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Into the Zombie World


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After getting run over by a truck, Nile finds himself in the body of a man with the same name as himself. He soon realized that he had just been transported or transmigrated into another world that was experiencing a Zombie Apocalypse. Nile was rambling on how dangerous the zombie world is. It turns out that the zombies were evolving, getting stronger every second. Nile was already at his wits end when a 'System' butted to his rescue. He felt elated as he found out that humans could evolve too. And compared to other humans, his way of evolving was even easier due to the System's help. Follow Nile as he ventures and comes across different kinds of people and zombies in this Zombie Apocalypse World. Getting addicted to the notion of becoming stronger. He searches for zombies every day to kill and Level Up. Getting stronger every kill, he felt that farming zombies has never been easier. ..... Early chapters are being re-edited. Sorry for the inconvenience. There's a lot of grammatical error here. I will try to edit every chapter and find an editor(If I have the money) to improve the quality of the novel. But suggestions and tips are more than welcome. ..... The cover is not mine. This is a work of fiction. Names of people, places, and events are all works of fiction.


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