Inhuman Sorcerer in The MCU

*EVERYTHING BELONGS TO MARVEL AND DISNEY EXCEPT MY ORIGINAL CHARACTERS AND CONCEPTS* A teenager reborn having only live long enough to watch the first avengers movie is thrust into a combo universe of the MCU and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. He awakens to completely unrecognisable circumstances being raised by some wizard and apparently he has powers? Maybe he’s a mutant… and why is a bald sorcerer woman rocking me. *THIS IS MY FIRST ATTEMT AT WRITING* So criticism is welcome as long as it’s constructive, I am currently a uni student so I’m not sure how often I’ll upload as well. The cover art is generated by AI, and I use AI to assist in proofreading my writing. You have been warned, I know people don’t appreciate being smacked in the face with AI writing without being told.

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Ronan The Accuser

June 12th, 1995 - Space

Kree Ship 

Inside an alien vessel, pulsating with eerie blue lights and humming with futuristic technology, Captain Yon-Rogg stood at the helm, his gaze fixed on the viewscreen displaying the cosmic expanse before them. The atmosphere was tense as the crew monitored their instruments, alert for any signs of trouble.

"Sensors indicate an anomaly on planet C-137," announced the ship's pilot, breaking the uneasy silence. "A being of considerable energy levels has been detected flying at the edge of the planet's atmosphere."

Yon-Rogg's brow furrowed with intrigue. "Interesting. Can we apprehend this being?"

The pilot hesitated before responding. "It's uncertain, Captain. The entity possesses extraordinary abilities, including flight, and its energy levels are off the charts. Capturing it may prove challenging."

"Notify Ronan," Yon-Rogg commanded, his tone decisive. "Inform him that we're heading to C-137 and require his assistance. Our priority remains finding Vers, but we cannot ignore the potential of this new discovery."

As the ship continued its course toward the planet, Yon-Rogg couldn't shake the feeling of dread stirring within him. Whatever awaited them on C-137, he was hopeful it hadn't dredged up any of Vers' lost memories, he would leave the anomaly for Ronan to deal with.

June 13th, 1995 - Earth

Louisiana - USA

The next day dawned with a sense of anticipation as Danvers, Talos, Nick Fury, Maria Rambeau, David, and Goose prepared to embark on their journey to Mar-Vell's Laboratory. Boarding the Quadjet, they strapped in as the engines roared to life, lifting them off the ground and into the vast expanse of the sky.

As they ascended higher and faster, David's excitement bubbled over. The sensation of leaving Earth's atmosphere behind and entering the realm of space was nothing short of exhilarating. He marvelled at the feeling of weightlessness, a freedom unlike anything he had ever experienced before, it was better than he felt flying.

Carol, ever the tactician, had already devised a plan to outmanoeuvre their Kree adversaries. With precision and skill, she piloted the Quadjet to the coordinates of Mar-Vell's Laboratory, de-cloaking the lab when they arrived in order to dock the Quadjet.

After they left the Quadjet and arrived in the control room, alarms blared throughout the ship, signalling imminent danger. Carol swiftly made her way to the computers, her eyes scanning the monitors for any sign of trouble. What she found sent a chill down her spine.

"The Accusers are here, and they're arming the missiles aimed at Earth," Carol announced grimly, her voice laced with urgency. "We need to move this ship to intercept."

Talos, ever the realist, shook his head. "We can't intercept those missiles with a research vessel like this. It's not built for combat."

Fury's frustration was palpable as he paced the room. "What the hell do we do then?"

David, sensing the gravity of the situation, spoke up. "Does this ship have escape pods?"

Talos hesitated, but nodded. "Yes, they're down that hall, at the end."

Fury's protest was immediate. "Hey! Don't tell him where they are. He's just a kid! It doesn't matter what abilities he has."

Carol and Maria echoed Fury's sentiments, expressing their concern for David's safety. But David simply smiled, his resolve unwavering. He knew that time was of the essence, and there was no room for hesitation.

Without a word, David's aura activated, propelling him forward with incredible speed. He darted through the ship, reaching the escape pods before anyone could offer a counter argument. With a decisive press of a button, he sealed himself inside one of the pods and released it from the ship.

As the pod hurtled towards Earth, David braced himself for what lay ahead. He may be young, but he understood the gravity of the situation. And he was determined to do whatever it took to protect his home.

As the pod breached the atmosphere and started hurtling towards the ground, David burst through the hatch of the pod, soaring into the sky while the pod continued its descent towards the desert below. Hovering amidst the billowing clouds, David assumed a meditative position, extending his ionic perception to the limit attuned to the approaching threat. With a deep breath, he closed his eyes, channelling his ionic energy into the surrounding atmosphere.

Within moments, the air crackled with latent power as David orchestrated the elements around him. The clouds responded to his command, swirling and churning with newfound intensity. Lightning arced across the sky, illuminating the darkened clouds with electric fury. David's concentration was absolute, every fibre of his being focused on the task at hand.

In the distance, the Kree warships prepared to unleash their deadly arsenal upon the unsuspecting Earth. David's heart raced as he sensed the impending danger, his determination unwavering in the face of adversity. With a final surge of energy, he fortified the storm clouds, weaving a barrier trapping the lightning within the clouds to prepare for the missiles.

And then it came, the telltale signs of impending destruction. The missiles, launched from the bowels of the warships above, streaked towards the Earth below with lethal intent. 

As the missiles hurtled down from the depths of space, David remained at the epicentre of the swirling storm clouds, his senses stretched to their limits. Suddenly, a crackle of energy surged through the air as the projectiles breached his range. With a determined focus, David lifted the restrictions he had placed, allowing the full force of his power to surge forth.

Like spears of celestial wrath, lightning bolts as thick as trucks lanced out from the heart of the tempest, converging on the incoming missiles with deadly precision. There was a blinding explosion as the bolts struck their targets, sending shockwaves rippling through the atmosphere.

In the midst of the chaos, David stood resolute, his form enveloped in the brilliance of the detonation. Though the force of the blast was immense, he remained unscathed, his determination unyielding. But as the echoes of the explosion faded, a sudden impact rocked him, sending him spiralling into darkness.

Unconsciousness claimed him as he plummeted from the heavens, his inert form descending towards the unforgiving earth below.

June 13th, 1995 - Earth

Mojave desert, Nevada - USA

As David and the pod hurtled towards the ground, he regained consciousness just moments before impact. With a surge of determination, he activated his ionic Aura, channelling its power as he collided with the earth below, carving out a massive crater upon impact. Emerging unscathed from the crater, David stood tall, his resolve unbroken despite the ordeal.

Before him, the hatch of the pod was flung open, revealing its occupant – a formidable figure clad in black warrior attire, with skin of a deep, otherworldly blue adorned with intricate black markings. In the being's hand, a colossal hammer rested, emanating an aura of ominous power that sent shivers down David's spine. 

"I am Ronan the Accuser," he declared, his voice resonating with authority and challenge. "I challenge you, Earth's strongest champion!"

Internally, David's mind raced as he sized up his opponent. The sight of the formidable hammer filled him with a sense of foreboding, and he knew that this battle would not be easily won. Nothing like all the fights he had experienced up to this point, yet he was filled with a childlike excitement, he assumed a battle stance, his ionic Aura shimmering around him as he smiled, prepared to face the challenge presented by Ronan.

The clash between David and Ronan began with a thunderous fury, echoing throughout the desolate landscape. Ronan, towering over David, wielded his mighty hammer with a formidable grip, his eyes ablaze with determination. David, undaunted by his opponent's imposing stature, stood his ground with his ionic Aura shimmering around him, ready to face the challenge head-on.

With lightning-fast reflexes, Ronan lunged forward, swinging his hammer in a sweeping arc aimed at David's midsection. Reacting with lightning speed, David dodged the blow, narrowly avoiding the devastating impact. In retaliation, he unleashed a barrage of lightning blasts from his palms, aiming to strike Ronan from multiple angles.

However, Ronan proved to be a formidable adversary, effortlessly deflecting the lightning bolts with his hammer as if they were mere sparks. Undeterred, David pressed on, his movements fluid and precise as he launched himself into the air, utilising his flight to gain the advantage.

As David descended upon Ronan with a flurry of punches, the Kree warrior countered with a powerful strike of his own, the force of which sent David reeling backward. With each exchange, Ronan's superhuman strength and durability became increasingly apparent, matching David blow for blow.

Despite the odds stacked against him, David refused to relent, his determination unwavering. Channelling the full extent of his abilities, he unleashed a surge of ionic energy, enveloping himself in a radiant aura that intensified with each passing moment.

Sensing an opportunity, Ronan seized his chance, unleashing a concussive blast from his Universal Weapon aimed directly at David. The blast struck true, destabilising David's ionic Aura and sending him crashing to the ground below.

As David struggled to regain his footing, Ronan's hammer descended towards David, poised to deliver the final, devastating blow, David tapped into the depths of his abilities. With a surge of concentration, he summoned his plasma manipulation powers, drawing upon the ambient energy surrounding him. Blue glowing plasma erupted from his outstretched hands, coalescing into a shimmering sword of pure energy.

With lightning-fast reflexes, David intercepted Ronan's strike, the clash of their weapons sending shockwaves rippling through the air. Ronan, taken aback by David's sudden display of power, redoubled his efforts, his strength and skill matched only by David's determination.

The battle intensified as David and Ronan engaged in a fierce duel, their weapons clashing with resounding force. Each blow was met with equal ferocity as they fought for supremacy, the landscape around them bearing witness to their titanic struggle.

As the battle raged on, David's mastery over his plasma sword grew more refined, the blade glowing with intensity as he channelled more energy into it. With a swift and calculated strike, he aimed for Ronan's arm, aiming to sever it and disarm his opponent.

The blow landed true, slicing through Ronan's armour with ease and severing his arm from his body. With a roar of pain, Ronan staggered backward, dropping his hammer to the ground below. Seizing the opportunity, David unleashed a final, devastating blast of lightning, aiming to incapacitate his opponent once and for all.

The lightning crackled through the air, enveloping Ronan in a blinding flash of energy. As the smoke cleared, both David and Ronan lay sprawled on the ground, their bodies exhausted from the intensity of the battle. With their last reserves of strength depleted, they succumbed to unconsciousness, the echoes of their clash fading into silence as they drifted into oblivion.

As consciousness slowly returned to Ronan, he found himself writhing in agony from the searing pain where his arm once was. Meanwhile, David lay motionless nearby, his body still contorted from the intense exertion of his powers. It was evident that he had pushed himself to the brink, both his powers and his body were not fully developed as he was too young, and now he lay unconscious, his features marred by a deep frown of exhaustion. 

As Ronan's cries echoed through the surroundings , an ominous orange portal materialised beside him, revealing a figure that exuded an aura of formidable power. The bald woman emerged from the portal, her piercing gaze locking onto Ronan with an intensity that sent shivers down his spine. It was a gaze that seemed to hold the promise of death itself, suffusing Ronan with an overwhelming sense of mortality.

But instead of meeting his demise, Ronan found himself inexplicably transported back to the familiar confines of the main control room aboard his ship, surrounded by his bewildered subordinates. 

Meanwhile, the woman approached David's still form with a tenderness that belied her imposing presence. Gently lifting him into her arms, she wore a soft expression as she addressed him. "My dear son," she murmured, her voice laced with pride and affection. "Even though I knew the outcome, witnessing your bravery firsthand fills me with unparalleled pride."

As Ronan regained his bearings aboard the ship, his fury reached a boiling point. With a commanding voice, he barked orders to unleash the full might of their arsenal upon the unsuspecting planet below. As the deadly payload was released, hurtling towards Earth with malicious intent, Ronan allowed himself a grim satisfaction, believing victory to be within his grasp.

But just as the missiles descended towards their target, a sudden streak of blazing energy pierced through the darkness of space. Carol Danvers, surrounded by a corona of radiant energy, soared fearlessly through the onslaught of missiles and fighter jets unleashed by Ronan's warships. With a display of unmatched power, she tore through the ranks of enemy vessels, causing explosions to ripple through the void as they succumbed to her unstoppable force.

Finally, Carol halted her advance, hovering before the control room of Ronan's warship, her figure illuminated by the glow of her energy. At that moment, Ronan understood the gravity of the situation. He realised that he had lost.

Understanding Carol's threat, Ronan issued a swift command to his fleet, ordering them to retreat from Earth's orbit. With a reluctant acknowledgment of defeat, Ronan and his remaining warships hastily fled the scene, leaving Carol to survey the vast expanse of space alone, a solitary guardian amidst the stars, thankful that David protected the planet when she didn't have the power.



Longer chapter as this is an important battle for David, I know some might not be happy he didn't dog walk Ronan but I thought he would make a good opponent for the current David. His body is still currently a child's, so his powers are still growing and I have more ideas for his increases in strength over the years, also he hasn't learnt any sorcery yet. I think this is the longest action sequence I've done, so let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading.


The next chapter will cover the aftermath of these events. I probably could have involved him more in changing the plot, but all I could think of that would be a reasonable change would be Ronan coming earlier because of him.