Inverse : New Love Story

Author: Depaaac_
Romansa Kontemporer
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What is Inverse : New Love Story

Read ‘Inverse : New Love Story’ Online for Free, written by the author Depaaac_, This book is a Romansa Kontemporer Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, R18 Light Novel, COMEDY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Series Terbaru! -Inverse : When The Past Changes(Vol 1,2) Inverse : New Love StoryAdeeva Afsheen Mahesa, seorang gadis c...


Series Terbaru! -Inverse : When The Past Changes (Vol 1,2) Inverse : New Love Story Adeeva Afsheen Mahesa, seorang gadis cantik yang menderita depresi karena dituduh menjadi pembunuh kakaknya sendiri. Tak ada yang mencintainya, bahkan dia membenci dirinya sendiri. Tetapi, suatu ketika dia bertemu dengan seseorang yang mau mencintainya dengan tulus. Yudistira Adyatama, seorang pria muda yang jatuh hati pada gadis cantik bernama Adeeva. Dia menjanjikan sebuah kebahagiaan pada gadis itu. Namun, suatu ketika Yudistira mengalami kecelakaan hebat yang merenggut semua ingatannya. Dia melupakan janjinya sendiri. Bagaimanakah cara Yudistira menepati janjinya pada Adeeva? (Vol 3) Inverse : Who Are You? Sebuah rumah tangga yang jauh dari kata sempurna. Menikah karena sebuah keterpaksaan, membuat gadis cantik dengan manik gelapnya terjebak dalam pernikahan menyakitkan untuk kedua kalinya. Azelina Adeba, seorang sekretaris cantik yang bekerja dengan mantan suaminya sendiri. Segala fakta masa lalu membuatnya memilih untuk memulai kehidupan yang baru dengan pria tampan bernama Zanipolo Vegard, suaminya yang sekarang. Sayangnya, Zion tidak tahu bahwa dirinya adalah seseorang yang dulu pria itu kenali. Seseorang yang tak lain dan tak bukan adalah mantan istri dari sahabatnya sendiri. Apa yang terjadi jika fakta itu terungkap? Akankah Zion meninggalkan Debby? ————————————————————— !! Terdapat adegan dewasa !!

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Rebirth of the Unparalleled Miss

Before her rebirth, Ouyang Xiasha, like her peers, enjoyed wild parties and fun times. By chance, she heard what was in her parents' hearts, and guilt led her to conform, suppressing her true nature to be the obedient daughter her parents wanted—she just couldn't bear to see disappointment in the eyes of her parents who had suffered for her sake! So she excelled in her studies, securing a spot at the prestigious X University’s combined bachelor's and master's degree program; she had good manners, the epitome of a lady; a beautiful face, and a great figure; she was even retained to teach at X University after graduation! Before she turned 25, Ouyang Xiasha was the pride of her parents, the envy of relatives, the object of other girls' jealousy, and an unattainable goddess for the boys who chased after her! Thus, Ouyang Xiasha didn't have many true friends, but fortunately, she had Fu Xinyu, a man who adored and loved her—they were childhood sweethearts, in love for thirteen years, now at the stage of discussing marriage. She also had Mu Qingchi, the only friend and confidante she was willing to open up to. She felt very content with her life! If that day's events hadn't happened, maybe Ouyang Xiasha wouldn't have become synonymous with tragedy. Her only friend and lover betrayed her, a shocking discovery made together with her family and friends! Ouyang Xiasha felt like the sky had fallen—her excellence had hurt her man's pride, and her ladylike demeanor was considered uninspired... Her parents swallowed their anger and lovingly took their daughter home, but disaster struck again. A truck running a red light hurtled towards them head-on. In the end, her parents could only do their best, swerving the steering wheel to save her at the cost of their own lives. Heartbroken and guilt-ridden, and discovering that her parents' death was very mysterious, she resolved to live on for their sake and to uncover the truth behind their murder. But just as the determined Ouyang Xiasha stepped out of the hospital, a speeding Porsche came crashing towards her... After her rebirth, Ouyang Xiasha returned to being twelve years old, the year she decided to change her personality. Given another chance, she resolved to only be herself! Rely on herself! And have enough strength to protect her loved ones. "In this world, the only person you can truly rely on is yourself!" She intended to make her parents proud, to reach even greater heights! And as for her parents' foes from the last life, she was set on seeking revenge with her own hands. Perhaps the heavens couldn't stand her lack of rewards for being a good person in her past life, so with her rebirth, they bestowed upon her an incredible mega space as well as the so-called 'Yin Yang Eye'! Even wanting to be ordinary was difficult for her! But why, with her commitment to remaining unmarried, were there more and more suitors chasing after her? Her former first love who had rejected her, the proud heartthrob, the scumbag Fu Xinyu... Why even the god-like man joined the pursuit? Sister is not into older guys, alright! Men are too frightening—can't I just hide from them? This is the story of a modern, high-quality woman who died and returned to life, wielding space and supernatural powers to reclaim her true self and rise like the phoenix. It's the tale of a heartbroken, high-quality woman who decided to stay away from love but ended up surrounded by suitors! Alright! Sorry for the lackluster introduction from Ziyi—as they say, just jump into the pit! Pre-rebirth might have a bit of angst, but post-rebirth, the female lead will decidedly face no suffering!

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A Brief History of Pakistan

CSS Times A Brief History of Pakistan | CSS Recommended Book in PDF Shahzad F. Malik Shahzad F. Malik 3 years ago A Brief History of Pakistan | CSS Recommended Book in PDF Download this in PDF A Brief History of Pakistan By JAMES WYNBRANDT Download FPSC Recommended Book in PDF for CSS Exams Introduction Situated in the northwest corner of the Indian subcontinent, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan occupies a position of historic importance. Its strategic location, its role in the birth of civilization, and its influence as a crossroads of political and religious ideologies have kept it at the forefront of world events. Geographically, present-day Pakistan has long been a gateway between Eurasia and the subcontinent and between East and West. Its culture and history have been enriched by the countless invaders, traders, and settlers who have been a part of the region’s past. Some, like Alexander the Great and his army, merely passed through but left a lasting mark. Others, such as the Arab armies spreading the word of Islam and the British who imposed the ways of the West, became an integral part of the region’s culture and character. Some of humankind’s greatest works of art and architecture, of verse and word, were created here. Today the region again has taken an outsized role on the world stage: It is a linchpin in the global struggle against terrorism, a cauldron in the heated conflict between secular and theocratic rule, a poster nation for the struggle between autocracy and democracy, and a nuclear power whose relations with its neighbor India have made this one of the most unstable regions in the world.

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Table of Contents
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Volume 1 :New
Volume 2 :Love
Volume 3 :Inverse : Who Are You?


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Hai! Sebagai penulis aku akan sangat senang jika kalian menulis review,sehingga aku bisa terus belajar lebih baik dalam hal menulis. Aku harap kalian dapat menikmati cerita yang aku buat ini,terima kasih🥰


Ceritanya bagus banget!! ❤❤ Aku suka sama alur ceritanya yang ringan dan gak terlalu berat. Desain karakter nya juga bagus dan kualitas tulisan nya rapih tidak berantakan.


Tulisannya ringan banget, bisa langsung tertarik saat baca bab 1 dan langsung dong masuk ke perpustakaan. Biar kalau author update bisa tau secepatnya [img=update][img=update][img=update]


Ceritanya seru dengan alur yang menarik, narasinya bener² ngalir banget, dan ringan banget dibaca. Ditunggu kelanjutan chapter berikutnya, Kak...


Keren🌹❤💕 sekali baca langsung jatuh cinta. Tulisannya ringan, karakter kuat, alur ga ketebak. [img=update][img=update][img=update] ga sabar banget nunggu kelanjutan cerita ini. Thor semangat up ya🌹❤💕 sukses selalu dan di tunggu karya2 selanjutnya. Aadeva - Yudistira💗💗💗


recomended banget buat dibaca. selain ceritanya yg epik, pemilihan kata-kata juga sangat indah, mudah dimengerti, dan membuatku terhanyut. seolah-olah aku melihat karakter Yudis di depan mata[img=update][img=update][img=update][img=recommend][img=recommend]top banget kk author


akhhh sedih banget jadi Adeeva, semenderita itu hidupnya. Udah enak-enak sama Yudistira, eh malah amnesia. sedih aku jadinya, semangat thor lanjutin ceritanya, aku tunggu loh..


BEST NOVEL!! Pemilihan bahasa bagus, alur keren, penokohan kuat banget. Jadi, nagih bacanya. Novel sekeren ini wajib ada di library[img=update][img=update][img=update] buat kalian semua para pecinta novel wajib banget baca novel ini, dijamin baper 💕💕💕


ceritanya sangat menarik😍penasaran dengan kelanjutannya. semangat terus ya updatenya thor😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘


Pembawaan dan alur yang menarik sekali membuat kita serasa liat film di bioskop. ini rekomendasi banget untuk anak SMA yang lagi galau, macam aku😭 pokok nya ini tuh.... luar biasa!!


tersentuh hati saya membaca cerita ini,bikin hatii dag dig dug,meronta ronta,berdebar debar,sampe hatiku pilek batuk keluar darahnya,semakin cinta dengan beybiihh


Wah,kagum bgt sm Adeeva yg jd cewk kuat. suka sama alur ceritanya yg cepet. Baper bgt sm tingkah yudistira. greget jg sm ceritanyaaaa. Rajin up dong😡


Wow 👏 Cerita nya menarik seru & mudah dipahami Lanjutkan updetnya Kutunggu


Hai... thorr semangat terus nulis nya... Novel nya sangat recomended bgt yah... wajib masuk library... Penuh dengan misteri... dan tanda tanya... Bikin penasaran tingKat tinggi... blom Lg liat tingkah Kerasnya deEva dan yudis... bikin gemezzzz


Reveal spoiler


HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! kisah adeeva dan yudis yang gak biasa! plot-nya udah ngejelasin gimana lika likunya kisah mereka 😖😖 cara menghilangkan depresi terbaik itu bertemu sama seseorang yang kita cintai, berharap cinta juga gak jadi bumerang buat diri sendiri! cerita gang bagus dan sangat menarik!!🥰


Plis, ceritanya bikin baper banget🥺 Feel ceritanya nyampe ke hati, ngebayangin kalau jadi Adeeva gimana huhu😭 Aku suka banget sama kosa kata author yang udah nyaman dibaca, alur sama pengembangan karakternya gereget banget😆😆😆 Terus semangat nulisnya ya kak![img=recommend][img=update][img=update][img=update]


dah masuk lama nih ya bund, ayo semangat lanjutin novel kerennya! jadi penasaran nih sama endingnya untung udah dapet hilal haha, yuk nabung bab bund🤪


Semakin ke sini semakin menarik ceritanya, jadi gak sabar menunggu kelanjutannya. Semangat Thor. .. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


begitu baca sinopsis jadi penasaran. begitu dibaca ceritanya ringan, enak diikutin dan yang terpenting adalah semakin dibaca semakin bikin candu T_T feel nya masuk banget!! auto masuk library. semangat, thor! <3


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