16 Combat Power Level

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After Ryan left, Brian was snubbed by the people around him.

Taylor felt very guilty.

"I guess it wasn't a wise choice for me to invite you here."

Brian shook his head to show he didn't care.

He didn't really attend events like this anyway. Thus, whether he was accepted by Ryan or not didn't matter to him.

In the future, when the era of interstellar wars arrived, they would naturally know who was stronger.

Taylor leaned close to Brian and whispered in his ear.

"You need to be careful of Ryan. He's a petty man. He looks like the type to take revenge for the smallest grievance."

"Ryan's starting planet is called Planet Malygos. The civilization on Planet Malygos is a mutant beast civilization. Some say that the civilization level of his planet has already exceeded Level 1.9. Meanwhile, there are close to 10,000 creatures on Planet Malygos whose combat power has reached Level 14."

Brian was puzzled when he heard "Level 14".

"What does it mean when one's combat power reaches Level 14?"

Taylor continued to explain in a low voice while taking the opportunity to move closer to Brian.

"Your civilization on Planet Helka is a technological civilization, so you might not know about this."

"In the Model Galaxy, civilizations are divided into ten levels. No one has ever seen a Level 10 civilization. Therefore, a Level 9 civilization is the strongest civilization you can see."

"There are also levels for intelligent creatures. The highest level is Level 40. Similarly, creatures above Level 30 are extremely rare, so Level 30 creatures are the strongest creatures you can see."

"Creatures with a combat power of Level 14 are the most powerful creatures on a planet. As for intelligent creatures that have reached Level 15 and above, they can travel through the galaxy and survive in outer space for a long time. The creatures of Malygos have this potential. Don't underestimate non-technological civilizations. After all, a Level 20 creature can single-handedly destroy a planet in the later stages."

Brian fell into deep thought after hearing this.

The civilizations in the Model Galaxy could not be underestimated. He had only been able to carry out interstellar travel early and seize resources by relying on the power of technology in the early stages.

One should know that attacking a planet was very easy. After all, Brian had now easily obtained a subsidiary planet.

However, it would be difficult to defend the planet he had occupied.

Brian glanced at the beautiful Taylor and asked curiously.

"Taylor, what's your current combat power level?"

Taylor's eyes moved mischievously. Then, she said proudly.

"Level 10."

In just a little over a year, she had gone from an ordinary woman from Earth to a witch who was skilled in black magic. Thus, she was very proud.

Ryan, on the other hand, was not diligent enough. His current combat power was only at Level 8.

Brian asked curiously.

"Taylor, how long will it take you to reach Level 15?"

Taylor used her finger to lightly touch the bridge of her high nose. Then, she started to calculate the amount of time it would take.

"According to a conservative estimate, it will take at least four galactic years for me to cultivate from Level 10 to Level 15. The higher the level, the greater the time needed and the higher the difficulty of leveling up. To cultivate to the extent of single handedly destroying a planet without any fortuitous encounters, I might need more than two hundred years."

Taylor knew very well that if she wasn't an interstellar overlord, she wouldn't be able to cultivate so quickly.

Generally speaking, for an intelligent lifeform to reach Level 20, they would take 10,000 years if they did not have any fortuitous encounters.

If one's lifespan wasn't long enough, then they would basically have no fate with great strength.

Level 20 intelligent lifeforms all came from advanced civilizations.

Not only did low-level civilizations have little resources, they also had few opportunities.

Thus, powerful lifeforms from low-leveled civilizations were extremely rare.

"Gasp, a hundred years!"

Brian instantly relaxed.

"I'm glad that it's not that quick."

Taylor furrowed her eyebrows and said in an angry tone, "What do you mean 'not that quick'? Are you looking down on me?"

Brian quickly explained.

"It's not what you think. What I mean is that the rate at which civilizations cultivate and level up isn't as fast as I thought, so there is much less pressure on me. Taylor, you're a Level 10 powerhouse, while I'm just a piece of trash that cannot even be considered a Level 1 weakling. How could I look down on you?"

After listening to Brian's explanation, Taylor understood. Then, she tried to comfort him.

"You don't have to give up on yourself. After all, you're from a technological civilization and your advantage is the rapid production of technological equipment. We've discussed this problem before when we previously met. It's very likely that other people have to work hard to cultivate into a powerful Level 20 creature, while you only need to use technology to mass-produce them."

"Thank you for your kind words."

Brian agreed with Taylor.

With the "Construction Specialization" talent in hand, he could do unimaginable things with the power of technology.

Perhaps one day, he would be able to obtain information on powerful machines from a high-leveled technological civilization. These machines would be comparable to Level 20 creatures.

With this information, he was very familiar with the following steps he needed to take.

He would unlock the technology needed, gather resources, and build production lines before mass-producing the machines.

Brian had begun to fantasize about his future plan with those powerful machines.

Taylor saw Brian staring at her, mesmerized. She thought Brian had fallen in love with her.

Thus, she shyly avoided his gaze.

When she turned back to look at Brian, only then did she realize that Brian was daydreaming.

Then, Taylor poked Brian in the chest with her finger.

"Hey, what are you thinking about?"

Brian woke up with a start.

He shivered, then realized that Taylor was calling him.

"Excuse me, Miss Taylor, what were you saying just now?"


Taylor was speechless and rolled her eyes at Brian.

Then, she said, "I asked you what you were thinking about."

"Oh, I was thinking about how to build the powerful technological equipment you mentioned. Let me tell you, as long as I have the blueprints and the related information, I will be able to…"

Taylor didn't want to hear this long story from Brian, so she changed the subject.

"Brian, has the crisis on Planet Helka been resolved?"

"It still hasn't been resolved."

"In a galactic month, the full S Battleship Fleet from Planet Bhutler will attack Planet Helka."

Taylor displayed a worried look and asked him with concern.

"A full fleet? Are you in danger? Do you need my help?"

Taylor doubted the truth of Brian's answer.

A full interstellar fleet was enough to wipe out a low-leveled civilization.

Even if it was on Planet Las, where everyone knew a certain level of black magic, she was not confident that they could use magic to defeat large-scale technological equipment.

Furthermore, most of the interstellar overlords in the Alliance Meeting could not even resist in the face of a full fleet.

A year ago, Brian was complaining to her that the spies planted by Planet Bhutler were not easy to deal with. Would he be able to deal with a full fleet from Planet Bhutler now?

"There's no need for that for now. I'm confident in defeating them."

Taylor remained skeptical.

Even if technological civilizations developed quickly in the early stages, they would still be restricted by their resources.

From what she knew, technological civilizations did not advance that quickly.

"I know that men sometimes have a strong self-esteem in front of women, but when it comes to life-threatening situations like this, there's no need to pretend to be calm. If you're not confident, I don't mind sending out the main force of Planet Las to help you."

"Brian, I don't want anything to happen to you."

"Don't worry, I'm really not a pedantic man. When I really need your assistance, I'll naturally seek your help."

Taylor still did not believe what Brian had said. She could only hope that Brian really did have enough power to defeat the entire interstellar fleet from Planet Bhutler.

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