7 Ch-6

June 25th, 1994

The past three days have been fun, having someone to share my knowledge and show off a little too. Rose has actually begun enjoying learning by having one on one and encouraging her to succeed since my teaching her has been the first time in years since someone encouraged her.

She at this point is about half way her to a level one DND Wizard which is quite a big deal because she has had to catch up on her math as it is at a 13 year old level which means she can barely handle algebra.

I have been crazy busy trying to buy the old brewery which was the easy part but will require some time for the paperwork to process as I will need to get a number of licenses and certifications to make any alcohol.

Also I needed to actually need to practice making all this without the correct ingredients or strain of grain which I had an idea how to do.

Their is a 5th Level Divination Spell called contact other plane which I can modify in theory to act a 3rd Level spell if I substitute the power with more material components and sacrificial magic.

And I only need 3 days to get enough charges to make this spell which will probably be pretty dangerous to do and I know just the morally questionable scientists/Lord who would love the opportunity to get new technology or magic.

When I wasn't working on the brewery situation I worked on my blacksmithing to make myself some armor and Rose a Hidden Blade for when she leaves for schools since it has no rules against such things.

I also began looking into enchanting with middling success mostly just things that starting adventures would have like lighters, cooling blankets and self sizing clothes.

Also the first of my books have entered production The Martian was first as it is one of my favorite book series to ever be written. It has gotten me a decent income enough I can expand and put some back with out having to worry about anything.

Since Rose had been working so hard I had her invite Hermione and her family after hearing about her this sounded like a Hermione that didn't worship authority as Rose has voiced her Mistrust of the Hogwarts staff.

They were invited to my estate where Rose and I would show off some magic since the Grangers have not seen magic in person except for when the professors visited to invite Hermione to Hogwarts, The letter also included my phone number so the two girls could talk before August 1st.


During all of this I posted an enchanted sign in the village for any Squib or Magical that was looking for work should come to my estate the 24th for interviews since I needed skilled and unskilled labor to work the field for the brewery and the manage the place.

To my surprise at least half the village which was about 600 people was magical of some kind of those who came most were squibs who were cast out some time ago.

As apparently this village was founded by a squib from the Armstrong Family in the 1500s as a reward for service and has been helping squibs get on their feet for centuries and has continued doing it. Which meant that I was technically a landed Knight here and was technically in charge of the land in the eye of the Ministry of Magic and "Mayor" in the eyes of the mundane government.

When that was brought to my attention I felt like an idiot because that would explain quite a bit about the estate and the other older properties around the area.

So after a couple of meeting with the elders and business owners in the area we came up with a plan for the future of the village.

1. Security, the world is a dangerous place and the magical world even more. So a system of ward should be placed over the town and in the building to prevent magicals (Purebloods) from attacked.

2.Economy the world was changing and fast computers, weapons and satellites. So the town shall diversify its economy and try to become self sufficient in terms of food, power and knowledge.

3.Education, the village will restructure the education system based off my knowledge of the future and changes we could be ahead in most STEM fields by at least 10-15 years. We would also for those who have a magic core start teaching based off the old curriculum of Hogwarts.

The reason for this is that I and the Ledes believe the magical world will be revealed by force or accident. By a idiotic pureblood showing off and it being recorded or a satellite noticing water areas, when it happens it will be chaos.

We all agree that we have till 2000 to do this at the rate of technology improvements so we have 6 years to get ready.

June 26th, 1994

Rose and I were working on a potion of Growth when Jenny one of the locals who I hired to help run the estate came down to the lab and told us that one Hermione Granger was calling.

Rose dropped her tools and ran up the stairs yelling out a thank you. I signaled the UnS to begin to clean the lab and made my way to the front room where Rose was already in the middle of talking.

Rose-"Yeah this has been a great summer, Dan is a really great cousin he has a bunch of cool spells and has it so I can cast magic during the summer. Oh here is"

I put the phone on speaker and sat in my chair.

Daniel-"Hello Miss Granger I have heard great things from Rose about you, you and your parents probably have a great deal of questions but I ask you to wait till the 1st to ask them all."

Hermione-"...Fine but I want answers, Now Mom and Dad have some questions about the weekend then I want to talk to Rose."

Mr.Granger-"Hello, this is Mr.Granger we just wanted to confirm everything for the weekend and thank you in advance. We do not get to actually see what our daughter studies at her school so this will be exciting.

Your letter said that you spend most of your time in the "mundane" world and we wanted to know if we were able to bring any electronics or should we leave them."

Dan-"Yes I do spend most of my time in the mundane world so my home works fine around magic and so should any magical home as who ever told you magic and technology doesn't work has been lying to you.

As the Ministry is right under Parliament and that would cause some problems, so feel free to bring anything you may need."

Their was some talking on the other side I could make out and some yelling about annoying old men and backwater.

Ms.Granger-"Should we pack anything fancy to wear or will this be informal setting. From what I've read and seen in the magic papers they seem to enjoy their formal balls and parties."

Dan-"No this is informal I despise such gatherings and prefer to be blunt and efficient when it comes to such matters. As does Rose and I think the girl would kill me if I tried to put her in a dress."

They asked a couple more adult questions about packing and time of arrival but they agreed that they will be their in the morning and liked forward to the weekend.

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