Interstellar Overlord

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What is Interstellar Overlord

Read ‘Interstellar Overlord’ Online for Free, written by the author Reyna_Lavesque_381, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering R18 Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Louise seems to have grown up overnight after his mother died will giving birth to his younger brother Lucas. His father abandoned him and Lucas. After both of thier secondery gender, turned out to be Omega. Leaving two 10 and 13 year old children, to fend for themselves. ____ Years later Louise founds himself in the top Magic institute, The Magic Academy. Th only place that can teach him how to be stronger, to protect Lucas. From that man... ______ Unknown to him, his Tsundere personality has caught the eyes of Top Three Alphas of the school. They are rich, handsome and powerful. Never lacking in anything and well respected Alphas in academy. Louise never thought he would found himself in arms of a Alpha. Even worse, it isn't his first time, but third time this week. They just don't seem to leave him alone! Will he show his vulnerable side..? Never in a million years! Will he exept there touch.... ? No, he doesn't trust them enough..! He wouldn't fell in love with those arrogant Alphas. He doesn't like being controlled, those three seems to make him theirs only. Distracting him for his goals. He rather be a unmarked Omega than that. But that was not something those three would agree on. He also doesn't have those unrealastic happy-married life dreams...or does he..? Everyone looks down on him, but does he care...? No. Rather than talk, he would prefer to shine with his academic results. But he truly underestimated the danger of studying here. This place is not safe at all. ____ Will he survive in the semesters of this weird Magic Academy, where some weirdos live. Or get bruattaly humiliated instead..? Or maybe something even worse..He fell in love..? No way! Some years later, he found himself scolding three big Alpha's because they fighted with eachother again. ___________ 1.[ A Bl-fantasy book.. 2.[ BL X ABO X Magic AU.. 3.[ Enemies To Lovers.. 4.[ The romance is slow paced.. 5.[Slightly Yandere and Evil Male Leads.. 6.[Happy Ending... (MLs will try to improve for Louise, Hopefully... ) ____ Bonus Chapters info - 2 Golden Ticket, 1 bonus chapter 3 Golden Tickets, 2 bonus chapters[if only they all are on the same day] 5 Golden Tickets, 4 bonus Chapters [if only they all are on the same day] (if not then, it's 2 Golden Ticket - 1 chapters) _ _ _ 50 power stones = 1 bonus chapter 100 power stones = 3 bonus chapters { Author can only upload one bonus chapter a day. So if you someone gave three golden tickets in a day, one bonus chapter today, then tomorrow, then after that day.} ____ If you ou have any good recommendation for my book, just tell me in comments. Or on my discord kamal.victorian. Additional Tags - #BL #Betrayel #Magic #Siblinglove #Slow-romance #Rejection #Polyrelationship #Fantasy #Fantasy-roamnce #Werewolf #Unlucky #TsundereMc #(slightly)YandereML

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