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Read ‘INHUMANE NATURES’ Online for Free, written by the author alexrayala55, This book is a Romance Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Duology Na Karada

The Forbidden Body Japan, 2nd World War. Despite starting the promising one, the Japanese Army, one of the best armed and strongest of its time, saw itself cornered, ready for defeat. In the Emperor's land, fear seems to accompany, as a guardian, every inhabitant of the country. On the streets, the Kempeitai - Law Corps - imposed their will with brutality and even death. Japan begins a decade of 40 divided between the hope and fear of the days to come. Shiromiya Kazue grew up on the streets, an orphan, accompanied by his brother who was either selling rice. Since she was a little girl, her feminine appearance contributes to the price of her meat being enough or to the two types of food that die on cruel days. However, the environment in which people were left hungry and in need of money, being young and beautiful is no longer enough. That was how he needed to become a woman. Ryo was a powerful merchant, owner of a fleet of fishing boats. Lived or turbulent period with relative calm. Understand a necessary peace, like the body of those people you want to dedicate yourself to. But there is still a life of using what, not even someone's heart is for sale and not everything that seems. Kazue and Ryo meet at a difficult time in their lives and do not know what to do with them. How could Kazue, accustomed to pain and abuse, hand over his heart to someone he saw only as merchandise? And how could Ryo love a man? Kinshi na Karada can be translated as the Forbidden Body, and a story depicts Japanese society in the first half of the 1940s. Honor and shame intersect, showing what, in fact, exists in each of us humans.

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