820 Chapter 820: Core Trouble

Lucifer searched the entire night yet failed to find a place where he could spend the night. He couldn't even find a way out of this city. He knew nothing about this city, but he could see that there was a gigantic barrier around it. 

He had a feeling that it was going to stop and alert others if he tried to leave from here. He needed someone's help, but who could help him at a time like this? He didn't know anyone here. It was possible that his future self had some contacts, but it was different for him. 

He had to toss all his devices away so he couldn't be discovered. He had nothing but his clothes. 

"Sigh, this place is giving me a headache. Why is this time messing up with me so much? I need to find a way to control it before it brings more trouble onto me," Lucifer sighed as he found no other option. 

Ultimately, he just decided to take the step, no matter how risky it was. He decided to escape even though there was a barrier around the city. 


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