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Read Inverse System novel written by the author Wizzez on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, system, magic, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"You can copy the opposite of any power, as long as you make contact with the user." As Rein heard those words, he felt like he finally understood this power he awakened to. This power that had never been heard of before... Abandoned by their mother and orphaned by their renowned father's mysterious death at a young age, Rein and Leona Alister lived alone in a small village happy with nothing but each other's company. At least, that was how it was meant to be... Rein wasn't born with any powers, which wasn't the end of the world since one can manifest to a power later in life. However, in Rein's case, he did not manifest to a normal power. He gained a "System"... One that allowed him to take the powers of others and inverse them to make his own. Fire became Water, Weakness became Strength, Death became Life... Aided by this unfamiliar power, how will he use it to fufill his ambitions and avenge the ones he loved? *Author's Notes* I see a lot of people complaining about the MC being stupid in the beginning. While yes, he isn't the smartest when the novel starts, do keep in mind that he's 10 years old! I wrote it with that in mind, and didn't want to make him too smart in the beginning to exhibit his character development! He doesn't know his own emotions, and is clearly going to develop into someone more methodical in the future. Do keep that in mind!


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MESSAGE FROM THE AUTHOR: Hey everyone, I hope you guy finds my novel enjoyable! This is my first novel, and as I say in the author's notes, there might be some problems that I'll need to iron out. Nonetheless, I'm happy to receive any comments or questions you guys may have! Anyways, I have made a map of the region for the setting of the novel, hopefully, it'll make things easier to follow! I might edit it later down the line, but for the most part, it'll stay the same! If you feel there's anything contradicting between the story and the map, please let me know so I can fix it!


If you can get past the beginning, where some of the author's inexperiences are shown, it's actually really good. The fights are cool and characters are well written. Writing quality - I see a couple of people complaining about grammar in some other reviews, but I haven't seen any major writing error, maybe some small ones that can easily be glossed over. All in all, it's well written. Stability of Updates - no complaints here. 1 chapter per day, and a promised mass release Story development - Something happens in every arc, and the story seems to be developing smoothly. No complaints. Character Design - As I said earlier, I've been finding the side characters really enjoyable so far, which is rare in a system novel where the mc is the only star. Romance is good too, noharem as promised by the tag. World Background - Well, you can tell a lot of thought has gone into the world building before you even start reading the novel. There's an entire map of the world, and the setting of the world is portrayed well as the story continues. TLDR, the story starts to shine after the timeskip, at least in my opinion. At the end of the day, you shouldn't care about what I think. Make your own opinion


This novel is amazing with a very unique twist on the system genre! The MC can copy other people's abilities but inverses them! And the best part is that the novel is not exclusively just elemental abilities! Anything is possible and the author truly shows his creativity in this one! Give it a read! You will 100% be hooked!


A stellar novel, I wish it had as many chapters as my favorite novel "The Great Demon System" however, I believe this author has just as much if not more talent than Drip.


The first few chapters show a problem common to new writers; their characters all sound the same. A kid would naturally use less complex words than an adult. Someone trying to intimidate sounds the same as the one they're intimidating. Another is the use of dialog as exposition. Of course you have to have exposition in the story, but they should be written as if the dialog is being said by an actual person for an actual purpose and not just obviously for exposition. A way to migitate this is to break down large exposition dialog into readable chunks, sprinkling in descriptions of what is happening in the scene. For instance, this chunk of dialog taken word for word from the chapter: "Heh, you're sharp. Sorry about this, jobs a job. You're right though. We're not Econican soldiers. We're a group called 'Checkmate'. We were hired by a group of Orthlys nobles who'd benefit from a war. < I removed some dialog here to shorten the example >" He said as he took a cigarette out and lit it. And compare it to something like this: "Heh, you're sharp.", chuckled the boy, his child-like voice in odds with the situation. "Sorry 'bout this, but jobs a job.", he shrugs dismissively. "But you're right though, we're not Econian soldiers. We ", at this he waves his arm towards his men, all much taller than him, gesturing flamboyantly, "are 'Checkmate'. A bunch of strapping young lads hired by some Orthys nobles to cause some trouble. Heck maybe even start a war or two for their benefit.", the boy drawls, taking out a cigarette from one of his pockets and taking a lazy puff. With this description, the reader can fill in the rest of the scene. How the boy stands, perhaps mockingly, facing the main characters. How his men are just standing behind him. Maybe they are at attention, obedently waiting for orders, maybe they're standing in a loose, unorganized sprawl. Are the men eager for battle, with grins on their faces as if the main characters are the only things separating them from a large payday? As the first few chapters are right now, I will not read any further. However the writing basics, like spelling, grammar, etc, are quite fine. Which is why I'm rating this as above average, not bad for a first time writer.


This book has a great premise and is very well written. The world building is great and the plot moves along at a good pace. So far the book has a great foundation and seems like it's going to grow to be a even better book than it already is.


The whole concept is good but the characters doing some cringe moment and some weird logic responses. I tried reading some more but i can't take it anymore so i decided not to torture myself.


well are u actually sure this is your first novel because i don't just know why i don't actually believe cos this book is just too good.... i just need more chapters


This novel is an instant 5 star for me. I like the idea and even though some dialogue felt a little forced its only 3 chapters and I'm not bothered by it. I can't wait for more.


I often don't like system novels, as there is a lot of bs. But, this author has incorporated it into the story very well as of this point. It's not the main focus of the novel like other system novels. This one is more focused on the over-arching story. The worldbuilding in this novel is immersive and stellar. The characters feel very real and are well written. You should definitely give this a read!


Excellent writing and story which has amazing potential . It's amazing novel and it just lack chapters and audience but this one of good quick read for me waiting for new chapters xD .


Another good novel ruin by a prideful author who stick with his word and didn't listen to his reader who feed him with thier donation money.


just got to the timeskip but already one of my favorites and just a great novel so far keep up the great work wish there were more chapters but since I'm only like chapter 9 and there's 63 I'm not to worried about it but ya great novel really suggest it


Honestly, it's not perfect but it's still pretty good. If I were to nitpick it, some scenes could actually be more interesting and exciting if the author rearrange and add some valuable details on it but it's still awesome so 5 stars. (Also, the artist of the cover is Kawacy right?)


Reveal spoiler


Overall it's not bad....but not much detailed....like in fights....or versatility in using skills....bit devoid of emotions in novel like mc is dull in EQ.




Very interesting and unique concept, the author went with the system genre but added a unique twist to it, which is very exciting! _______


its a great novel, at start mc is naive but later u can see improving, weak to strong character not like every other op mc i like the way story is going and world backgroung introduction is also good. if you are new reader, i recommend this to novel you guys. its worth your time


Bro very good story, This is a story which everyone likes, I loved the story. Keep writing and keep Rocking ..................................................................


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