488 488 Vegetarians?

Wolfe tried to understand just how things worked on the other continents. They used a small group of powerful magical beasts to do their awakening before the Curse could fully take hold, but it left a limitation on them, thanks to the nature of their awakening.

Yet, they judged the Witches here who had awakened naturally for being cursed.

They said that they represented a united force that ruled every continent in the world, but they were still worried about outsiders coming here to the Frozen Wastes.

There was definitely more that they were hiding, but Wolfe suspected that the only one who might know anything at all about it beyond the government propaganda was the General.

She was old enough now that she should be able to see through the nonsense and the lies to some aspects of the truth, but she would be incredibly unlikely to spill any of those secrets in front of her subordinates.


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