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A multiversal entity reincarnates himself with no memory except the basics of anime he also creates a system for himself that has all his power. starting from Danmachi and going to as many anime and worlds as possible!!! First world: Danmachi Second world:? Third world:?? Fourth world:??? -------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/AvcXmPpXup

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Regal stepped out of his house right onto streets that were filled with the bustling of adventurers, merchants, and gods. He looked at the scene and took in everything.

[Your house is a few blocks away from Hostess of Fertility, it's to your right.]

The system informed, making Regal nod and walk towards the Hostess of Fertility, which was only six blocks away.

He casually walked in front of the Hostess of Fertility, which had just opened up, evidenced by the cat girl who flipped the closed sign to open.

The cat girl went inside and, after a moment, Regal did as well. "Oh, we already have a customer~! Welcome to Hostess of Fertility," a cheerful voice greeted. Regal looked at the one who spoke. It was Syr Flova. Regal nodded as he looked around. The place was nearly empty, with tables and chairs just being set up.

'Will she be able to see my soul?' Regal questioned as he already knew about Syr's identity, and to top it off, her disguise didn't work against him. He could see Freya without the mask of Syr.

[She can, but your soul will be hidden, so she will only have a minor interest, which wouldn't give you much trouble or any for that matter.]

The system replied confidently. Regal could sense something was off but shrugged it off.

"I see you are a quiet one! Please follow me, I'll guide you to your seat," Syr said as she gestured with a big smile while her eyes shined a bit. Regal saw it but ignored it as he followed her.

She guided Regal to a bar seat and smiled brightly, "What would you like to have?"

"The special and a glass of juice would do," Regal ordered as he watched the other staff of the Hostess of Fertility work. 'Lunoire Faust, Chloe Rollo, Ryuu Lion, and Anya Fromel, all level-4.' He glanced at the giant dwarf woman that walked out of the kitchen with plain, 'Mia Grand, a level 6 and the former captain of the Freya familia.'

"Here, kid! Eat up," Mia Grand placed the food that really came out fast from the kitchen. Regal looked at Mia, who looked a little annoyed as she scowled at Syr, who looked away.

Regal ignored the drama that had begun a little away from him. He took a bite of the special that was curry fish that looked very appetizing. His eyes shined as he proceeded to take another bite. 'This is good.'

He complimented in his mind as he took another bite.

[The food in Hostess of Fertility is always good, but since this is your first time eating it, it will be the best.]

The system casually remarked as she watched Regal eat.

After a while, Regal was done, and a pouch of valis appeared right beside the plates.

[That should be enough to pay and tip.]

Regal nodded and then took the pouch and passed it to Mia, who nonchalantly took it. She didn't bother to converse, seeing how reserved Regal was, and since it was morning, no one bothered him.

But Syr's eyes kept lingering on him. Regal left the place, heading straight back to his house. "Didn't you say minor interest? She seems pretty interested," he asked as he entered his house.

[Yes, 'minor interest.' She will be interested in you but won't take action and will watch what you do. And of course, she will be interested; your soul looks like a mini cosmos, and since a 'mortal' in Freya's perspective can possess something like that, she will perceive it as a crumbled soul that is getting back or just an imitation. Basically, you will be an anomaly in her eyes. She has minor interest and a lot of caution.]

The system lazily explained, which wasn't really explaining anything for Regal, who only had anime memories. Although he somewhat understood, the anime knowledge wasn't enough, but Regal couldn't care less.

Regal relaxed in the living room as a system screen appeared in front of him.

[ Starter pack!

1. Skill: Two random skills that will be compatible with you

2. False Familia god: Since the falna system will be managed by the system, a false god is required to cover up. You will summon a god from (Record of Ragnarok) to act as the false god and in return, you need to fulfill one wish.

3. Hero Summoning: You will need a companion so an individual from Throne of Heroes will be summoned to aid and accompany you. But keep in mind that the individual will have the status of a level 1 but retain all her memories, intent, and aura.

4. Soul Rings: They are essentially just an extension of your existence, you will gain rings per level. Each soul ring is unique in its own way and is only limited by its current strength.

5. Growth Weapon Ophis: You will need a weapon but also a companion that will stay beside you till the end of infinity and beyond. The body of the Infinity Dragon God Ophis is the weapon which Ophis is the dragon god spirit that is bound to you.

6. Identity Card: Having a backstory helps sometimes. You can write whatever you want in it and the world will perceive you as its resident, the paperwork and all will be done as well. Example: you write "Friend of all gods" then all the gods will come to know of you but only when they see you they will remember you.

7. 100,000 system points: They are system points, you can buy stuff in the system shop.]

Regal read all the information and gave a small smile.

[Start off with Familia god?]

The system asked, and Regal simply nodded. The next moment, a white lotus magic circle appeared and glowed gently. Out of that magic circle, magic power began to gather into a figure. After a moment, the figure became clearer as he formed.

Regal smiled as he looked at the figure in front. "Buddha." And yes, it was Buddha!

Buddha appears as a tall, muscular figure clad in a tank top, sporting glasses and robes tied around his waist. A bindi adorns his forehead, contrasting with his light green hair, tied back in a classical style with a golden crown. His accessories include earrings and rectangular glasses, accentuating his elongated earlobes. Notably, he often holds a lollipop, revealing sharp canines. His tank top features a rabbit design, "USACHAN" inscribed beneath, likely a nod to the moon rabbit tale of altruism. His eyes, usually pupil-less, occasionally reveal lilies, symbolizing wisdom.

(Image of Buddha in comment)

Buddha locked eyes with Regal, dead serious. He had been given full knowledge of what was going on so he was well aware of Regal's true identity and his purpose here.

Buddha broke eye contact and ruffled his hair. "I will state what I want right now, it will be easier," he said and took a seat, not caring about manners. "I want you to participate in Ragnarok on the human side and win," he demanded seriously, but there was a small smile on his face already knowing the answer.

"Sure, I would like to go there and participate once I am stronger, that is," Regal agreed as he looked at Buddha, who relaxed. 'He seems pretty tired.'

[That's because his match just ended, I healed him on the way.]

'I see.'

"Hmm, that wasn't so hard... Was expecting you to play around a bit with that demand," Buddha remarked as he closed his eyes. "Never would have thought that such a powerful entity would just outright accept," he added, making Regal curious about this thought but not bothering him and letting him relax.

"Do the Hero Summoning," Regal commanded, making another magic circle appear as a figure formed. Regal didn't even need her to materialize halfway to recognize her.

After a bit, the figure fully materialized. 'Scáthach.'

Scáthach, a goddess in all aspects, has long flowing purple hair with blood-red captivating eyes. Her figure could only be described as perfect, with her round boobs, small waist, and wide hips that were of perfect proportions matching her height, making it seem not too big or small, just perfect. She wore skin-tight clothes that highlighted every curve of her body and gave her an overall allure.

This was Scáthach. The Queen of the Land of Shadows/Witch of Dún Scáith.

(Image of Scathach in comment)

Scáthach surveyed the place and stared at Buddha, who felt a jolt. His eyes met Scáthach's, and a feeling of dread crept up on him. But then Scáthach ignored him, looking at Regal, who admired her form.

Buddha sighed in relief as he felt death there.

Scáthach looked at Regal neutrally, just like Buddha she was given the knowledge of what was going on. "I will play along, but once this is over, grant my wish," she stated, her tone holding little emotion but even so, it was more than Regal's.

"Death? Sure, is that all?" Regal curiously asked, his eyes the only conveyer of emotions.

"That will be all, but I might change my mind," she replied as she analyzed Regal. "You are something I have never seen, so it might be fun," she muttered.

[Do you want to change the layout of your house?]

The system asked out of the blue, making Regal pause. '?'

[This house is your domain. You are able to freely change anything here from the layout to the weather. You can even make a whole universe here, but for that, you need energy. But this time I will cover the energy cost.]

The system explained simply.

"Do it then."

And the moment Regal's command fell, everything started to distort. Scáthach and Buddha became on guard but seeing how Regal didn't react, they let their guards down, but only a little.

The surroundings changed completely. The three, Regal, Buddha, and Scáthach, were now in a large living room. A bunch of couches surrounded a circular table, making a cozy place.

"The place has been modified to suit a familia," Regal stated as he looked around the place. His eyes were on the second-floor inner balcony. "Let's go exploring."

Regal's small house had turned into a mansion, with a three-story section in the back and a two-story section in the front. A unique-style mansion.

The front, which was only two stories, was the living room, a giant square. From the living room, there was a kitchen right under the second-floor inner balcony. Two staircases on both sides of the wall led to the second floor of the three-story building, and then a hallway that led to another staircase going up and down.

The staircase going down led to a meeting room, while the one going up led to the bedrooms. Currently, there were only three rooms, each with a massive door that had its own designs, making it clear whose room was whose.

Buddha's door had a lotus design, while Scáthach's was Celtic, filled with runes, and then Regal's was plain, polished black.

After exploring, Buddha went to rest, while Scáthach and Regal checked their status.


Name: Scáthach 

Race: Human, Immortal. 

LV. 1

POW: 0

END: 0

DEX: 0

AGI: 0

MAG: 0

Skill: Summon Gáe Bolg, Instinct, Battle Continuation, and Wisdom of Dun Scaith

{Summon Gáe Bolg: Allows her to summon Gáe Bolg which is a legendary spear with an ability to always strike the heart of the target once it is launched.}

{Instinct: Enhances intuition, allowing for heightened awareness of surroundings and the ability to instinctively anticipate and evade danger during combat.} 

{Battle Continuation: Enables the continuation of fighting despite severe injuries or overwhelming odds, allowing for perseverance and resilience in combat situations.}

{Wisdom of Dun Scaith: Represents extensive combat knowledge and experience, enhancing combat instincts and tactical acumen, aiding in anticipating opponents' moves and adapting strategies accordingly in battle.}

Magic: Primordial Rune Magic

{Primordial Rune Magic: Mastery over ancient symbols of power, granting access to various magical abilities such as enhancing attacks, strengthening defenses, and manipulating the battlefield.}

Development Skill: Combat Mastery (S) and Immortality (A)

{Combat Mastery: Proficiency in various forms of combat, including swordsmanship, spear-fighting, and hand-to-hand combat, coupled with exceptional agility, speed, and precision.}

{Immortality: the state of living indefinitely without experiencing death, aging, or decay. It implies an eternal existence, free from the natural cycle of life and death.}


Name: Regal Titanborn

Race: Human, ???. 

LV. 1

POW: 0

END: 0

DEX: 0

AGI: 0

MAG: 0

Skill: None

Magic: None

Development Skill: None


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