lords on this plane.

If it hadn't been for that final period of the Ultimate Sermon, where he had failed on the eve of complete success due to his imperfect state of mind, then Xue An would have become the Supreme Being of the entire plane.

At that particular time, when he was about to lose his physical body and primordial spirit after dying, Xue An tore apart the boundaries of time and space with his Ultimate Supernatural Power, and finally, he returned to Earth.

Right at that very moment, the aura that Xue An's body was exuding was beginning to fade at an insane rate.

Xue An knew. This was the heavenly law of nature that was binding him.

If he had been his previous self, Xue An could have easily crushed and shattered this weak, pathetic heavenly law with a snap of his fingers.

But the Xue An of that day didn't possess even one billionth of the power he once had.

And Xue An wasn't bothered about this at all.

He was only feeling sad as he looked around the park.

Back then, he used to frequent this park with An Yan to have fun.

"An Yan, you… have you been well?" Xue An whispered to himself.

Once upon a time, Xue An had also had a happy family.

After he graduated from college, amid all the envious gazes cast their way, he came to this city with the campus sweetheart, An Yan, and the two of them began a sweet life together.

At that time, both were penniless and could only live in a small room.

Despite this, at that time, they led a very happy life.

Every day, Xue An returned from work to An Yan, who would have cooked dinner and waited for him at home.

Xue An thought that the days of his life would continue like that, plain yet blissful, but later, An Yan's family tracked them down all the way to the city.

It was only then that Xue An learned that An Yan was actually the daughter of the An family of the Middle Capital.

The An family of the Middle Capital!

This family was a respected group with high status. They wielded such power that many major international companies seemed small next to them.

And An Yan was a legitimate child of the An family.

Because of this, the An family would never allow An Yan to be with Xue An, who was just an ordinary man, but An Yan firmly refused to return home, even at the cost of cutting ties with her family.

Helplessly, the man who was supposed to take An Yan home simply left Beijiang after wishing the couple all the best and telling them to look out for themselves.

This was only the beginning. Right after, Xue An lost his job, and not a single company dared to hire him.

Left with no other choice, Xue An starting working at construction sites. No matter how tiring the jobs were, he would always rush to take them all, not for any reason than because An Yan was already pregnant.

An Yan's stomach grew bigger and bigger, yet by the time she was near delivery, Xue An disappeared because of an accident on a construction site.

Only Xue An knew that because of that accident, he had entered a bizarre and motley world of gods and demons. This was a world that adhered to the law of the jungle, where the weak would always be the prey of the strong.

And just this one trip took him three thousand years.

Suddenly, he felt himself trembling all over, and a shocked expression appeared on his face.

Upon his return after three thousand years, he hadn't expected to learn that only four years had passed on Earth.

This also meant that An Yan was still alive!

Although he was still bound by the heavenly laws of nature, Xue An's remaining power couldn't be underestimated.

He closed his eyes, and his spirituality enveloped the entire Beijiang City in a flash.

The result left him empty-handed.

Just as he had expected… An Yan had left Beijiang.

The corners of Xue An's lips curved up to reveal a bitter smile. His sudden disappearance would definitely have been a great blow to her!

He imagined how their conversation would go.

"An Yan, I'm back!

"Our child, was our child born?

"Is it a boy or girl? You said you would be happiest if it was a girl, so it must be a beautiful little girl, right?" Xue An muttered to himself. Then, with his Ultimate Spirituality, he began searching for people who had blood ties with him.

"Found!" he thought.

What? How were there two?!

Xue An froze momentarily. The corners of his mouth slowly revealed a trace of a smile, then he completely disappeared into the snowy night.

On Beijiang City's main street, a couple was admiring the snow.

"Sir, your lady here is so beautiful. Buy a flower for her!" a timid voice said from behind.

The couple turned around and saw a little girl carrying a flower basket on her back looking at both of them expectantly.

This little girl was only about four to five years of age, looking like she was sculpted out of jade. She had big eyes, a small, pretty nose, and long eyelashes. Anyone would feel the impulse to squish her cheeks just by looking at her.

The lady squatted down and smiled as she asked, "What an adorable little girl. It's so cold but you're still out selling flowers?"

The little girl smiled, revealing a pair of dimples. "Yes, my lady. I'm not cold. Please buy a flower!"

"I'll buy one!" The gentleman also smiled as he fished out some money.

But at this time, another girl who had an almost identical appearance walked over and said, "Dear sir, do buy two. One from each of the two of us!"

The two little girls not only looked the same; they were even dressed the same way. When they stood together, it was simply cuteness overload.

"Oh my god, are they twins?"

This picture was simply too wonderful.

"Which of you is the older sister, and which is the younger?"

"Sometimes I'm the older sister!"

"Sometimes I'm the younger sister!"

The two little girls spoke in their babyish voices.

Such a picture also attracted many passersby. For such adorable little girls, they would also have to take out some money to spend!

It didn't take long for the two little girls' flowers to sell out.

However, this also attracted many looks from people harboring ill intentions.

Just as the two girls were about to leave with their flower baskets, a fat and stout lady wearing a gloomy expression blocked their path.

"You two little b*tches. Who gave you permission to sell flowers on my territory?" the woman shouted angrily.

The two little girls were startled, then timidly, they said, "Fat auntie, we didn't know that this was your territory! We'll leave right away!"

"Want to leave?" The moment the woman waved, a few men with unkind faces appeared and surrounded the two girls.

This woman was undeniably an influential tyrant on this street. The people knew her as "Big Sister Feng."

She'd had her eyes on these twin sisters for a long time. She saw how they had sold so many flowers in such a short period of time because of their cuteness and started to entertain evil thoughts in her mind.

If she could make them her prisoners, then she would have found herself two geese that could lay golden eggs, right?

The two girls were clearly very frightened. One of them pushed the other and said, "Sister, quick! Run!"

"Run? Neither of you will be able to run away from me!" Big Sister Feng gave them a hideous smile as she spoke.

The few men also gathered around them.

Though the little girls wanted to run away, they were merely four to five years old. How could they possibly be a match for these adults?

Very soon, they were caught.

"Fat auntie, please let us go. There won't be a next time!"

"Still calling me fat auntie? Let me tell you girls, I've already looked into the two of you. You're just strays who have no mother or father. If you're obedient and do as I bid, I can take you in and raise you. If not… Hmm!" Big Sister Feng resorted to coupling her coercions with coaxing.

"We're not strays. We have our papa, and we have our mama!" shouted the two little girls.

"Oh? Then ask your papa and mama here to save you!" Big Sister Feng's smile was wide enough to reveal a mouthful of yellow teeth.

The two little girls looked crestfallen upon hearing Big Sister Feng's words. Softly, they said, "We're not strays. It's just that Papa and Mama have gone to a place far away. They'll come back!"

"Haha. This is really making me laugh my head off. Strays will always be strays. It's useless trying to say anything more!" Big Sister Feng laughed.

"Did you know that you look really disgusting when you laugh?!"

Big Sister Feng's laughter ended abruptly upon hearing an aloof voice. A figure appeared at the end of the alley.

At that moment, there was a heavy snowstorm, but this figure was tall and straight like a knife as it slowly made its way over.

"Who's that? Big Sister Feng is doing business. Everyone else get lost!" shouted one of Big Sister Feng's underlings.

The two little girls shouted loudly, "Uncle, save us!"

The person who had turned up was, naturally, Xue An. He looked at the two little girls who had been caught, and the tremors from his blood ties were telling him that these two little girls were his daughters!

He could feel the trembling within his heart.

Were they his children?

Sure enough, they looked a lot like An Yan.

No, those eyes bore more resemblance to his.

Xue An couldn't help becoming a bit infatuated with what he was looking at.

"Are you freaking deaf? I'm asking you to get lost. Can't you hear me?" One of the men scolded and swore as he stretched out his hand to push Xue An.

But the next moment, starting from his wrist, the man's hand started to break apart.

Fresh blood gushed out and splattered all over the snow-covered ground. The redness was dazzling.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah…" The man froze for the moment, then let out a cry of extreme pain.

Xue An surveyed the people present and slowly counted, "One, two, three…"

"Why the hell are you counting?" someone yelled while charging at him.

However, as soon as the man rushed forward, the bones in his legs began to crack and rupture, starting with his knees.

Xue An waved, then a snowstorm appeared and blocked the two little girls' fields of vision.

Then to Big Sister Feng, he said with indifference, "A total of eight people. Remember not to lose each other on the way to hell!"

Big Sister Feng felt that this man had eyes that were like a supreme emperor and that she wasn't even qualified enough to kneel before him in submission.

"No… Spare our lives…"

The voices stopped abruptly because where Big Sister Feng and her company were standing, a flame surged upwards beneath their feet.

In the blink of an eye, all eight people were burnt to ashes.

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