659 659 A Succubus For Dessert R18

Dana sauntered across the room in her shoes for about three steps before the anticipation was too much for her, and she kicked the shoes to the side and dismissed the spell that was creating pyjamas for her. Then she flapped her wings and launched herself at Wolfe, who sat up to catch her.

She smirked at him and straightened the glasses that were definitely for show, as a simple healing spell would have fixed her vision and Wolfe didn't detect any magic on them.

Then she thrust her hips down, taking Wolfe all the way inside her, and her eyes bulged out as his control slipped and a surge of mana flowed between them.

Her eyes shifted from deep purple to bright glowing pink at the influx, and she sighed.

"Oh, that is the spot. I should have taken that slowly to savour the moment. Maybe next time. If I wasn't a succubus, that would have broken something inside." She mumbled to herself as her legs wrapped around his waist.


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