164 Cure or End of the Mutants 3

Fortunately, Jack believed that in this universe Thor wouldn't need to make that kind of sacrifice. Even the most powerful Thor could only be at the same level as the Marvel gods, and Jack knew that those gods could become enemies.

Furthermore, Jack knew that many gods could destroy the universe he was in by destroying other universes and thereby destroying the multiverse. Jack could prevent this, but the most powerful Thor was only strong in his own universe.

That's why Jack didn't place all his hopes on the Infinity Stones. If he could get just one more Infinity Stone, he could become a god and get rid of Thanos, but Thanos wasn't one of Jack's most worrisome enemies.

Jack knew he was already capable of killing Thanos. The problem was that a battle could cause a lot of chaos and destroy the Earth. Even if it didn't destroy the Earth, it would still kill hundreds of millions of people before Thanos died.

Fortunately, Jack discovered that the Infinity Stones could be used to teach him how to better use his infinite potential for magic. So in the future, Jack wouldn't need the Infinity Stones to become a god, and his power wouldn't be limited to this universe.

"Thor, I have a way to make you more powerful. For that, you need to come with me to another planet far from Earth. Maybe you need to tell Heimdall that you can disappear for a while. Also, let Jane know," said Jack.

"I understand. I'll do what you said. I'll prepare to spend the next few months away from Earth, and when I come back, I'll be more powerful," said Thor, excited.

So Thor left, and Natasha looked at Jack after that. She remembered when Thor arrived on Earth and S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered that Thor was a god from Earth mythology and that Asgard really existed.

Fury, Coulson, Clint, and she were surprised to learn that gods existed. Natasha remembered how Coulson worried about how the Destroyer could destroy the Earth and how Thor easily defeated him when he regained his powers.

"Jack, it's really impressive that you can teach something to Thor who has lived for over a thousand years. I don't think even he knew he could get stronger," said Natasha.

"It's hard to imagine getting stronger when you're like Thor, he's already one of the strongest gods in Asgard, maybe only Odin is more powerful than him. In addition, you may not know, but the people of Asgard are known to get stronger as they get older," Jack said.

"So Thor was sure that in 4 or 5 thousand years he would be the most powerful in Asgard, he would control all the thunder and have great power naturally. The problem is, he now knows that Earth and the nine realms can't wait 4 thousand years to strengthen naturally,"

Natasha understood why other warriors of Asgard didn't have the same idea as Jack to train Thor. If he would become more powerful just by living longer, the people of Asgard might not be in a hurry and could wait.

Jack went back to his house with Natasha so they could rest. Two days later, the world had already calmed down. Unfortunately, even though Jack was quick to act with the Avengers, the mutants were discovered.

The whole world knew that Earth could be in danger. Maria Hill panicked when Jack told her that an ancient Egyptian god was going to attack. She told Fury and others, but Maria Hill didn't trust that the Avengers could handle an ancient god from Egypt.

After all, even Thor would have to destroy the Earth if he had to fight Apocalypse with his defenses. And perhaps Thor wouldn't be able to kill or seal Apocalypse, who was immortal. This showed how difficult the adversary was.

This happened mainly because Maria and the Avengers didn't know about Jack's powers. Even after this fight, they didn't know the limits of his powers and which adversary Jack could defeat.

So the mutants could no longer be hidden. Jack thought that after taking away Magneto's and the other mutants' powers, it could hide some things, but some people filmed the mutants using their powers.

This, coupled with the fact that the mutants were fighting against the Avengers, showed that they weren't normal heroes. In addition, an interrogation with the mutants who lost their powers revealed who they were.

Fortunately, Charles Xavier had an old agreement with the American government. The government knew about Xavier and his school, and what he had done to help humanity prevent mutant attacks.

When everything seemed to calm down, Rogue returned to the X-mansion. She looked tired and sad. The other X-men knew that Anna had been in the hospital with Jubilee for the past few days after the fight against Apocalypse.

Unfortunately, none of the current X-men had healing powers. So not only Jubilee but other X-men with slower healing factors had to go to the hospital. Kitty and the younger mutants who were worried about Jubilee went to ask Anna how she was.

"Jubilee... unfortunately, she ended up dying," said Anna.

The other X-men were shocked to hear this. They never thought that Jubilee could die. They saw Anna start crying again.

"How... how could something like this happen?" asked Kitty, crying.

"It was my fault. I was protecting Jubilee and Professor Xavier. I absorbed the powers of several mutants, but I chose Bobby's power to protect them," said Anna, sad and crying.

"I should have used Jean's powers to protect them, but I thought Bobby's powers were safer. But when Jean's powers went crazy, the ice shield suddenly melted."

"On instinct, I protected Professor Xavier with my body. Angel's metal feathers couldn't hurt me, but many of them went through Jubilee's body," said Anna.

The other mutants understood how Jubilee had died. Angel's metal feathers had pierced her body. Since she took a while to receive treatment and her body wasn't very strong, Jubilee ended up dying.

Anna felt guilty for not protecting Jubilee properly. Charles Xavier felt guilty because he took Jubilee to protect him, thinking that she would be useful in the fight. And Warren Worthington felt the most guilty, after all, he was the one who killed Jubilee, even though he was being controlled.

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