Inhuman Warlock

"The boy has no powers," they claimed. And thus, the Son of strongest Warlock was declared useless and sent to his death. But was it really possible for the son of the greatest heroes of humankind to be useless? Or was it the biggest mistake the humans made that cost them everything and drove a potential Warlock to the dark side? ________________________________ Lucifer Azarel was the son of humanity's strongest Awakened humans, in a world where people awakened various powers. After his parents perished for the sake of humanity, he was sent to the government facility so that they could keep an eye on his powers when they awakened. Unfortunately, even after 5 years, his powers didn't awaken. The government gave up on the boy and allowed the scientists to use him as an experimental subject for their painful tests on the human bodies, but on the first test itself, Lucifer died. He saw the smile on the scientist's face even as he took his last breath. Was it truly the end? But what happens when the boy truly awakens? What if he awakened not one, but more than four powers that were capable of destroying the world itself if used properly? The strongest Warlock who could have been humankind's greatest protector was driven to become it's biggest enemy. What happens when the boy that has awakened several powers at once starts seeking vengeance. Can the protectors of humanity face the wrath of the Strongest Warlock? Can they stop the person who kills without blinking? Or are they destined to be swallowed by the Darkness they created? Join the journey of the Most Powerful Warlock... .............. Discord Link: bit.ly/demonic1

Demonic_angel · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
1075 Chs

Chapter 880: Intruder

"I'll get fresh, and then I'll be right back. You can tell Kellian to prepare a squad and for our departure. It's time we go back to our old base," Lucifer smiled, patting the shoulders of Kane. 

"But... I'm not sure if he'll even be there now. There's a good chance he ran away by now," Kane replied, sighing. "What if he's not there? I think you shouldn't go. Kellian would be enough."

"Oh, don't worry. He would be right there," Lucifer lazily stretched his arms. "He wouldn't leave that place even if he wanted to. Just go to Kellian and tell him what I said. I'll be right back."

Finishing, Lucifer entered his room and closed the door. Kane went to find Kellian. 

"Hmm?" As soon as Lucifer entered the room, he felt someone's presence. He frowned deeply. Who could dare to enter his room without his permission? 

He could hear the sound coming from the kitchen, which made him walk there.