Inheritance : The Progenitor of DxD Book

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Inheritance : The Progenitor of DxD


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Living my life as a normal teenager was more troublesome than I could have ever thought .Not only did something terrible happened to me one year ago, but after that incident I had to live in a town that was filled with the smell of fallen angel, devils and church slaves. And above all of those things, I had to keep a low profile so that I could keep my life intact and my bloody diet. * I don't own High School DxD or Strike the Blood Same thing with the cover. The only thing that I own are my OC and the changes that I would make. * Also this is a fan fiction aka an AU world so for the love of the God, don't start yelling that in the original that didn't happened or that it went completely different : I know and I don't care. Love, Meatbun


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