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Innocent Flame


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{Mature Content R-18+} She wanted a family and he wanted playtime. When Ana, a shy, genius, and pushover girl, finally confesses her three-year-old feelings to the bad boy, Luke Hades, It suddenly becomes her biggest nightmare and an interesting, heartwrenching game for Luke. Will Ana find her deepest desire? Excerpt; "I hate girls like you. I hate everything about you, it irks me. You're so desperate." Her body became stiff and felt cold at the same time, his words reach the core and her heart felt shattered into pieces. She blankly nodded and squeaked, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disgust or insult you. And... you're not boring. I shouldn't and won't think about such things again. P-please, forgive me." She couldn't look him in the eyes anymore, all of a sudden it was really quiet, her heart beat violently, she wanted to cry but couldn't make herself do so in front of them all. She slightly bowed and turned to leave. But, Luke grabbed her and put her back in place. Seems Luke wasn't done breaking her heart and properly humiliating her, so she broke down, tears fell from her eyes without making any sound, and she just stared at him waiting for his torture. "Don't you have cleanliness to do" He flatly stated instead She stood still with her head down and he left. Everyone else followed, and when she was left alone, she burst out crying.


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