815 Chapter 815: SOS

The car stopped in front. Another car stopped in the back. 

"I think I've had enough of the explanation. Time to leave."

Lucifer pressed the red button and turned the steering wheel towards the right. 

Unfortunately, more and more cars arrive right then. The cars parked parallel to him, blocking all the paths.

The doors of the first car opened and a man stepped out. He curiously looked at Lucifer's car in the back. 

Smiling, he walked to the car. He knocked on the windshield of Lucifer. 

Frowning, Lucifer opened the door. He didn't know if these men knew what he had done, but he was prepared for everything. Still, he hoped that it wasn't the case. 

"Lucifer, I'm surprised to see you here. Did you finally get the time to show your face on missions?" the red-haired man said, laughing. "In any case, you arrived before me even though the SOS came over recently. You're very fast. You must've been nearby."


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