Into your Arms

Author: Daoist97
Romansa Kontemporer
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What is Into your Arms

Read ‘Into your Arms’ Online for Free, written by the author Daoist97, This book is a Romansa Kontemporer Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Jolene merasa hancur, kekasihnya Mark Lee ternyata tidak hanya menipu usaha ayahnya, tetapi ia juga mendapatinya diam-di...


Jolene merasa hancur, kekasihnya Mark Lee ternyata tidak hanya menipu usaha ayahnya, tetapi ia juga mendapatinya diam-diam berselingkuh dengan ibu tirinya, jadi saat ia tahu dirinya sedang mengandung anak Mark, ia memutuskan pergi sejauh mungkin. Baginya ia lebih baik menanggung dosa itu sendirian, bertahan dengan segala penderitaannya, daripada harus bertekuk lutut meminta pertanggung jawabban lelaki yang telah membuat hidupnya menjadi hancur berantakan.... Tidak ada yang tersisa lagi.... cintanya yang besar itu kini berubah menjadi benci...

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Came up on this on a whim while thinking so feel free to use it as reference if the idea interests you, use and change it as you wish. Tired of reading the generic billionaire cold male and beautiful female lead...contracts, white lotus enemies etc... So... FL encounters ML during the worst vulnerable time of her life, ml only likes her for her body and face and covers her troubles, after many troubles and tempering of the female lead the contract ends and she gets given additional money and disappears from his life. Sounds like the generic story no? Then comes years later... She has grown up well, invested her money well and become successful in her profession. A rising star in the business/political/entertainment/design world. He on the other hand... his distrustful nature and keeping others at arms length and excessive one night stands due to his status. (E.g. thoughts of they only come because of my name and money) so his attitude is distant and often gives gifts or money to his lovers. However this becomes true, a few poor business decisions against a powerful up and coming company and he became bankrupt, his family disappointed in him after placing their hopes and future on him, his ‘friends’ who he paid the tab for in bars all the time avoid him, the girls no longer show up except a few crazies. They meet again by chance when he is at his lowest, back then she truly loved him but all that love died when they separated, now it is nothing but indifference or hate. He remembers her as the girl who lasted the longest in his life, she remembers him as the man who took her first love, kiss etc away from her when she was most vulnerable. The man has not given up on climbing back up while he nags the female lead for help seeing she has become successful she sets her own contract up. E.g. become my male slave/butler while at home. So the roles reverse and that’s the twist. The male lead must put aside his ego in order to gain back what was once his, female lead isn’t so heartless as to ignore his struggles if he gets into any issues e.g. past enemies who want to keep him down. Do not know if anything has been written like this but I found the whole thing to have a unique twist on the romance genre. Can also include a friend who has loved the female lead for a long time who supports at the side. Male antagonist in the form of the company who forced the male lead to bankruptcy going after female lead. (Romantically the male lead needs to step up and hold off the antagonists advances constantly, business if the antagonist goes after the female lead she may need the male leads support to rise faster or his help to counter the antagonist as he has experience dealing with him.

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One day, a tower appeared out of nowhere in the world. It stood taller than any building and showed no end in sight. The influence of tower caused the humanity to evolve and adapt, for the governments to fall and monarchs to rise. It was a well-known fact that even the poorest could become the richest if you head into the tower. It was a place to earn fame and glory. But there was only one exception to this rule - the slaves. All their glory, their lives were for their masters. They could own anything for themselves. They could not dare to dream of a future when they only had a limited amount of time left. Alex, a boy born in slavery dared to dream. He dared to ask for the heights and dream of climbing the tower. He wanted fame and glory. But more than that, he wanted to be free. But little did he know that his dream of climbing the tower would be his biggest nightmare. With only 15 days to live and a desire to survive, will Alex and his fellow slaves make it to the top of the tower and be free? Just when Everything seemed lost and hopeless, the goddess of lust and desire gave Alex a second chance at life and at gaining his freedom from the tower of Heaven. But what goals this goddess have for Alex, even he does not know. All he knows is that he needs to get to the top of this tower and get his wish fulfilled. ................. Warning: This story is not for the faint of hearts. Dare to enter if you will. ___________________________ Tags: Intelligent Mc - Shameless Mc - Scheming Mc(Later on) - Smut - No NTR - But Contains Netori - Legal Loli - Succubus - Elf - Angel - Vampire - Cat Girls - Dragon Girls - Fox Girls - Monster Girls - Slaves - Milf - Princess - Beautiful - YANDERE - Seinen - Mature - R18 - 18 - Sex Stories - Beastality - Hentai - NSFW - Pregnancy - Incest - Domination Play - Controlling Emotions - Corrupting Righteous Characters - Gore - Transmigration - Mana - Devil - Demon - Necromancer - Death - Dunge

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