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What is Innate

Read Innate novel written by the author The_Sad_one on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, weaktostrong, survival, levelup. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Henry is an orphaned boy from a "royal" family who hasn't seen the world with his own eyes, he finally gets the chance to gain experience and shape himself to be a good person but elnot all experience is good in this world where chaos could let loose anytime he must find a way to survive Arthur's not (I couldn't for the life of me find a cover that would be click ait for the man of culture out there but this is a good novel please give it a read and let me know what you think) Disclaimer I don't own the cover picture and I have no rights for it

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Longing Of Eternity: The Demon & The Goddess of War

A cultivation story... 1200 years ago,  War broke out between the Asuras and the heavens. The force of Asura was far bigger and better than the Heavens. The King of Heaves, Tianzhu was in a state of panic and disappeared with a vow of coming with a solution or never coming back, while giving orders to the other deities to keep the heaven safe. The Asura attack at the war went on for 11 days. The heaves started losing but there was no news from Tianzhu. But all of a sudden a fiery force appeared and won the battle of the Heavens. Later she was given the name of 'Goddess of War'. She was praised and prayed by everyone. But one day she rebelled against the Heavens and was sentenced to death but the Jade Emperor saved her and gave her a new chance to repentance of her sins and to find her true heart as she was feeling remorseful. If she would not be able to do so, she had to come back and be the Goddess of War again. Before she left her six senses were taken from her. _____ Her real journey as a mortal began and she started living while knowing nothing about her identity. She lived her 11 incarnations but she was still a robot with no feeling. This was her last chance. And in her 12th incarnation, she was nothing but a weak girl who can't sense anything except hearing and talking. While others were busy cultivating, she was busy in her music classes with her Guqin, playing and inventing music which had nothing to do with cultivation.  Later she met Zhu Wenlong, who was one of the greatest cultivators of his age and his Sect Named Qinglong. He saved and protected her at many occasions and fell for her but innocent Lin Mingyan, due to lack of emotions, couldn't feel his love. His sect didn't allow them to fall in love but he still dared to go against them which made him pay from almost giving up his life for her... ____ Note:- The cover is not mine credit goes to the owner.

ARU · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
9 Chs

Echoes Of Eldoria

"Echoes of Eldoria" is a mystical tale set in a village deep within a cursed forest. The inhabitants are bound by an unyielding curse, preventing them from leaving the enchanted woods. At the heart of their plight is a cryptic proclamation warning against arrogance and tyranny. Enter Elysia, a curious villager, who embarks on a perilous journey to unravel the secrets of the curse. As Elysia delves into the village's history, she discovers the origins of the curse tied to past conflicts and a proclamation that echoes through time. Along the way, she forms alliances, encounters mythical beings, and deciphers forgotten prophecies. The journey becomes a quest for redemption, unity, and forgiveness. In the climactic confrontation, Elysia and her companions face the embodiment of arrogance and tyranny. Through wisdom gained on their journey, they break the curse, freeing the village from its mystical constraints. The proclamation, once a harbinger of doom, transforms into a pledge of unity. The story unfolds in chapters, each revealing layers of the village's history and the transformative power of overcoming past mistakes. Eldoria evolves into a thriving community, sharing its wisdom with neighboring realms. The tale concludes with her, now an elder, standing beneath the Moonlit Arch, symbolizing the enduring harmony achieved through breaking free from the chains of the past. "Echoes of Eldoria" is a timeless legend, echoing themes of redemption, renewal, and the magic of unity.

Ling_Hui_1279 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
8 Chs


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Name should be changed to "Innate: Why am I Being Married Off to Royal Families?" it's very hard to trust the quality of a work when the title is not even correct. goodluck on your authorial endeavors


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