1 Ch-1

Being exposed to the multiverse is not good for ones mind, one moment you are at work and the next you are torn from your Home Dimension cast through the local multiverse places where I was never born, a place where Covid didn't happen it was maddening every version of myself suddenly merging and unmerging, everything and nothing all happing at once.

Then it stopped and I was faced with A Many Faced being, made of incomprehensible star light and flesh, I Felt its gaze pass over me and with a thought it changed my Soul at its most base form. Then I was cast out of its domain through the multiverse once again till I crashed onto another plane into another version of myself.

Suddenly I was Daniel Armstrong 18 year old Orphan of the United Kingdom in the summer of 1994, he was a rather boring and average teenager except for one thing he was a wizard. Well barely anyway he was born to a wizard family but when his Hogwarts letter did not arrive they dropped him off at a Mundane orphanage and told him to never contact them again, but he was actually a late bloomer in terms of magical awaking.

In the back of my mind I felt two ball of power and I intrinsically knew what they were, two charges of knowledge that could be used to gain access to one of the infinite versions of myself across the multiverse one mundane the other magical. I put my magical charge into another Wizard version of myself, a wizard of Faerune one that had just graduated from his apprenticeship.

I kept my Mundane charge just incase and began to think over my future as I had a lot to process.

I began to think over Daniels my life to this point, I was completely alone here besides a couple of friends and the Matrons that ran the orphanage.

But as I had turned 18 the orphanage will have to ask me to leave in the next couple of months so I need income and a new home fast. With my knowledge form DnD me I have the Cantrips Mending and Prestidigitation I could make some money selling repairing and cleaning thrown out junk.

That is short term money Long term I could sell some patents and gain royalties from the back log, as I knew nothing of running a company or any business for that matter.

As for the wizarding world I was conflicted as I would need to work with it to make use of my magical abilities and I did want to help Harry or what ever version it was here as they get pretty fucked over in the normal time line and I did want to get with Nymphadora Tonks and a couple other witches.

With a very bare bones idea of what I want in the future I then thought over my magic from my DND Self.

I had access to 3 Cantrips and 10 Level one spells, after making sure my door was locked I cast Unseen Servant twice and had them began to clean my room. Felt them latch onto my magical core sustaining their form and after an hour they still were their outlasting the base duration.

Then as an experiment I tried to cast the spell again knowing I only had two spell slot and I felt another tether on my core which which, unlike the others was outpacing my regeneration.

After cast a couple other spells I figured that while I didn't have spell slots I had a well of magic that i could sustain using more spell as I had a core unlike DND wizard a who acted as conduit. So I can cast non duration level one spell every 30 seconds or so while I can sustain two level one durations for awhile but I could not break concentration.

During the rest of the day while I wandered the outskirts of London I thought about what mundane knowledge I should get. While I would love to just drop some knowledge into space craft and fly away that just is not an option but computer tech was more available.

So I dropped my charge into Personal Computer Programing, which with one charge gave me enough knowledge of Computer programing up to the early 2000s which would outstrip the world as far as I know.

So I made my way to the nearest junk yard and hopefully get a job and some scrap to make a computer and to tinker with eventually.

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