2 S Battleship Squadron from Planet Bhutler

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The meeting continued. Twenty minutes later, the uniformed man barged into the meeting room again.

His face was bruised and he was terrified. "Something really happened. We have lost contact with all the dark spots."

"Are their long-range life crystals still lit up?"


"Guards, chase him out. It's not a big deal to lose contact with them from afar…"

Then, the uniformed man was carried out.

An hour later, the same uniformed man struggled to crawl in through the door of the meeting room. It seemed like he had been severely punished.

He said as he trembled, "They're all gone. Their long-range life crystals have all been extinguished…"

With that, the man in the military uniform collapsed to the ground.

Everyone in the meeting room was shocked.

"What? How is that possible?"

They are soldiers who have been training for many years. All of them are proficient in mental manipulation. How can there be no news from them at all?"

Then, a clear and transparent holographic image appeared in the meeting room. His voice interrupted the discussion in the room.

"Everyone, this is only the beginning. Planet Bhutler will definitely turn into dust in the Model Galaxy."

The creatures in the Model Galaxy could see ultra-frequency rays such as alpha rays and gamma rays. Thus, carbon-based creatures were almost transparent in their eyes.

Meanwhile, the 300,000 people from Earth who arrived in the Model Galaxy through a spatial hyperdrive all had extremely powerful talents. Each of them had been assigned a planet and had unique "transparent bodies".

Some of them had attracted the attention of the upper echelons of the natives in the Model Galaxy.

However, since they had only arrived in the Model Galaxy for a short period of time, many of them were hiding their strengths and biding their time. As a result, the natives had made wrong judgments about them.

"Who are you? Which planet are you from? Why are you here? What is your purpose?"

"…" The image suddenly disappeared. The person in the image did not answer before disappearing.

Instead, he left behind a group of dumbfounded elites from the upper echelons of Planet Bhutler.

Then, there was the sound of people hitting the table and smashing glasses.

A moment later, an angry Bhutlerian executive made a decision.

"He's too arrogant. We have to send someone to investigate what happened."

"It's very likely that one of our archenemies is behind this. Otherwise, it's impossible that the elite team we sent previously couldn't send back any news at all. There are only a handful of planets in the Model Galaxy whose technology is so shocking."

"That makes sense. Send the closest squadron to Planet Helka, the S Battleship Squadron, to investigate. Tell them to be discreet and report the situation of Planet Helka whenever necessary."

In space near Planet Helka, a thousand-meter-long battleship was waiting for orders.

Not long after, the S Battleship Squadron near Planet Helka received orders from their superiors.

"Roger that. I will definitely complete the mission."

Allen, the captain of the S Battleship Squadron, responded.

In total, five members of the S Battleship Squadron were on standby in the cabin.

"Captain, it's just Planet Helka and only a few useless people died. Do we really need to investigate?"

"That's right. We are one of the most elite forces from Planet Bhutler. Sending us there is simply a waste of time."

"That's right. This mining planet doesn't even have the basic equipment. There's simply no need to send elite teams like us there!"

"I think so too…"

Captain Allen listened to the complaints from his four subordinates and comforted them.

"This time, we might actually encounter a strong opponent. We have to take this seriously. We must complete the orders from our superiors."

"Let's go!"

"Our target is Planet Helka, one light-year away."

Allen was very dignified.

After he gave the order, the members of the S Battleship Squadron immediately entered a combat-ready state.

Then, the battleship flew rapidly towards Planet Helka.

The technology on Planet Bhutler was very advanced. It had already reached a medium level of technology and was capable of interstellar travel.

For example, the S Battleship Squadron could travel at up to 1.5 times the speed of light.

This meant that they could surpass the speed of light.

However, this method of interstellar travel consumed a lot of energy.

Its main source of energy was obsidian produced by major mining planets.

There were many energy supply stations built in the Model Galaxy.

A year later, the S Battleship sailed as it replenished its supplies. It barely made it to an unknown asteroid near Planet Helka.

Then, it temporarily stopped for repair and maintenance.

"Captain, the obsidian in the main energy room of the S Battleship has almost depleted. Let's replenish our energy nearby."

The captain of the S Battleship heard the report from his subordinate and asked, "How's the data on Planet Helka then?"

"It's normal and the same as it was a year ago. There's no technological power at all. It's completely a mining planet."

"That's not what I'm asking. I'm asking for the obsidian energy reaction!"

The captain was furious.

The subordinate in front of him shivered and hurriedly replied, "The obsidian energy reaction is very strong and seems to be concentrated in one place. The light representing the obsidian on the monitor is very dazzling."

"Not bad. It seems like someone has overestimated himself and organized these lowly commoners to arbitrarily mine the obsidian that belongs to Planet Bhutler."

The captain listened to his subordinate's report and made a judgment. Then, his lips curled into a contemptuous smile.

"Looks like the upper echelons have indeed overestimated this place. Let's go. Fully activate the weapons and equipment systems. Let's eliminate all the swine who have seized the minerals of Planet Bhutler."


Then, the S Battleship from Planet Bhutler sailed into the atmosphere of Planet Helka.

"How's the energy reaction?"

The captain was very cautious as he confirmed with his subordinates again.

"Captain, everything is normal. There are no abnormal reactions."

Only then did the captain relax.

"Full speed ahead. Continue to monitor the energy reaction."

At this moment, a man and a woman were standing in front of a huge display screen in the underground command center of Planet Helka.

The S Battleship, as well as the five people inside the battleship, appeared on the screen.

Beside the image was various data about the battleship.

For example, there was information of the speed of the battleship, its weapon configuration, navigation map, and so on.

The data was very complete.

"Divine Lord, why don't we just surround him with our powerful interstellar fleet? Why are we waiting for him to land before attacking?"

"I can't wait any longer. The leader of these five people is my enemy. He was the one who ordered my parents to die. Let me capture him myself."

Number One couldn't help but speak as she looked at Brian earnestly.

Her eyes were filled with pleading and strong love.

Brian turned his gaze from the display to Number One. He couldn't help but touch Number One's head when he saw how cute and sexy she looked.

Number One was very pleased and her face turned red.

The Helkans preferred healthy and strong women. As a result, frail women like Number One were unpopular.

However, she suited Brian's tastes.

Brian withdrew his hand and explained.

"I'm not in a hurry to attack because their battleship is useful to me."

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