10 Ch-9

August 1st, 1994

With my first magic item test concluded I sent Alan home with his money for his time and a request to not speak of the experiments till we have a stabilizer built.

While cleaning up the forge I felt my charges build once again as I had revolutionized magic item production.

I put one charge in DND Wizard bringing me to Lvl-6 as with it I could develop more enchanted items and excitement with them more, eventually I want to make a some Spell Jammer ships for getting off Earth.

For the mundane charge I put into Blacksmithing to finish it off, I know had knowledge of every forging style and forgotten knowledge.

It now being late afternoon I decided to rejoin Rose and her group, as even with the Granger family here she still needs to get caught up to my standards.

She had gotten competent enough in the foundations of Arcane Magic and by the end of the summer she should be a Lvl-2 Wizard BladeSinger.

For her spell book I want to make one based off the ones used in Eberron as the had developed Magi-Tech computers that could be used.

And eventually I can make them probably around Lvl-9 Wizard as I can also make Spell Jammer Ships Around then. The problem will be cost as $5,000 dollar piece of crystal isn't anything to scoff at, and that not even the cost for building the vessel.

But for now I had a lesson to teach as it is time for her to show her friend her new skills.


As Rose is a more hands on learner we gathered in a training yard outside that had been built along side the home 100s of years ago, so after I enchanted it to be a little safer.

Daniel-"Hermione you are more then welcome to join us for the lesson, now this will be a hands on fight lesson I will be summoning some monsters for you to fight. And a No moment are you truly in in any danger but Hermione, Rose already knows this but at any point you can tap out and we will take a break.

For your opponents you will be facing the most common of Enemies A Zombie." With a flash of sickly green necrotic energy, a Skeleton slowly crawled out of my spellbook and took its position.

Rose then drew her Rapier and entered her fighting stance, I then cast some enchantments around the area to keep the mundane parents safe and mage armor on Hermione as Rose already was wearing her training gear.

Hermione still a little panicked just stood their at my spell work as I then had the skeleton charge the two girls and swing it's mace at them.

I had it swig at Hermione who snapped out of it and was able to dodge out of the way, Rose then used Green-Flame spell on her Rapier and slashed down on its Shield arm cutting deep into it.

The Skeleton then let out a roar and sent out a Bolt of necrotic energy out to at Rose who took the hit but had cast shield and lessened the blow but still took some damage.

Mr.Granger then yelled out, "FIRE!! Undead are weak to Fire damage." Hermione listened to her father's suggestion and cast a Incendio charm and set the skeleton a light.

Daniel-"Nice try but Zombies are weak to fire undead are weak to blunt weapons maybe some creative transfiguration."

Before Hermione could make uses of my advice the the Skeleton slammed his mace into her side, the mage armor taking the hit but still letter he feel it.

Rose, then using her sword like a wand cast *WitchBolt* on her sword which began to glow in a deep crimson light and stabbed the skeleton in the head sending shards of bone everywhere.

Seeing The skeleton still barely alive Hermione transfigured a large piece of Rock and used a charm to slam into the skeleton finally killing it.

I dropped the protection charms and let the Granges check on their daughter while I gave Rose a quick hug and a basic healing potion then one to Hermione.

Daniel-"Good job you two, Hermione I can tell you haven't been in a real fight before as you froze at first but quickly recovered and did your part.

My recommendation is to practice hands on magic rather than study but do not think your strengths are a weakness, you are actually A lot like myself I am a researcher and crafter than a fighter. So I would have you read some of my Artificer books and some interesting books on arcane mathematics, as I think you could make some nasty spells.

Rose, nice job on using you sword as a focus but I want you to study more, I know that it get boring but I have some books on some more martial styles of magic."

———————- Author note

For why I have updated this story is my old phone had died and It had all of my notes on the future of the story. But thankfully the transfer kept all of my notes, so chapter will come more often.

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