Inner Voice: All Heroines Hear My Inner Voice

Reincarnated and traveling to another world, Eiji Seiya initially thought the world was normal. That was what he thought before he met the heroine and protagonist of the franchise he had watched in his previous life. Not only that, after he awakened the Inner Voice System to grow strong by complaining about plot, heroine and protagonist in his heart to get many rewards. He is determined to increase his power so that he can save his home world, the world where he was reincarnated that was hit by the disaster "Honkai" and save beautiful girls like Kiana, Mai, Bronya, Rita and others who had tragic endings in the original works! "I will save them all!" However... Everything went smoothly... Eiji earned rewards every time he changed the plot in another franchise. It's just that... What's wrong with these heroines? Lala Satalin Deviluke who was supposed to be engaged to the protagonist instead became his fiancée. Sona Sitri suddenly called him to the student council office and said she wanted to make a deal with him. Rias Gremory who was supposed to ask the protagonist for help to solve her political marriage problem with Riser Phenex inexplicably came to him. The girls were disgusted at the protagonists of their respective franchises. Something was wrong here! Not only that, heroines like Kotegawa Yui, Sairenji Haruna, Akeno Himejima, Kuroka, Serafall Leviathan, Grayfia Lucifuge, Sakurajima Mai, Ai Hoshino, Kasumigaoka Utaha and others... They like him! All the super beautiful and sexy women that many men in the world covet surround him and leave their respective protagonists. Grayfia even betrayed her husband. Eiji who saw all this was dumbfounded. At first he was confused as to why these heroines were surrounding him, but gradually he realized and knew that it was all happening because ... His inner voice! - Genre Details: [Not too serious + Harem + Comedy + No yuri + No netorare + MC is manipulative + MC slaps protagonist + Plot focus on heroine + Not waste so many chapters for unimportant characters except 1/2 chapter + Except Protagonist, MC doesn't waste his time so long with other guys + MC has fiance + MC has many girlfriends + MC is not perfect, sometimes moron + MC is sadistic + MC is not herbivorous + MC is ambitious to get pretty girl. Cough, I mean reward from his system and be strong + MC is possessive, there is no way he would let his girl dance with another guy + MC has an organization and beautiful subordinates + MC sometimes takes a break, he stops being manipulative although he will do it again in the next few chapters as it is hard to restrain himself + MC has a fetish of making his girls drink a lot of his milk until their stomachs bulge + Author sometimes has brain problems where his brain circuits decline in a few chapters due to lack of sugar before exploding again after refilling and making readers eagerly await the next chapter + Author updates every day unless he is sick or has problems in his life which is sad] - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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Golden Darkness

Run opened her eyes, she was in a familiar room that she remembered this was the same room where she, Eiji and the others watched a movie together.

Recalling what they did last night, she was happy because it was the first time she watched a movie with many people.

It felt good.

"Lala, Rias, and...Kuroka."

There were three who were also asleep on the same bed as her, since the bed was large, they could sleep without rubbing against each other.

Putting aside the other two women, she had also gotten to know Kuroka back home from school yesterday because she met her at Eiji's house.

The cat-like woman also turned out to be one of Eiji's women and she was quite friendly, but...

"Where's Asia?"

As she searched for Asia, she got out of bed and put on the clothes made automatically by the "Change-Change Clothes-Kun" that Lala had given her. Surprisingly when she stood up and walked out of the room. 

She wondered where Eiji was? When she woke up, he was gone.

"Maybe Eiji healed me with his magic before leaving?"

Although when she woke up she didn't see the man, a little disappointed, but she felt sweet that the other party was so considerate to take care of her first before leaving.

"Asia~! What are you doing?"

Run saw the blonde girl cutting something on the first floor... Cooking?

"Oh, Run-san, are you awake? Do you want breakfast? Wait a minute, I'm making it."

Asia wakes up earlier than others, she is currently making breakfast for everyone.

"Uh, you don't need to rush~ Asia. Just continue quietly" Run was in a very good mood, she looked around as if looking for someone while watching Asia cook.

"By the way Asia, where's Eiji? I don't see him."

"Ah... If you're looking for Eiji-san. I haven't seen him since waking up earlier either, he probably went somewhere to do something."

"Doing what?" Run asked with curiosity.

Asia turned to the light green-haired girl with a smile.

"I don't know... But if it's not about buying something or taking care of his work, he's probably dealing with another heroine out there."


Run was confused, even though she knew she was a heroine. Honestly if it was about other heroines, plots, and other things related to the protagonist, she didn't know much yet.

Seeing the confusion on Run's face, Asia thought the girl must not have really understood the situation.

Looks like she had to tell her about a few things.

"So all the girls in this house are heroine?!" Run was surprised.

Asia nodded. "Yes, I'm a heroine just like you, Run-san."

"You... Does that mean you're also from the same franchise as me, Asia?"

"No... I'm from another franchise that Eiji-san calls Highschool DxD. There I'm one of the heroine who is said to be picked up by the protagonist named Issei Hyudou."

"Unfortunately that protagonist was bad. I didn't want to follow him and chose to stay with Eiji-san."

Remembering when she was first picked up by Eiji and suddenly Issei came to force her to come with him, Asia raised her original as if remembering bad memories. Fortunately, everything was fine because at that time she chose to go with Eiji which was a decision she did not regret.

"Highschool DxD? The protagonist Issei Hyudou? Me! Me! What about me? Although I know I'm the heroine and the boy named Yuuki Rito is the protagonist, I don't know my franchise name yet!"

For the inner voice, Run already knew the other girls like Rias, Lala, Asia and Kuroka could also hear it. Actually she knew this from Rias who told her before in school, but that's it, she didn't know any other details because she and Rias immediately separated to their respective classes yesterday.

Hearing what Asia said about the franchise, she was curious and eager to know more.

"If it's about your franchise, Run-san. I remember it's called To Love Ru. It's the same harem franchise as mine with a perverted protagonist who makes the heroines fall in love with him in a despicable way."

Not knowing if Asia had intentionally added salt and pepper, there was a hint of disgust on her usually innocent and kind face.

But that reassured Run, she wondered how crazy a plot Asia had with the protagonist Issei Hyudou that made a girl like her show that expression?

At the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs, she and Asia turned their heads to see Lala, Rias, and Kuroka already awake.

For the first time, the heroine from different franchises were gathered without the presence of Eiji and the protagonist.


On the other side.




Explosion after explosion was heard.

Several thick concrete pillars were neatly cut by yellow-colored incisions.

The ground and walls were hollowed out by pure fists and kicks.

Inside a certain empty factory, a silver-haired male figure was fighting with a blonde girl.

His figures were both moving so fast, ordinary humans, and most supernatural beings would also find it difficult to see their figures properly at this time.

But in Eiji's view, even without the help of his Sharingan, he could dodge any attack from the other party that was many times faster than a bullet easily and calmly... Because from his perspective, he saw everything in slow motion.

He felt like Superman who saw Flash running to kick him, but he saw him clearly and of course he had plenty of time to choose how he would dodge or attack.

The girl who was attacking him was also not actually weak. At least if it was him before maximizing Varvatos' character fusion and hadn't gotten Anos' character cards, etc, he would have had a little trouble following the other party's movements because it was so fast.

How fast? Well if protagonist Rito didn't have his plot armor, his head would've been decapitated hundreds of times in 2 seconds.

Eiji himself was actually a little surprised, because he felt that the heroine he was fighting was stronger than the original work.No, actually he himself did not know for sure how strong the girl was because in the original work every character battle would always end with the protagonist's perverted accident or other perverted things.

Well after all it was a franchise that wasn't too serious.

But that was it.

If the other party wasn't the heroine, he would have finished this fight in seconds with his current power.

Unfortunately he didn't, he had been dodging every attack of the beautiful girl in the all-black outfit.

It was the same girl who came to his house early in the morning and said that she wanted to meet him.

After he said he was Eiji Seiya, the girl immediately attacked him and he teleported them both to an uninhabited factory that was actually located in Kyoto.

It was far from his home, but put that aside.

Long blonde hair that flies in the air and can turn into a sharp weapon so far.

Emotionless deep red eyes.

A slender figure that was somewhat childish, yet not exaggerated as if it was a golden ratio that made her comfortable fighting.

It was time to capture this girl.

He knew the girl was one of To Love Ru's heroine in the original work who became a famous assassin in the galaxy.

In the original work, she was supposed to be given a mission by one of Lala's suitors to kill the protagonist Rito because he was engaged to Lala.

But due to a plot change, she was now targeting him and wanted to kill him to complete her mission. This was one of the plots that Eiji knew after receiving plot spoilers from his system this morning and actually he was not at all surprised that Yami suddenly came to his house this morning because he already knew it would happen.

He even knew what he himself would do in the plot which turned out to be in favor of the protagonist Rito. It turned out that in the fight that happened this time, he would injure Yami quite severely and let her escape after knowing how strong he was.

He of course still planned to get the heroine, but the trick he used turned out to be detrimental to himself because on the way to escape, the injured Yami met the protagonist Rito and happened to faint in front of him.

Rito certainly took advantage of this opportunity to get Yami on his side, he brought Yami back to his house and asked his younger sister, Mikan to treat Yami's injuries.

After that, the development will be Yami who feels the warmth of the family during her stay at the protagonist's house and slowly she will fall in love with Rito.

Recalling this plot, Eiji wanted to curse whoever made this stupid script!

I don't know what he was thinking in that plot, but the current him was definitely not planning to follow the script. Although he and Yami were still fighting, he certainly had a different strategy to capture this heroine.

[The assassin, Golden Darkness... Even if she uses the name Yami on earth, I know her real name is Eve, she has come to earth earlier than the original work.]

[In the original work, one of Lala's suitors whose name I forgot hired Yami to kill Lala's fiancé because of his ugly jealousy and incompetence.]

[Who is Lala's fiance? Of course it's me! Yami really came to kill me.]

Dozens of flying knives made of the girl's blonde hair seemed to freeze in the air as they were about to hit his body, the girl who had been attacking like a machine also immediately froze and seemed a little confused by the voice that suddenly appeared in her head.

"Girl, you let your guard down!"


The girl, Yami was thrown and her body crashed into several thick walls behind her after her stomach was punched by Eiji who suddenly appeared in front of her as if he teleported.

Her body was stuck on the wall and the wall itself cracked like a spider web. If there were people watching this, they would definitely think Eiji was cruel to punch a beautiful girl that hard.

Looking at the heroine he hit, even though the other party was heroine, it didn't mean he wouldn't fight someone who kept attacking him and wanted to kill him. But because the other party was heroine, Eiji naturally refrained from killing the other party.

"To distract me in this way...Eiji Seiya- cough, cough -, you are despicable, so cunning..."

Yami flatly said as she wiped a bit of blood on her lips, her voice sounded cute, albeit monotonous, her eyebrows raised as she felt pain in her stomach. But as a Body Transformation, this pain was certainly not enough to defeat her and she quickly patted her dust-covered clothes.

She stood up, staring at her target, or rather the target of her mission that she had to kill in confusion.

From the voice that suddenly sounded in her head, she knew it was Eiji Seiya's voice and it seemed like the other party knew her identity, even her real name?!

He even knew who hired her and what she was looking for!

In addition, she also seemed to have underestimated the target of her mission this time which made her a little regretful.

"Distracting? But I didn't say anything to catch you off guard... Girl, you suddenly froze and it's only natural that I attacked you while we were fighting, right?"

"Liar... You clearly distracted me, you just said..."

"What? I said what?" Eiji's face looked confused and innocent.

"You... Don't you already know my identity?"

Yami didn't know why, but she couldn't tell what she heard, although she also did see Eiji Seiya not open his mouth when the voice was heard, but she was sure it was his voice.

What made her curious was how the other party knew her real name that only she and a certain woman should know.

Actually, she felt that Eiji Seiya knew many things about her which made her confused and her intention to kill that man even higher.

As an assassin, she certainly couldn't let the person who knew so many things about her live to avoid trouble in the future!

Even so, before she was about to attack again, she almost stumbled hearing what Eiji Seiya said.

"Girl, if you use the trick that we actually know each other to seduce me. Sorry, that won't work."

"You need to know, I'm a man who already has a fiancée. So if you're looking for a guy to date, you'll have to find another guy."

"...." Yami knew Eiji Seiya who was the target of her mission this time was the fiancée of Lala Satalin Deviluke, the princess of the planet Deviluke. And actually the reason she targeted the other party was because a prince named Lacospo hired her services to kill that man.

So far, as a professional assassin, she had never failed in her mission to kill someone. Although she did not know much about the relationship between men and women, she certainly knew the seduction tricks that some female assassins other than herself usually used out there.

Although she had never tried it, she had a rough idea of how a female assassin seduced her target.

It made her face feel hot, and she looked at Eiji Seiya warily while hugging herself.

"Who wants to seduce you? Eiji Seiya, you pervert! Ecchi! You ecchi!"

[Ahahahaha! Yami seems to have learned Japanese well? She even knows what ecchi is.]

"Eiji Seiya... Are you laughing at me?"

"What? Who's laughing? Do I look like I'm laughing right now?"

Eiji pointed at his own face while looking at her strangely. Yami knew the man was not laughing, but that voice... Could it be his inner voice?

Somehow, she came to this conclusion and Eiji Seiya himself didn't seem to realize that she could hear his inner voice.

This pervert! On the surface he wasn't laughing, in his heart, he was actually laughing at her!

Yami was annoyed, she decided to be more serious, her blonde hair turned into several dragon heads and all of them shot out many fireballs that were enough to blow up several buildings.

Even if Eiji Seiya was strong, she must not be that strong to survive this attack, right? She would burn Eiji Seiya to ashes! And with that, the mission would be complete!


"No way."

Yami was dumbfounded, she saw Eiji Seiya casually waving his hand and instantly all his fire attacks were extinguished as if blown away by his waving hand.

The wind was blowing strongly in the factory right now just because Eiji slapped away all of Yami's attacks with a wave of his hand.

He didn't use magic or anything, he just used his physical strength as a Saint-Galaxy Man. Actually, since the fight started, he deliberately limited himself to not using his powers except for his Human Saint-Galaxy powers.

He did this because he was worried about accidentally killing the heroine, especially with Anos' physical power which was even more outrageous than the Human Saint-Galaxy.

Looking at Yami who was still staring at him in disbelief and seemed to be planning to pull out more of his cards that he knew the girl was actually capable of destroying the entire city, Eiji suddenly appeared behind the girl and ...


"One, for impolite girl who suddenly visited my house without introducing herself."

"Ahh~! Y-You, Eiji Seiya! What are you--"


"Two, for naughty girl who suddenly attacked me and wanted to kill me without telling me why."

"Ahh~! naughty girl? I'm a assasin! Eiji Seiya, you're my target, I--"


"Three, for gullible foolish girl."

"Ahh~! Who is gullible? Who's a fool? A pervert! Ecchi! Ecchi! Let go of me, how dare you--"


"Four~ Your ass is very good, girl. I think I'm addicted to slapping you, so let's do more."

"Ahh~! Eiji Seiya, I'll kill you! I'll kill you!!"

Tears appeared at the corner of Yami's eyes, as a professional and famous assassin in the galaxy, this was the first time she was humiliated to this extent by someone.

And that person was her target.

That man, Eiji Seiya suddenly embraced her body with one hand, lifted her into the air, and his other hand slapped her ass hard.

There is no sense of restraint in a girl.

He slapped her so hard that she knew her ass had red handprints.

He, how dare he!

Yami would rather be killed for failing her mission than humiliated like this.

Of course, as a Body Transformation, all her limbs could be manipulated into any material, and she had thought of attacking Eiji Seiya many times since he first slapped her.

But somehow, her body became limp, and she was unable to even manipulate her body as if she lost her power which made her feel a sense of horror for the first time.

Her emotionless face had been replaced by the expression of a little girl being bullied and filled with panic.

This was probably a face that she had not shown for many years and only that woman had ever seen her show this kind of expression.

Eiji smirked, he had used his massage technique to make Yami unable to manipulate her body into a weapon for a while. He didn't expect it to actually work, and he could take this opportunity to slap the girl's ass to his heart's content.

It felt so good.

¶{You're sadistic.}

Ignoring the system that praised him, he in the script was probably thinking of using the trick of hitting hard to instill a strong impression in Yami's heart. Since she was a assasin, it was difficult if he chose a soft method to get the girl's heart without losing his face.

He's not like the protagonist Rito in the original work who was fine being beaten up by Yami many times until one day the girl fell in love with him.

Eiji certainly had no intention of allowing himself to be beaten up because he was not a masochist, unlike him in the script, the current him still used the same method. However, he hits Yami in a different way and he certainly won't let this girl escape in order to accidentally meet protagonist on the street.

How could he give the protagonist a chance to steal his leeks outside?

Glancing at Yami who was rebelling in his arms while looking at him with watery eyes that held contempt and disgust...


"Ahh~! Eiji Seiya! You are despicable! You are indeed a bad person as said!"

"Bad person? I don't know who told you that, but isn't an assassin also a bad person?"


Yami was silent. Indeed, she herself knew she was not a good person as she had killed many people during her mission, yet all those people were said to be bad people who deserved to be killed.

For example, on a certain planet, there was a man who made all the women in one country as slaves who had to serve men. Including the women who were members of the royal family there, the man made them all his slaves.

Hearing this information, she certainly did not hesitate to accept the mission from her client and came to the planet to kill the man.

In the case of Eiji Seiya it was the same, she heard from her client that this man actually blackmailed and forced Lala Satalin Deviluke to get engaged to him. There was also additional information such as Eiji Seiya was a very perverted man and many womens had become his victims which was enough to make her accept the mission to kill him.

Basically, she would only accept missions to kill those evil people, she never accepted missions to kill good people. Which was a bit of tenderness in her heart, but she also knew she was not a good person, after all she was created as a killing machine...

Seeing Yami silent with a cloudy and sad look, Eiji guessed that the girl must be thinking about her past.

He felt this was a good opportunity to throw the bait!

[Seeing that this girl fell silent because of my question, I knew I was right. And actually the reason why I called this girl gullible is because she is gullible].

This voice again...

Yami tried to ignore this voice from earlier because she felt it was just an evil trick Eiji was using on her. However, the man seemed to be completely unaware that she was hearing his inner voice.

Even so, she didn't understand why Eiji Seiya kept taunting her, even taunting her in his heart that she was gullible.

She continued to rebel in the man's arms and tried to remove his perverted hands from her body, but what she heard next...

[In the original work Yami believed almost everything her client said about her target in every mission. She never doubted anything after finding out her target was a bad guy and went straight to take the guy's head].


This guy knows?

Yami froze, and she wondered what the heck was the original work, the original work, that this guy kept mentioning that made him know so much about her?

[As a time traveler from another universe who has watched To Love Ru, I know in this world every character from To Love Ru is real.]

[For example Yami or Eve, she's one of the heroines in this franchise. I know a lot about her, including her past and future.]

[Originally Yami was supposed to have a mission to kill the protagonist who was engaged to Lala, but my existence in this world, Lala got engaged to me, and Yami's mission target changed to me.]

[I don't know what that guy named... Lacospo said to Yami, but he must have said I forced Lala to get engaged and blah blah blah, I'm a very bad pervert, the enemy of all women and must be killed for the greater good.]

Eiji Seiya really knows?

And the original work he was referring to turned out to be something like a movie?!

In the past, Yami must have watched a few movies with her and one of them was a cartoon.

Although she didn't quite understand what Eiji was saying in his heart, she at least understood that the man knew her past and future because he watched her original works.

In the original work, she was a heroine, and there was also a protagonist. But the important point in this situation was... Was she really deceived by the man named Lacospo who said Eiji Seiya was that evil?

And Eiji Seiya, he was actually a time traveler from another universe? Although he could have killed her or even humiliated her in a worse way, he only hit her once, restrained her body and slapped her ass a few times.

Was this man really that evil?

At this moment, Eiji's Harem Halo certainly shone brightly and made the scales in Yami's heart lean more towards him.

Eiji saw Yami's gaze on him change slightly, he smiled and made the girl's heart more shaken.

'This guy... Why does he have such a handsome face? He doesn't look evil at all like the people I've killed.'

'Maybe... Maybe I misunderstood him all this time and Lacospo deceived me?'

Because she was too busy thinking, Yami completely ignored Eiji's mischievous hand that stopped slapping her ass, but kept his hand on her ass.

If she had realized this, the scales in her heart would have been thrown out the window.

Eiji was certainly just taking advantage of the opportunity to feel how soft and firm Yami's ass was for a while.

It was only a few seconds before he lowered the girl from his arms and said.

"Listen, girl. I don't know who told you to kill me, but I'm sure there's a misunderstanding here."

"Can we talk nicely instead of fighting? I don't want to hurt a beautiful girl like you."

Is this man seriously saying that after what he did to her earlier? But she also knew it was her fault because she kept trying to attack him...

Yami looked at Eiji Seiya flatly, she was moved by the smile on the man's face that had actually made her dazed since the first time they met at his house.

Although she wasn't interested in the romance of men and women because she didn't really understand it herself, but what was with her heart beating faster than usual?

She must be sick.

To Eiji Seiya's offer, she thought for a moment, she certainly did not fully trust the man, even after hearing his inner voice.

What should she do? She was now hesitant to kill the man in front of her.

[In the original work, I remember Yami's mission to kill the protagonist of course failed. How could the author let the heroine actually succeed in killing the protagonist when there are still many episodes to air?]

"???" Hearing this, Yami raised her ears. Right, exactly how did she in the original work fail her mission?

Looking at Yami's twitching ears, Eiji mentally sighed.

This assassin is cute.

He should put her in his pocket.

[The answer is clear, the author makes Yami have doubts about killing the protagonist because the protagonist is not as evil as she thinks.]

[So Yami chose the long-term option to monitor the protagonist. She went to the same school as the protagonist, and even bought a house near the protagonist's house so that she could monitor and confirm whether the protagonist should be killed or not].

Eiji honestly wanted to say to stay in the same house as the protagonist, but he felt that it would make Yami suspect something was wrong.

But this alone seemed to be enough as he saw the girl's eyes light up slightly as if she had an idea.

Yami looked at him and said.

"I understand, Eiji Seiya."

"Understand, understand what? You agree to stop fighting?" Eiji pretended to be confused.

Yami was increasingly convinced the man in front of her really didn't know his inner voice was heard.

She nodded. "It seems I misunderstood you, but it's not 100% yet. For the time being, we'll have a truce and I'll monitor you from now on."


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