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Infinity and Magic (Harry Potter Fanfic)


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I had a shitty life, like the rest of the 7 Billion people on this miserable planet. But I was finally achieving my dreams, I was finally getting what I wanted. But what's that in the air? Now I'm in Harry Potter? Why the Hell are my eyes so attractive? Additional Tag: Male MC, AU, Genderbender [I'll also be publishing this on Royalroad] _________________________________________________ Author: This is my second book. The MC's personality will be similar to Gojo from JJK. I Do not own HP or JJK just my own characters. The world is heavily AU, I've a lot of plotlines that might seem a bit chaotic at first but there's a lot of lore that I've made for this AU and i hope the readers enjoy it. The update schedule for the novel is a bit hectic for the time being due to various reasons including me having a Broken hand and one of my relatives being in the Hospital, i hope the readers be a bit lenient considering the circumstances. If you wish to support my work, consider joining my Patreön to do so while receiving Early content. Patrèon.com/Ashara