962 Chapter 962: Accumulation

Fear... It was a strange feeling that the Beasts of the Royal Clan rarely experienced. They were the strongest beings of this world and they could do anything they wanted. 

There was no one who could stand up to them or make them feel fear. However fear was what they felt now... A fear like never before. They didn't even feel this kind of fear when their King got angry at them. 

Such fear made a chill run down their spines and made them tremble. The enemy who wanted to kill them had already taken the weapon that their King wanted to rely on. Along with the weapon, the man also took one of his hands. 

At this point, it was already very evident that they had no chance. They couldn't win, even if they wanted to. 

"Yo-" the King of Beasts couldn't believe that all his preparation went down the train. He was furious. 


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