Into the magic realm Book

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Into the magic realm


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[COMPLETED] Zyda Sylph, an 18 year old girl faces tragedy as her parents face sudden death, leaving her to look after her younger brother. Their life becomes somber as they get into an argument, forcing them to separate. Zyda decides to seek for her brother, however, who knew that seeking her brother would turn into a magic discovery? As she discovers her hidden abilities, she finds secrets that were long buried. "Remember you can't know foe or friend, everything comes with a price, " whispered a voice in her mind. Amidst the discovery of secrets, a man approaches her claiming to be her past lover. However, why doesn't she recall anything about him? Zyda stared into his dark eyes and saw the strangely familiar emotions. His hypnotic voice vibrated into her mind as he asked, "Have you finally seen them?" He was so close that an inch closer would connect their lips.....


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