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Everyone wants to be reborn like the main character The main character who gets all the cheating, all the benefits, saving beautiful women and kicking the young master's ass Well my dream came true but not as the main character and not the evil character, but just a secondary character [Ding Dong The conditions for awakening the system have then been met] . . . "Who is the real owner of this previous body?" . . . "What's wrong with these women?" (The picture is not mine) (If the owner of the photo has a problem with the use of his photo, I can change it)

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Leon did not understand what was happening to him from this old man in front of him. No matter how much Leon tried to remember, he could not know it. He even strained his brain trying to remember something he had forgotten, but he came up with nothing.

Leon was certain that the old man in front of him did not appear in any chapter of the novel. Indeed, this old man did not appear at all ' so how is he here'?

'According to the novel, when the hero of the novel found the cave to spend the night in, he found the ring. He examined what was inside it and found Ryoshi's art with some treasures inside. Nothing else .'

There was no mention of examining the protagonist's body from the inside, no mention of any light appearing from the storage ring, and certainly no mention of any transparent, ghost-like old man emerging from the ring.

With all these thoughts plaguing Leon's mind, he was confused, so Leon turned to the only being or thing that could answer all of this question.

'System Who is this old man and how did he appear here? The original text never mentioned this old man and how he is a ghostly man. What the hell is going on here?'

[There is no need to feel confused, host. This is one of the effects of the butterfly. Because of your appearance in this world, your soul is changing something new and external within this world.]

[, the world may have undergone some changes in order to accept the new variable within it, that is, you, the host, may find that some things have differed from what is stated in the novel.]

[And let me remind you, host, that this world is a real world and not a writing on a novel, meaning that you may find some differences in what you read and in what you will experience, and some things may be similar and others may not.]

'Damn it, system, why didn't you ever tell me such important things? I could have died if I entered this forest and didn't really know what was happening. What if the ring wasn't here or the SH-CH skill?'

Leon was angry and was expressing his anger in his mind while leaving his face with a blank facade in an attempt not to arouse suspicion to the old man in front of him and with all his shouting in his mind the system responded to him with the voice of the mechanic.

[I apologize to the host, but the system is still in basic mode. The system does not have the ability to give information without asking the host due to the lack of development of the system]

[In addition, the system aspires to help the host, so the system will never send the host on a suicide mission without a reason until after explaining the situation to the host to complete the mission]

Despite the system's brief answer to the fears that Leon was suffering from now For his comfort, he was not at all . He decided to Leave that until after leaving this place.

While all this was happening in Leon's mind, only a few seconds had passed in the real world, and the old man was still looking at Leon with his piercing and sharp eyes. Leon swallowed his saliva and decided to go along with the old man.

So Leon started asking another question instead of answering the old man in front of him, "What you mean is that the real question is, do I know who I am?"

All the old man in front of him did was raise his hand to stroke his little beard and smiled and said, "Okay, boy, forget about that, but do you know who I am since you found my treasure?"

Leon looked at the old man with astonishment, 'What treasure, oh damn it, don't tell me.' Leon looked at the ring and then looked at the old man in front of him, 'You are Masashi Masamura.'

"Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha" The old man now named Masashi Masamura laughed very hard at the reaction of the young man in front of him. If he didn't look like a ghost, Leon would think the man was going to die.

While the old man was laughing at Leon's reaction, Len's mind was moving at 5,000 miles per second, 'What the fuck, how could this man be in front of me?'

'Isn't he supposed to have died a thousand years ago? Perhaps he is a test for me, but why did he not appear in the novel and why did he not test the protagonist?'

'Maybe the will of the world put Masashi in front of me to prevent me from taking a chance as a protagonist, but that doesn't make sense at all. Why would the world try to prevent me from taking this chance?'

'Even in the novel, the protagonist did not use the art of Ryoushi or the skill SH-CH Because he tends to play the role of the hero every moment of his life than to kill quickly, so this does not make sense at all.'

As soon as Masashi stopped laughing, Leon's frightened thoughts stopped as he looked at Masashi in front of him, and Masashi was looking at him with a serious face instead of the previous laughing man, as if he was Checks his soul.

But Masashi broke the deadlock while still looking at the sweaty Leon by saying, "Yes, boy, as you guessed, he is Masashi Masamura, or the first emperor, and you, boy, are one of my grandchildren."


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