They say if it is meant to be it will happen no matter what.

Once written none can erase it.

Fate can't be changed.


Maybe that's why I met him.

Maybe it was my destiny to be with him.

With my love.

My Inuyasha.


If I was meant to be with him then how come I was tossed back into my time once the mission was completed?


I want to know the reason behind the treasonous act of fate.

Why fate cheated me?

Why me?!

I never thought that day will be the last time I would see my Inuyasha.

I never!

Never in my worst imagination I ever thought I will never see him again.

The fear and the pain I felt when I was inside the darkness of shikon jewel, is nothing compared to what I feel now.

I am devastated. Damaged.

That time I knew, he would come for me.

I had my faith in him.

And he came.

All the fear and suspicion that had taken root in my mind seemed to disappear the moment I saw him.

I was not scared anymore.

I was glad to see him.

Tears gathered around the corner of my eyes as I reminisced that day.

That time I was desperate to feel him against me. And I knew he felt the same.

He came towards me hold me tight then kissed me.

Peace! That's what I felt. Pure bliss and peace. I was in his arms again.

His one hand was wrapped around my waist, other one was behind my neck. My hands were wrapped around his shoulder.

I was afraid if I let go he would disappear.

As if sensing my emotion, he tightened his hold on me. He pulled me more closer to him. There was no distance between us not even an air could pass through.

I could feel his muscles very rigid and very tensed. I slowly lift my left hand and rest it on top of his fluffy white ears. I took one of his ears on my hand and caressed it, till I felt his muscles relaxed.

I could feel him smile through the kiss.

We both smiled.

Slowly we parted our lips and looked into the eyes of each other.

His eyes shone bright with love and desire but most of all I could see the relief in his eyes. And I'm sure mine reflected the same emotion.

Then we both turned towards the shikon where it waited for me to make a wish.

Before Inuyasha came to me, I was confused. I was not sure what to wish. But being in his arms cleared my mind. I was no longer into the amidst of darkness. I overcame my fear of being alone trapped into the vast darkness, I made a wish for the shikon jewel to disappear forever.

And it did disappear.

Never thought the disappearance of shikon jewel would cost me so much.

The day the jewel disappeared and I returned to my timeline to my momma, ji-chan, brother, was the day the well stopped working completely. It took back Inuyasha with it.

And then it was sealed.

It never opened.

I cry and I cry and I cry.

Begging it to open again.

But it doesn't open.

Every day I come down the stairs and stand in front of the well and keep on looking, with the hope that maybe today I can see the clear serene sky on the other side of the well.

It remains same.

Time goes by.

Seconds turns to minutes. Minutes turns to days. Days turns to months. And months turns to years.

It has been ten years since the well closed.

Ten years since I last saw Inuyasha.

It hurts. I can't bear this pain anymore. This is too much for me.

I was bedridden for 3 months. Doctors said I was suffering from depression.

What a joke!!

I felt like laughing. In fact fate is laughing at me.

Why made me fall in love when it is decided I can't be with him.

I admit I had attempted suicide. I was, I am not well.

But for the sake of my family, I tried to move on with life.

I graduated, did my major on history.

Now I am twenty-eight years old. History teacher of the same high school I had studied.

I moved out from my ji-chan home after graduation. I live in an apartment not so far from there.

I visit as much I can. But it's too painful to be there.

As it reminds me of what I lost. Rather whom I lost.

And I'm grateful that my family supported me through out my whole ordeal.

Without them I don't think I would have survived.

I slowly ascended the stairs of the Higurashi House. Even though my heart is screaming at me to not go back in there but my head reminds me that I promised my family I would be here for the occasion.

Tomorrow is a big day for my brother. He is getting married to his love. I am very happy for him.

At least he gets his fairy-tail.

Unlike me.

And here I am, once again standing in front of the well, wishing for it to open just one more time.

I leaned down, placed my hand on the edge of the well.

I keep starting at the dirt.

I don't know when tears started to flow down my cheeks. My chest is getting heavy. The ache is forming. Whatever feelings I tried to suppress is coming back.

I whimper.

I can't do this.

Sniffing loudly, I closed my eyes took a deep breath in and whispered the name I so longed for.

Hoping maybe this time my wish will be granted.

"Inuyasha, I want to see you again."