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The last thing that Wolfe did was set a protective barrier around the airstrip, which would activate when any large creature tried to come through near ground level. It would keep wild animals off the runway and away from the tunnels but wouldn't affect the incoming planes unless they came crashing through the trees.


Flying creatures would still be a threat, but Wolfe didn't know who would be in the planes, so he didn't know quite how to set the spell to make it safe for everyone to use.


While he did that, Cassie and Ella set the illusions over the entrance from the river, and Priya marked a few of the trees upriver by having them grow larger, with distinctive branches overhanging the water to mark the entrance to the cavern.


"Last up is the garden, but we don't have any seeds at the moment to get it started. We will have to stock it when we return." Cassie sighed.



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