Instinct: The Beginning

[WPC#328 entry] In the beginning, I was just a normal guy but with rare features. An albino with red eyes. However that was not the real reason for me to become their ‘Subject’. It’s like what they said, fate is the one at fault for bringing me in this situation. And because of fate itself, my life has changed forever. ‘A pure soul is like a clean, spotless cloth. But with just one drop it will stain the white fabric. The stain flowing slowly, hiding the pure beauty and bringing forth the opposite soul. A filthy, tainted soul that can't hold any good emotions for others. A corrupted soul full of sorrow and darkness.' [Visit my other novel: 'Protagonist's Chaperone']

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PAD is the short form for 'People with Adverse and Disabilities.' Those who are having a discomfiting condition such as poverty, physical disability or a varying degree of social difficulties will have a higher chance to work in Infinity Premise, but under a few conditions.

Firstly, they need to live in a place where they are working. Secondly, they must not have any contact with their families, relatives or even friends. Thirdly, they have to keep everything that happened inside the premises as confidential, and never reveal anything to the outsiders.

Once they get the job, they have to wait until the next month where all of them regroup and are brought in a cruise ship to an island.

The island is located far from the nearest city and somehow, it isn't even marked or labeled in the map. This is because the island was man-made, built by a group of Scientologists. The man-made island which was named as the Infinite Island, took nearly 40 years to create before it was confirmed as a successful creation in the year of 2XXX.

After the new PAD arrived at Infinite Island, they were taken to a large and tallest building, almost the same height as a mountain, built in the middle of the island.

The building that has eleven floors was designed like a fort, with hundreds of rooms and laboratories on every floor. And this building was built four years after the island's creation. The building was completely surrounded by a big wall of glass. It has a roof of metal bars and also has three different levels on top of each other so when the sun rays shine through, you could see the entire island.

On the other hand, people who were being chosen as some sort of subject experiments, they are in two separate groups. Those who were being targeted and those who were the witnesses to the accident. Also, instead of calling them as 'humans' or 'people', they are more preferred by others as Mortals.

One thing for sure is that both PAD and the Subjects will have their lives taken if they ever tried to escape or disclosed this matter to the public. For safety measures, every PAD had to wear a special wristlet that had all their identification code stored in it and their personal information on file inside.

22 years later, both the building and the island were being taken care of by the eleven chosen people or the Infinities which were chosen specifically by one of the former Scientologists, each of whom had unique abilities called Instinct. Moreover, each member has their own PAD who are working directly under them, but only limited to twenty people except for the last two members: Ten and Eleven, which makes 180 PAD living and working under Infinity.

The PAD were never being called by their real names instead they would prefer themselves as numbers like their own superiors. For example, the PAD who will be given their own assigned name from number 10 until 19. The first digit number shows that they are working under One and the second digit number shows their ranks. The lowest the number, the higher ranking the PAD was.

Becoming one of PAD, you must know and learn everything inside Infinity Premise and that's why the members are willing to give short lessons to them. Because of this, every one of them knew the Infinities except the former Scientologist himself, only known by a name.

Master Zero.


Room 80 is one of the laboratory rooms that has two floors, filled with numerous experiment stations and all the equipment required for the experiments. This lab belonged to one of the Infinities: Informant Eight.

Most of these stations were used for the experiment subjects while others were used for the elite PAD, looking busy with their respective tasks. Some walk back and forth while reading notes, some typing on computers and some are walking towards the two PAD who just entered the room.

One of them wore a surgical mask with 'Chief 80' on the back of her coat, looking at both of them with a questioning look. "By looking at your wristlet, you aren't supposed to be allowed to be here."

In the previous, there was information regarding twenty PAD who is working under one member. There are two sub-groups that consist of ten normal PAD and ten elite PAD. These people who were labeled as the Elites are those who have been living in the Infinite Island way longer. These Elites were chosen by the Infinities themselves, recognizing their great ability and intelligence. You can consider it as a type of inheritance.

One day, when the Infinities are gone but with only one of them remaining, that last member will begin to choose the next batch to take their places like in the past.

Another information, the only way to differentiate the Elites with the normal PAD is from their wristlet. The normal ones do not have the name of their superior whereas the Elite ones have it.

The two PAD glanced at each other and then looked at the Chief.

"Actually, Leader told us to take the Subject into this room." 98 answered with an awkward grin. She could feel everyone's eyes focusing on both of them.

The Chief frowned before taking out a pager from her coat. In a second, her frown disappeared. "I just received the message. Forgive me for doubting you two. Let me take a look at the Subject first."

The Chief said before taking a step forward and stopped beside the stretcher. She pulled up the white sheet, revealing a pale complexion of an albino boy. Once again the crease on her forehead formed.

"What's wrong with him? Did he get sick?" She asked while checking the albino's pulse. "What? He died a few minutes ago."

She turned back to both of them. "Did the Leader tell you anything, other than bringing him here? No?"

Seeing them shaking their head, she let out a sigh before covering back the corpse. "Room 80 is a place for the ones in coma and only they are still breathing. This subject died and there's no use taking him in here."

"Then, what should we do? We don't dare to oppose the Leader's order." 99 voiced out.

The Chief takes a moment before speaking again. "For now, let's just do what the Leader ordered. Both of you may leave, thank you for bringing him here."

"You're welcome, Chief." They bowed before leaving the laboratory.

Two of the Chief's assistants, 81 and 82 pushed the stretcher towards a room that was covered by a white curtain. Inside the room was an operating table, a chair and a single light bulb hanging above the table. There were two monitors attached to the table.

"Chief, are we going to put him inside the Ice Capsule?" 81 asked.

"Yes. But first we need to clean his body and put some clothes on him as a sign of respect. Both of you go call some males PAD, and prepare two buckets of water. I will get clean clothes from the clothier."

"Understood, Chief." Answered 81 whereas 82 nodded her head.


After cleaning and changing the albino boy into some white clothing, they carried the body towards the second floor, where the Chief is waiting. Next to her side, there's a human-sized capsule, which is made of glass and there are small holes where it allows air to pass.

Looking inside, the capsule was filled with hundreds of crystal ice cubes. But from the outside, a tenfold of small wires were hanging above the capsules, connected to the monitoring equipment on the other side of the capsule. Both the capsule and the wires were connected directly to the computer system. Carefully, they put the albino boy inside the capsule and attached all the wires on his body.

"It's ready." 81 announced.

Chief nodded before pressing the button. Then, all the lights went down as the capsule turned dark, sealing the boy within it.

"It's been a long time since the last time we have used this capsule and I don't really remember any of it. Do you know what the subject's number is?" She turned to 82.

'If I'm not mistaken, he's the twelfth.' 82 making a sign with both hands. She is the only person who is mute in this laboratory but because of her diligence, her hard-work was paid off and became the second assistant working under Chief 80.

The Chief stared at the boy from the top of the capsule which is a see-through surface. "I wonder what caused him to end up dying in such a horrible way."

"Chief, you already knew that most of the Subjects were criminals during their days alive, right?" 81 put a hand on his waist.

"Yes I did but at least, not most of them were real criminals. Sometimes they chose the wrong path because of the pressure they suffered from life. However..." She focused her gaze on the boy's face. "...This one doesn't seem to be the type to do such a thing."

"Even the sun has its eclipse, Chief. Maybe this guy was once a good man but because of the harsh reality, he became the opposite of what he was supposed to become. The saint can also become the slave of the devil after doing a small amount of sin." 81 added.

82 patted the Chief's on the back before both her and the other assistant walked away.

The Chief smiled bitterly. "That's kind of poetic but also makes sense."

Leader: One

Commander: Four

Informant: Eight

Professor: Nine

Only these four have their own titles while the rest of them are called 'Master' and 'Madam'.

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