9 Massive Destruction-Grade Battleship Production Line

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Four galactic days later, all the construction resources needed for the destruction-grade battleships were transported to the warehouse.

There were more than 800 million tons of resources.

Most of them were ores with various different uses. The quality and strength of the ores were very high, making them the best materials to build destruction-grade battleships.

Besides these resources, there were also various energy crystals. Some energy crystals even surpassed the special obsidian on Planet Bhutler in terms of energy density.

The importance of energy crystals as an energy resource to propel battleships was obvious.

If they entered the interstellar era, energy crystals would become scarce resources.

However, there were very few planets qualified for interstellar travel. Thus, the competition for energy crystals was not as intense.

However, Planet Helka had been enslaved by Planet Bhutler for many years. Therefore, the number of energy crystals present on Planet Helka were much scarcer than that of on other planets.

Without energy crystals, no matter how luxurious their battleships were, they would just be a pile of scrap metal.

Many planets had mastered nuclear energy technology and could use it to drive interstellar battleships.

However, nuclear energy would take up a lot of space, which would reduce the mobility of the battleships and increase the cost of manufacturing.

Even without the problem of mobility, the power and sustainability of nuclear energy could not compare to that of interstellar battleships loaded with energy crystals.

"We only have six million standard energy crystals. This can only support a medium-scale battle."

Harris had an extremely worried expression on his face.

"It's okay. I've thought of a solution to the energy problem. Take me to the warehouse first to build the battleships."

Surrounded by his personal guard, Number One, and the rest of the Sweepers, Brian arrived at the warehouse where the resources were stored.

This time, there was an even larger clearing not far from the warehouse. It was as large as 1,000 football fields.

This empty space was used to build the production line of the destruction-grade battleships.

It was extremely shocking.

If one stood in the middle of the clearing and looked around, one would not be able to see the edge of the clearing.

When they arrived beside the clearing, Number One reported to Brian solemnly.

"Divine Lord, I have already passed down your order to recruit destruction-grade battleship warriors."

"How are the results?"

"The results are beyond our expectations. Hundreds of thousands of Helkan warriors have signed up. They are all very enthusiastic, and more people have signed up than the number of miners in a large mining area. We have selected 200,000 people from among them and are arranging their training."

At this point, Number One's beautiful face blushed. She was very excited.

She had never seen the people of Helka take such proactive action.

They had disseminated this information simply through posters in public places saying that they wanted to recruit starship warriors. After that, millions of people signed up through word of mouth.

"Alright, let's build the production line for the thousand-meter destruction-grade battleships."

Brian expertly linked up with the Interstellar Overlord Seal on his right wrist.

Then, a sky-blue fluorescent light scattered in all directions and gathered to form tens of thousands of blue light ribbons, dyeing the surrounding scenery blue.

Not long after, a blue virtual image that was thousands of times larger than the Snow Eagle Mecha production line appeared in the huge open space.

Then, the image quickly solidified. From the inside to the outside, from the skeletal structure to the outer walls, it rapidly turned into solid layer by layer.

The sense of technology displayed this time was stronger than before.

Although the Sweepers, as well as Harris and the other producers, had seen Brian use his Overlord's Talent many times, they were still deeply impressed by Brian's "miracles" time and time again.

This was not something they could see everyday like their meals.

Furthermore, in the past, only a portion of elites among the Helkans could witness this.

This time, all the Helkans within 30 kilometers of the production line had witnessed this miracle.

After all, the blue light in the sky was too dazzling.

"Look, our Overlord is performing a miracle."

"It's true. I was fortunate enough to witness the Overlord's miracle. Even if I die tomorrow, I won't have any regrets."

The Helkans in the distance were shocked. Meanwhile, the Sweepers and old Harris, who were nearby, widened their eyes.

They were too shocked to speak, afraid that they would disturb Brian's actions.

The Overlord had used his profound and terrifying heaven-defying ability once again!

Brian himself was shocked by the towering structure in the clearing.

More accurately, he was frightened.

What exactly had he summoned?!

This was simply a military factory that had been magnified by countless times.

With outer walls dozens of stories high, its size was comparable to the surface area of a large city.

If not for the fact that he had ordered to expand the area of the clearing beforehand for safety, the clearing would not have been able to accommodate the production line.

He admired his own foresight.

Then, Brain spoke to the crowd, who was still stunned.

"This is the production line for the destruction-grade battleships, which are thousand-meter battleships. Thus, the production line will naturally be larger."

"Next, send the ores, energy crystals and other resources to the production line. After the preparations are complete, we can start producing the battleships."

"Also, we can't let go of the mecha warriors' training. The most important thing is that the training of 200,000 people must be sped up. It takes at least 6,000 people to operate a destruction-grade battleship. If you include catering, patrolling, and other logistics personnel, a battleship needs at least 10,000 people to operate. Furthermore, driving this type of warship requires excellent and skilled piloting skills."

"Don't wait for the battleships to be produced without any qualified pilots. You must have a sense of urgency to counterattack Planet Bhutler. We must rely on everyone's strength."

After speaking so much, Brian felt a strong sense of weakness.

He sensed his Interstellar Overlord Seal.

Only now did Brian realize that the construction of the destruction-grade interstellar battleship production line had consumed nearly two billion tons of resources. This was more than two thousand times the production line of the Snow Eagle Mechas.

When using his Overlord's Talent, Brian's mental power would be depleted by a certain extent.

In the past, the production line he had built was very small. Thus, he could not feel this depletion of energy.

This time, the scale of production was extremely large. Thus, it exhausted Brian's mental energy to a very large extent.

Therefore, the feeling of mental fatigue that followed was similar to four to five consecutive days of high-intensity work and only two to three hours of sleep per day.

Brian shook uncontrollably, but he couldn't feel it himself.

Number One sensed Brian's discomfort and immediately went to help him.

"Divine Lord, what's wrong?"

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