492 492 Aftermath

The General rose to her feet and took the device from Wolfe, then bowed politely to him and the assembled Witches.

"As is protocol, consider yourselves warned that you are in violation of the War Memorial Act, and enforcement measures may be taken against your continued presence in the restricted area. We will take our leave now, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours."

The soldiers all stood at attention and saluted to Wolfe and the others, then followed their General through the portal, where Wolfe could still smell ozone and burnt flesh. It was obviously the same room that the rescue team had been in, which gave him the impression that the device was not mobile.

That alone was good news for them. If it was a relic and not a mobile object, then they could find it and destroy it. In fact, if he had been thinking ahead, he could have done it today. 


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