Interstellar Age

It is the year 2500, and humanity has expanded its reach beyond the confines of Earth. In a distant sector of the galaxy, a young man named Erich "Silber" Jaeger is born into a dystopian empire that tightly controls the lives of its citizens. Growing up in a society rife with discrimination, Erich faces an uncertain future as he approaches military conscription. He will spend the next two decades of his life serving in the Armed Forces of the Germanic Star-Empire, fighting against the many enemies of the authoritarian state. As he navigates the treacherous landscape of interstellar warfare, Erich must grapple with his own ambitions and loyalties. Will he rise through the ranks to become the next dictator of the empire, or will he meet a gruesome end on the battlefield? Join Erich on his journey through the Interstellar Age, as he confronts the challenges of war, politics, and personal identity in a universe filled with danger and intrigue.

Zentmeister · Sci-fi
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469 Chs

Declaration of War

Life on board the carrier was not the most comfortable existence which Erich could imagine. During his years at the Naval Academy, Erich had his own dorm room, which was essentially a studio apartment with everything he needed to be happy.

However, life on the carrier was entirely different. He lived out of a small bunk in a room with over a dozen different pilots. He would not only have to shower with these men at the same time, but would also eat his meals in the mess hall, which had no variety to speak of. Instead, they were designed entirely with nutrition in mind.

Essentially, he had been reduced from a solitary existence to communal living in the span of a day. But humans were adaptable creatures, and the Germanic race was especially more so than baseline humans, due to the centuries of genetic enhancements which they had received, as well as those enhancements which the nanites in their bloodstream gave them.

Thus, Erich had no problem adjusting to this sudden shift in his life. If there was one benefit which he received, it was that within a mere two weeks, he became quite friendly with his fellow pilots. The members of the Black Sun almost always referred to each other by their callsigns, so much so that Erich did not even know the actual names of half of his comrades.

Like he had expected, Erich was quickly stuck with the callsign of "Silber," but it was no longer a derogatory term designed to insult him for his appearance, instead it was a name filled with the spirit of camaraderie, and as Erich continued to perform missions around the Armada, which was comprised of ten whole fleets, and more than a thousand naval vessels; he had rapidly earned the respect of his unit.

But the peaceful days of flying escort missions and patrol operations quickly came to an end, as within two weeks, war was declared on a neighboring civilization. The target of the Germanic Star-Empire's ire was a minor power known as the Dvrakian Consortium, which was located approximately three hundred light years away from the borders of the GSE.

The species was humanoid, and in many ways resembled the mythological and biblical demons of yore. Your standard Dvrakian stood at approximately one and half meters tall, and had blood red skin, large vampire like fangs, bat-like wings, two curled horns, and a succubus like tail. They also had sharp claws on their hands, and feet, and long serpent-like forked tongues.

Though they may appear sinister due to the myths propagated on Earth centuries ago, the Dvrakians were actually quite peaceful, renowned in their sector of the galaxy for never starting a war, and only defending themselves. And while they were somewhat pacifistic, they still kept a large military for defensive purposes.

However, in the eyes of the hungry wolf that was the Germanic Star-Empire, these devil-like pacifists were easy prey. Thus, after precisely two weeks of active service, Erich watched on the grid as the Grand Admiral declared war on the Dvrakian Consortium.

Grand Admiral Emrys stood on a balcony where below him were millions of Germanic Star Marines dressed in their power armor as they stood at attention, waiting for the man to give his speech.

"Since the dawn of our race, war has been an aspect of our lives which we have never shied away from. No we the Germanic People embrace conflict as a matter of pride. Seldom have we ever needed to justify a war, and though I may not need to do so to my own people. There are those in the galaxy who get antsy when an upstart like the Germanic Star-Empire begins expanding at the expense of their neighbors.

But conquest needs no justification! It is a natural part of life! Those with strength and power expand at the expense of the weak. That is the way of the universe and always has been! Make no mistake, my brothers, our neighbors to the east are very weak! What right to they have to dwell on their many worlds, with all their resources, while we, the strong struggle to meet the demands of our ever-growing population?

Might makes right! And we, the Germanic people, do not need to justify our actions to those who do not have the strength to oppose our will! And so as of today, I, the Grand Admiral of the Germanic Star-Empire, declare on behalf of our Supreme Leader, that we will be invading, and conquering the Dvrakian Consortium, so that our people have the living space which they need to survive and thrive in this harsh universe! Hail victory!"

Immediately after hearing this rousing speech, the millions of Star Marines who stood at attention below the balcony raised their right arms into the air as they saluted the Grand Admiral before repating his last words back to him.

"Hail victory!"

This declaration of war was not only broadcasted across the Germanic Star-Empire, but throughout the entire quadrant which the Alfheim Dominion ruled over. And while the speech Grand Admiral Emrys had given managed to rally his people to arms. It had only served as a source of anger to those civilizations who believed that a proper casus belli was needed for the declaration of war. After all, most civilizations did not believe that conquest itself was a proper justification for war.


On the homeworld of the Dvrakian Consortium, a beautiful young woman of the Dvrakian Race gazed in horror at the broadcast, which was currently being livestreamed from the Germanic Star-Empire. As a minor power, they had no hope of winning a war with a regional power, especially one as vicious and violent as the Germanic race.

The only hope her species had for survival was to gain the aid of their allies. Because of this, she pled to her father, who was the President of the Dvrakian Consortium, to call upon his friends to support him in his hour of need.

"Father! You must have seen the broadcast by now, those barbarians will soon be at our gates! We do not have the military strength necessary to defend our borders from a regional power like the Germanic Star-Empire!

Everyone knows that those savages expand their borders through the conquest and extermination of other lifeforms. If we are to be defeated, then the enemy will conduct a genocide that will wipe out our entire species! You must send for aid!"

The President of the Dvrakian Consortium sighed heavily as he listened to his daughter's concerns. He knew as well as anyone in this galaxy what kind of vicious beasts the Germanic people turned into when they went to war. They had no regard for life other than their own, and this was displayed in the brutal way in which they engaged in combat.

Knowing that the survival of his species was on the line, the President nodded his head in agreement with his daughter's words, though he feared that it would not be enough to stem the tide.

"Very well. I will contact our allies, and request aid for the upcoming war"

With this said, the Dvrakian President immediately contacted the regional power which had vassalized them. Unlike the Dvrakians, who appeared to be the physical incarnation of demons, the Regional Power, which were their masters, appeared as if they were angels. With pale white skin, long golden hair, matching eyes, and large fluffy wings. The Enochian Theocracy were as beautiful and as majestic as the angels of the Christian religion.

The High Priestess of the Enochian Theocracy had a disturbed look on her face, as she spoke to the holographic projection of the Dvrakian President, before the demonic looking creature could plea for help, the Enochian raised her dainty hand and spoke in an angelic voice.

"I already know about your concerns, and I assure you that our fleets are already en route to your borders. These barbarians have dared to attack our subjects without proper cause, and thus we have no choice but to retaliate.

I won't lie to you, Daxxas. Though the Germanic Star-Empire is a small nation, their military strength is on par with a Tier III Regional Power. Thus, I have called upon all of my vassals to respond to this unholy attack on the faithful. However, I must warn you, the Germanic Star-Empire is a direct vassal of the Alfheim Dominion, and has won many wars with civilizations more powerful than themselves. It is because of this that I can not guarantee victory in this conflict. If worst comes to worse, you may flee to the Enochian Theocracy with the surviving members of your race. "

This was not the news that Daxxas and his daughter, Vanta, were hoping to hear. Though they were glad to receive military aid from their suzerain and allies, they realized now, after hearing the words of their master, that they would need to prepare for the worst-case scenario.


While the Germanic Star-Empire had begun mustering its armadas to invade their neighbors, the Empress of the Alfheim Dominion watched from the sidelines on her home world with a particularly joyful smile on her flawless face. This reaction had only caused her youngest daughter, Celestia, to react in concern. Especially after she heard her mother's words.

"Magnificent aren't they? Not even a seven nation army can hold back the Germanic Star-Empire. Perhaps if they were going against a Sub-galactic power, and six regional powers, then they would be defeated. But a mere Tier II Regional power, and their minor vassals?

These fools don't have a chance at victory. Still, that was very bold of Grand Admirla Emrys, to declare war without a proper justification. Without a doubt, he has ruffled more than a few feathers among the sub-galactic powers, don't you think so, my dear Celestia?"

Celestia stared at her mother's satisfied expression as if she were looking at a mad woman, before questioning just what was so exciting about this whole ordeal.

"Mother, I don't understand… Shouldn't the Germanic Star-Empire be focusing on bolstering their defences? After all, they are aware, or at least the highest echelons of their government are aware, that the Naraku are only a few years away from their borders. So why waste valuable resources in a conflict with their neighbors? Expansion seems like a foolish idea during such a time of crisis!"

Lunaria did not comment for several seconds before she sighed heavily, almost as if she was disappointed with her daughter for not seeing the real reason the Germanic Star-Empire had begun to expand its borders, thus she lectured Celestia with a particularly agitated tone.

"Because Celestia, they do not intend to actually conquer and exterminate the Dvrakians, at least not yet. No, the Germanic Star-Empire intends to use the Dvrakian Consortium as a buffer against the Naraku. Not only will they arm the Dvrakians, and train them to be more effective combatants, but they will also fortify the worlds, so that Terminus will have to slog their way through hundreds of systems of brutal combat, and thus weakening their Hive Fleet, until finally they have to face off against a fully rested Germanic Military.

Every single Dvrakian will die fighting on behalf of their new overlords, thus freeing up their territory for Germanic expansion. And they will take down as many of those fucking bugs as they can. The GSE isn't just planning for their survival, but for their expansion as well! It is truly an inspiring sight to behold!"

After hearing her mother's wisdom, Celestia felt as if she had gained a new understanding of the Germanic People, and their goals. And perhaps Celestia was beginning to understand her mother's borderline obsession with her favorite pets.

Thus, she smiled and nodded her head in agreement with her mother's words, hoping to watch how the Germanic Star-Empire would manage to survive, if that was even possible.