Instinct: The Beginning

[WPC#328 entry] In the beginning, I was just a normal guy but with rare features. An albino with red eyes. However that was not the real reason for me to become their ‘Subject’. It’s like what they said, fate is the one at fault for bringing me in this situation. And because of fate itself, my life has changed forever. ‘A pure soul is like a clean, spotless cloth. But with just one drop it will stain the white fabric. The stain flowing slowly, hiding the pure beauty and bringing forth the opposite soul. A filthy, tainted soul that can't hold any good emotions for others. A corrupted soul full of sorrow and darkness.' [Visit my other novel: 'Protagonist's Chaperone']

Rin_Nurnia · Fantasy
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53 Chs

80 Percent

<Infinite Island>

"Looks like everyone has not discussed the rescue plans yesterday. May I know why?" Asked One with a smile whereas the others  faced to the ground, not daring to look him in the eye although they knew he couldn't see them.

One has been visually impaired ever since he was born. Despite his blindness, he never thought it as a weakness and no one ever dared to look down on him. Because he has a better 'eyesight'  since he was able to read people like an open book.

Just by listening to their voices, their breathing and even the slightest noise of movement from their body, One could tell what's inside of someone's heart. And this is what caused the Infinities in the meeting room to be so tense. One always finds out what they are hiding and if they lie.

"It would be so ignorant if we were in a meeting without the Leader's present." Seven was the first person to speak up.

Everyone turned towards him. Eight's and Five's eyes were sparkling in appreciation.

Amongst ten of them, Seven is the second person who is closed with One, after Four. When seeing them together, you could see the difference between those two in almost every possible way.

One is like an angel with a scythe in his hand whereas Seven is like a grim reaper but with wings.

"I see. Then tonight, let's discuss the mission plan." One said while smiling at everyone.

The nine members sat around the table as One began. The meeting room slowly turned dim, only the surface of the table was lit, giving off a white glow.

"In the beginning, the only goal was to get Ten before he got sent to the court. This should work very well since I already found some intel on the place where they are planning on sending Ten."

Eight had a confused expression on her face as she continued, "however, according to my Intel there will be two cargo vans which were guarded by none other than the Vicinal. They are going to use four trucks while guarding both vans."

"Can you detect which vans Ten got in?" Asked Six with curiosity, lacing her voice.

"I can not and that's another problem."

Five who's leaning on the chair, slowly spoke, "Wait, don't tell me..."

Eight nodded. "You guessed it right. They might be planning to go in separate ways in two cardinal directions. I can't be sure if Ten was on the east or north sides. But there is an option to find which vehicle was Ten in."

One nodded in agreement. "There is certainly one way to find him. In this case, we have no choice but to split ourselves up and search for him separately. We will go in three groups with two members. Four."

Once he heard his name being called, Four stood up beside One. "The first group will go to the north side. That will be Two and Five..."

Four tapped his two fingers onto the screen and moved the scarlet and purple circles onto the front. Then he moved the pink and blue ones to the right side. He continued.

"...The next group will go to the east, both Six and Eleven. These two directions are the closest way to get into the court."

"While me and Seven will take care of everything from inside the court, you can guard on the outside, Three."

One suddenly lifted his face and turned sideways. That instruction was directed at the guy who's leaning on the window sill.

Three stared outside of the window, letting in the night air blow against him. That strong blew caused his hoodie to fall, showing off his tanned skin and his dark purple longish hair to flow freely. His cold black eyes reflected the moonlight.

One smiled even though Three didn't give him any answer. He understood Three's personality too well. He knows that the man doesn't use his words much when he's in a state of hunger. So he decided to leave Three alone instead.

Not just Three, but One knew all of the Infinities as well. He has been living with them for years in one building, so it would be weird if he wouldn't recognize each of their personalities.

"Were you purposely not putting me on this mission because you know I hate to waste my time when I'm supposed to have an off day?" Four asked him while crossing his arms over his chest. A satisfied grin showed on his face.

One raised an eyebrow at this question, but answered, "the reason I didn't put you in this mission is because you need to guard this building. And for your information, this is not from my own order actually."

The grin on Four's lips fell, leaving his frowning face. "Wait. What? Does that mean...?"

"Yes. Master Zero himself told me to make sure you are doing your duty carefully. Think of this as a small punishment for you since you didn't get to bring the dead mortal here and people in Sovereign Town had to find something they shouldn't." One lied. He knows if he didn't lie to Four, that man would definitely be locked in his room and sleeping all day without care.

This time his turn to show his grin towards Four, who already sighs in defeat. "The police arrival was unexpected. I didn't know that one of the neighbors would call them, just because they saw that kid walking around the house like some sort of intruder."

"Thank you for giving such a detailed and logical reason, but I won't take back what I said. Now that we are finally done with our mission plans, the operation in saving Ten will start by tomorrow evening."


Everyone inside the meeting room turned their heads towards Three.

"Hungry." The guy whispered to himself. His hand took out something from the hoodie pocket. He unwrapped the plastic and put the grape-flavored lollipop into his mouth, acting like nothing happened.

Without anyone realizing, a pair of weird colored eyes were watching them ever since the beginning of the meeting. Slowly, it moved and hid itself in the dark. But then, there's one of them who noticed. Someone who gave a hateful glance.

Ugly beast.


<Sovereign Town>

"Dude, are you sure this is your girlfriend's house?" Carl asked while staring at the tall gate in front of Adam's car.

From the gate itself, one can tell it's a mansion that seems like it belongs to some rich family.

"By looking at the address, I think so since I've never been in this area before. And one more thing, Iris is not my girlfriend. She is just a friend of my regular customer. Also, stop calling me dude."

"Okay whatever you say, dude. Oops! I mean, bro." Carl shows a wide grin towards Adam.

Adam groaned. "Don't call me that either."

Carl shrugged. "Whatever man, now where is she? We don't have much time before the flight."

"Hold on. Are you sure you know where your teacher's lived? You are not lying to me, are you?" Adam asked him with a serious tone on his voice.

Carl rolled eyes. "Unbelievable. Now you are doubting me? You should be thankful that someone like me is willing to help you without expecting anything in return. But you didn't do anything except being a butler, thank God." Carl said sarcastically.

"Alright alright fine. My mistake. I'm sorry for doubting you. It's just hard to believe that a kid like you is capable of doing such a thing." Adam said with a small chuckle.

Carl snorted. "As if I'm a child. I'm already in high school, for your information."

"Oh yes, yes. Whatever you say. But what is something that you could see?"

Carl went quiet for a while.

"When I looked people directly into their eyes, I could see everything."

Adam's eyebrows rose slightly. "Huh... does that mean you have done this to 'him' before?"

<'Him' = Albino boy>

"That time was intentional. We bumped into each other once when he was about to walk out of the café."

"Was that all?"

Suddenly Adam was pulled by the collar. That was the moment where he almost stopped breathing when his eyes met with a pair of hazel colored irises and long beautiful eyelashes. It feels like he's stuck in the time loop. His lips were parted and couldn't move.

"I'm capable of more than that but I won't tell you more than necessary. Just because we are close and even though I know you are not a bad guy, doesn't mean that I will open up my big mouth easily. Besides, what good will it do? You will probably find out one day anyway."

Carl released Adam immediately when the sound of the gate opening caught both of their attention.

A woman is walking down the stairs in casual wear with her rose gold locks tied into a high ponytail. Her clothes were simple black skinny jeans, a white long sleeve shirt with a denim jacket and her black sneakers made her walk in an elegant manner.

She got in the car in the back seat while smiling at both of them. "Hey Adam! And you must be Carl, right? Adam told me about you before. It's nice meeting you."

Carl only nodded and gave a small smile before turning their body to the front.

While looking at Iris from the rear view mirror, Carl whispered to Adam. "You never told me that you have a pretty girlfriend."

"I already told you, she's not my girlfriend."

"Why? Is she not your type?"

Adam sighed. "Carl, seriously..."

"Are we going yet? What are you guys whispering about?" Iris suddenly asked in confusion.

"Nothing, nothing. Let's go meet my teacher!" replied Carl excitedly.