Inner Voice: All Heroines Hear My Inner Voice

Reincarnated and traveling to another world, Eiji Seiya initially thought the world was normal. That was what he thought before he met the heroine and protagonist of the franchise he had watched in his previous life. Not only that, after he awakened the Inner Voice System to grow strong by complaining about plot, heroine and protagonist in his heart to get many rewards. He is determined to increase his power so that he can save his home world, the world where he was reincarnated that was hit by the disaster "Honkai" and save beautiful girls like Kiana, Mai, Bronya, Rita and others who had tragic endings in the original works! "I will save them all!" However... Everything went smoothly... Eiji earned rewards every time he changed the plot in another franchise. It's just that... What's wrong with these heroines? Lala Satalin Deviluke who was supposed to be engaged to the protagonist instead became his fiancée. Sona Sitri suddenly called him to the student council office and said she wanted to make a deal with him. Rias Gremory who was supposed to ask the protagonist for help to solve her political marriage problem with Riser Phenex inexplicably came to him. The girls were disgusted at the protagonists of their respective franchises. Something was wrong here! Not only that, heroines like Kotegawa Yui, Sairenji Haruna, Akeno Himejima, Kuroka, Serafall Leviathan, Grayfia Lucifuge, Sakurajima Mai, Ai Hoshino, Kasumigaoka Utaha and others... They like him! All the super beautiful and sexy women that many men in the world covet surround him and leave their respective protagonists. Grayfia even betrayed her husband. Eiji who saw all this was dumbfounded. At first he was confused as to why these heroines were surrounding him, but gradually he realized and knew that it was all happening because ... His inner voice! - Genre Details: [Not too serious + Harem + Comedy + No yuri + No netorare + MC is manipulative + MC slaps protagonist + Plot focus on heroine + Not waste so many chapters for unimportant characters except 1/2 chapter + Except Protagonist, MC doesn't waste his time so long with other guys + MC has fiance + MC has many girlfriends + MC is not perfect, sometimes moron + MC is sadistic + MC is not herbivorous + MC is ambitious to get pretty girl. Cough, I mean reward from his system and be strong + MC is possessive, there is no way he would let his girl dance with another guy + MC has an organization and beautiful subordinates + MC sometimes takes a break, he stops being manipulative although he will do it again in the next few chapters as it is hard to restrain himself + MC has a fetish of making his girls drink a lot of his milk until their stomachs bulge + Author sometimes has brain problems where his brain circuits decline in a few chapters due to lack of sugar before exploding again after refilling and making readers eagerly await the next chapter + Author updates every day unless he is sick or has problems in his life which is sad] - Get the latest chapters faster on my patreon. Support me on patreon to keep me motivated to write more chapters: www.patreon.com/DogLicker

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Goddess of the Night's mentality collapses



Looking at Eiji, the Goddess Primordial of Night gulped. Now she saw his appearance better. This man was the most handsome man she had ever seen.

All the male gods she had seen in her entire life were not as handsome as the boy in front of her.

His crimson eyes and handsome face made her daydream. This was bad. Instead of having Eiji mesmerized by her, the Goddess Primordial of Night felt herself mesmerized by the boy!

At the same time.

A thick killing intent gathered behind the bushes that frightened all the small animals around there and made the people in the school shudder.

"Ravel, what do you want to do?" Asia held the shoulder of the blonde girl whose body was enveloped in demonic power. The demonic power resembled flames.

The flames were hot of course and could hurt others, but Asia had already activated her Balance Breaker mode again. Her body was enveloped in a Twilight Healing aura that made her immune to the increased temperature around her

"Roast Chicken, don't be impulsive." Koneko said in her usual flat tone.

However, the figure of the white-haired loli was nowhere to be found, now the girls could only see a taller and voluptuous white-haired girl.

Koneko had already entered her Shirone mode. Unlike in the past, now she had completely mastered that form.

The pressure that the cat girl exuded was no less than that of Asia and Ravel.

"You guys say that but what's with your looks? After all, we have to kill that bitch! She dares to think of turning Eiji-sama into her slave! Making her Eiji-sama lick her feet wah wah! Such a hot thing... even I can only dream of it..."

Ravel's gaze fell on Nyx, her blue eyes looking grim. They were dark and filled with killing intent. Vaguely, the flames around her formed the avatar of the Phoenix bird behind her.

At a glance one could tell the girl was angry, but Ravel... those things you said at the end meant what?

Still, the other girls were also staring at Nyx in the distance unfriendly. Even the innocent Lala did the same.

Lala was strangely silent, but Asmodeus who knew what the girl was thinking laughed as if she was seeing something interesting.

The girl who looked innocent on the surface was actually thinking whether she should use her space manipulation ability, Space-Space-Kun to chop up the bitch who had evil intentions on her man.

Or she used the power of the demon who made a contract with her and used some magic to inflict more cruel torture on the bitch.

'Sweet~ You can count on me. Kukuku, I can torture the girl who seduced my King. Incidentally, I don't like her either.'

Eh, you don't like her either? Why?

Lala asked curiously. She did it mentally.

'Kukuku. It's because I smell the odor of a Goddess from that girl.'


Lala honestly didn't care if it was a Goddess or whatever. As long as that person had evil intentions towards Eiji and the people she cared about...

Perhaps it was because of the environment where the girls living in Eiji's house were abnormal. With an innocent face, Lala adopted the idea offered by Asmodeus.

But before she and the other girls made their move.

[Want to hypnotize me? In the original work I remember Nyx using this kind of ability to control one of the heroine. She was so confident in her power as one of the Primordial Gods in Greek mythology, her nickname was the Goddess of Night.]

[But put that aside. This woman even failed to hypnotize the heroine in the original work. Now she thinks she can do the same to me and make me her slave? Unfortunately it's unlikely to work.]

[Since she mentioned Hades, it means that Hades has formed his own terrorist group like in the original work and Nyx is one of the leaders of that group.]

Lala and the other girls were relieved that Eiji didn't seem to have lost his mind because of the Goddess of the Night.

The girls looked at each other. They were discussing something in the group chat while observing Nyx's appearance and identity.

Given how Eiji had dealt with the beautiful opposite sex so far. They would not accept her joining their group.

But to make her something else lower and dirty was not impossible.

Some sadistic girls like Akeno and Sona were giggling in a creepy way.

Nyx who was still dazed from staring at Eiji's handsome face didn't know she had become prey. She still thought she was a hunter staring at her prey right now.

"Nyx, sorry."




"Oi Nyx."

Eiji shook the girl's shoulder.

The Goddess of the Night gasped, she finally reacted.

"Huh?! Yes? Seiya-kun, do you agree? I'm so happy~! I knew you couldn't resist my beauty, fufufu. My hypnotic magic... Huh? What are you saying?"

Nyx who was very confident in her hypnotic magic couldn't believe what she was hearing. At first she was surprised and arrogant for thinking Eiji was already under her control.

That boy was already her slave!

However, the Goddess of the Night seemed to have misunderstood.

Eiji looked at her with amusement, that gaze was definitely not the gaze of a slave looking at his master.

"Nyx, I said... sorry. I reject your confession. We don't know each other well enough."

"You, you rejected me?!"

The Goddess of the Night's shy girl act broke. The girl had a shocked and angry expression. Not because her magic failed, but because this was the first time she was rejected by a man!

I mean, I, the dignified Primordial Goddess of Night already took the initiative to act like a shy girl and confess to a guy. This is my first time doing so.

Many male gods out there who were my suitors must have been heartbroken and crazy seeing what I did.

This boy doesn't know how lucky he is and dare to reject me?!

The Goddess of the Night felt humiliated. But then she realized that she had said some wrong words.

Her expression immediately returned to that of a shy girl, but with a touch of heartbreak. She wanted to cry, unfortunately her acting skills were not enough to display fake tears.

Nyx could only show that she was sad and dejected.

"I-I...sorry for yelling at you, Seiya-kun... L-Let's also forget about the magic or strange things I said earlier. I don't know what's making you dissatisfied with me? Even if we don't know each other well enough, I'm very pretty, right?! You can try dating me first and I'm sure you won't regret it!"

{Maybe my magic failed because Eiji's mental defense is so strong. Then I have to use plan B. I have to lower his guard by becoming his girlfriend and wait for the right moment when being around him.}

{Also, I hid my cute elf-like pointed ears. It must have reduced my charm a little, but I'm sure my current appearance is still the same as the original one. I am the Goddess of the Night, I am still very beautiful! I can't believe this boy isn't greedy with my body!}

This goddess is narcissistic...

But what she said wasn't entirely wrong.

It would be a lie if Eiji said that he wasn't interested in Nyx's figure.

He admitted he was a little interested.

Even so he gave a sneer that made the Goddess of the Night stunned. "Nyx, didn't Hades tell you some things about me?"

Eiji slowly pinched Nyx's chin. Goddess Night widened her eyes, but before she said anything.

Eiji said, "So how could I not know you were secretly trying to bewitch me with your hypnotic magic? For a Goddess of Night to pretend to be a shy girl and confess to me, you're actually rather stupid."

"S-Stupid?! Wait, that's not it. Eiji Seiya, how do you know?! Y-You know that much... my identity too, you know?! Was it from the beginning that you...."


A black aura like the darkness of the night exploded from Nyx's body as her face turned fierce. She was shocked because from the beginning Eiji seemed to have seen through her disguise. Her identity was exposed!

Even so.

With a grin on her beautiful face, she made a surprise attack. The darkness of her night engulfed her and Eiji. It engulfed the school garden and continued to extend to the entire school and city. At least that's what the Goddess of the Night thought, she didn't know Asia was already tapping the ground using the Touch of Rekos. The golden magic barrier isolated the dark aura in the garden and prevented it from expanding.

Because the Goddess of Night had already been told how powerful Eiji was by Hades. In this situation, she did not hesitate to use her full power to kill the boy in one strike!

The Goddess of Night burst out laughing, she had no idea how crazy the heroines outside were watching Eiji being swallowed by her dark aura.

Her dark aura had the ability to destroy anything it touched. It was like another version of the Power of Destruction. The title of one of her Primordial Gods was not without reason, she had real power that even Zeus and the other Greek gods feared.

"Fufufu. It's a shame that such a handsome boy ended up dead. But just like the Sacred Gear users who are dangerous to the gods and must be exterminated from this world. Eiji Seiya, you are also a threat to the gods. Since you can't be my slave, you must die."

Nyx who was also in the darkness of the night said arrogantly. Unlike other people or objects around her that would perish when coming into contact with her dark aura, she herself was of course unaffected.

"Hm?" While in a happy mood, the Goddess of Night felt the same sensation when Eiji pinched her chin.

The grin on her face froze.

Actually, the sensation was still there which meant...

"N-No way! You're still alive?!"

She stopped the release of her dark aura and dispelled the darkness around 5 meters away from her.

In front of her, Eiji was still standing with a smile on his handsome face. Every time the dark aura swirling around him tried to touch him, all the dark aura vanished.

That left him unharmed and his clothes undamaged.

How could that be?!

It would make sense if Eiji created a magic barrier around him. But the Goddess of Night did not see any barrier magic on the boy's body at all.

This was what confused the Goddess of Night.

So far, even the gods, none of them could block her dark aura with just their bodies!

"So this is the power of the Goddess of Night? This kind of black smoke doesn't even tickle me. Nyx, be more serious. You're not joking, right?"

You are the one who is joking!

Nyx released the dark aura from her body again. This time she brushed off Eiji's hand and jumped back while making a shooting pose with both hands.

She looked cute...

From her fingertips, the dark aura flew like a barrage of bullets crashing into Eiji's body.

The Goddess of Night couldn't believe her dark aura really couldn't hurt Eiji in the slightest.

With that many penetration attacks, Eiji should at least...

"Why is it still not working?!" Nyx was going crazy, she kept asking why and why.

If this kept up, she didn't know how to defeat Eiji!

The smug expression on the Goddess of the Night's face was broken, she looked nervous.

"Wanna know?" Eiji walked slowly towards the girl. Every time he got close, Nyx would retreat while firing her dark aura. However, it was useless. The moment it touched his body, all the attacks vanished into nothingness.

"This is one of my abilities. A magical protection that envelops the entire body. You can call it Silentium Eden. You don't feel it and can't see it. This magic is able to cancel any magic or attack that touches my body."

"What kind of cheating magic is that?!" Nyx shouted in horror.

"Hahaha I know. But trust me, even without this magic. Your black smoke won't be able to hurt me."


Eiji savored the Goddess of the Night's dumbfounded expression. The woman was trying not to believe the last part, but look how confident he was when he said that. She paused and looked terrified because who could defeat him, right?

The Silentium Eden he had just obtained from the system was quite useful. Because of that, he could show off.

Miss System and Leme who knew what their host/contractor was thinking were silent.

This man really liked showing off, especially in front of beautiful women.

"Eiji Seiya, you... What are you?! You're not human!"

"Now I'm a demon."

"You're a demon?!"

Oh the Goddess of the Night missed some information about him. Eiji sighed at the villains who were overconfident and lacked research on the protagonist before they attacked.

This is why you villains always lose to the protagonist in the end.

In fact, Nyx remembered Hades had told her a lot of information about Eiji. For someone who could kill Poseidon and Loki, and defeat Thor in a duel. Humans could not possibly accomplish that feat! It was possible if they possessed Sacred Gear, especially the Longinus type.

But it was confirmed that Eiji was not a Sacred Gear user!

Hades told her that Eiji was most likely a devil because in the battle with Poseidon, he was known to unleash demonic power.

However, the Goddess of the Night didn't think much of this. Whether it was a devil, angel, fallen angel or even a human who possessed the Sacred Gear did not matter. She was confident in her powers, especially in one-on-one and well-planned fights. She would win!

However, here she was now. The Goddess of the Night found herself slapped by Eiji's display of power.

Her Primordial Goddess mentality collapsed.

The man had now arrived again in front of her, he pinched her chin again and forced her beautiful face to look at him. Nyx who was still in a state of shock and surprise did not move. It was also because she felt that Eiji had no murderous intentions towards her.

The man was looking at her with a condescending gaze. But instead of being annoyed or angry, the Goddess of the Night found her heart pounding and she stared at his face in a daze.

"Well... What should I do with you? Goddess of Night~"

Before Nyx could answer, the dark aura that enveloped the environment around them vanished. It was swept away by holy power, power of destruction, lightning and other magic attacks that each contained the power of a god-class being.

The Goddess of the Night shuddered, she felt a chill all over her body, a lot of terrifying killing intent pressing down on her from all sides.

She was surrounded!


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