Infinite Stratos: The Fugitive Second Male Pilot

I, Aruto Igarashi, reincarnated to another world and thought it was similar to my old world. However, I was terribly wrong..! What Mecha-suit are real!? Sign me up! AH? I can't ride it!? IS? more like badIS. SHIT? I'm really the second male pilot!? *RUNAWAYS* You won't catch me alive!!!

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Chapter 9: Life is a what is your name?

Chapter 9: Life is a what is your name?

"Hey everyone, Aruto Igarashi here. Just a quick update: my day took a wild turn, and now there's a menacing jet-black IS on my ass. Talk about levelling up the difficulty, huh? Anyway, I'm currently taking cover behind a police car that got flipped when this thing showed up.

The once bustling street now resembled hell, a chaotic scene of destruction and despair. Flames licked the sides of buildings, casting an eerie glow on the wreckage below. Debris scattered across the pavement, creating makeshift barricades of twisted metal and shattered glass. Potholes and craters marred the road, evidence of the indiscriminate attacks that had torn through the asphalt.

Abandoned vehicles, some overturned, and others reduced to charred skeletons, dotted the landscape. The air was thick with acrid smoke, making it difficult to breathe. The wailing sirens of emergency vehicles mingled with the panicked screams of bystanders.

Flames, destroyed buildings, dead bodies – you name it. The level of collateral damage was insane. Moreover, this was made by a single IS unit. It is no wonder why every country is so focused on nurturing so many IS pilots and machines.

What a disastrous situation for Japan. Let's hope the government sends some people after it because they can no longer ignore the situation that went beyond their control. A terrorist attack in broad daylight in our lively country is something unacceptable.

However, I don't know how long the so-called help would come, and I would like to be alive until then. I was simply a weak human against a terrible war machine.

I managed to escape with minor injuries, but I'm not equipped to handle this. My training was all about dealing with humans, not these mechanical nightmares. The pilot of this thing doesn't care who gets caught in the crossfire.

I decided to talk to a cop chief I saved by chance. "That IS pilot seems to be after me. You should retreat and save the civilians while I distract it."

The cop looked at me like I was crazy. "Why the hell would you do that? Shouldn't you be running away if that damn pilot is after you?"

"I can't let innocent suffer because of me. I don't know why this IS is after me, but I must do something."

"Funny, guy," he snorted, but I could tell he was on board with my plan. So, my next move is to lead this metal monster away from civilians. The IS started revving its engine, ready to chase me down.

Before I made a run for it, the cop yelled something, "You better survive, kid. I still need to catch you for my promotion!"

"Dream on, old man!" I shouted back as I sprinted right before the IS, drawing its attention.

"Time to pull off a pro gamer move."

As I surveyed the apocalyptic scene around me, the urgency of my situation became clear. The black IS, a harbinger of destruction, was now my deadly enemy. Flames licked at the wreckage, and the air was thick and heavy with the scent of chaos.

With a deep breath, I steeled myself for this dangerous game I was about to play. My eyes locked onto the approaching black IS, and I quickly assessed the nearby terrain for potential advantages. It was a makeshift battleground, and I needed to turn the odds in my favour.

Drawing the attention of the IS away from the vulnerable civilians became my top priority. I sprinted into the open, deliberately making myself the target. Sensing the movement, the black IS shifted its focus from the ravaged surroundings to me, his primary target.

My heart pounded as I dashed through the shattered street, agile and evasive. I weaved through the wreckage, the IS's mechanical footsteps echoing behind me like an ominous drumbeat.

"Come and get me, you piece of junk!" I taunted, my voice carrying a mix of bravado and desperation. I zigzagged through the debris, utilizing every bit of cover to stay one step ahead of the pursuing war machine. It was a risky strategy, but I couldn't afford to let the IS wreak further havoc.

The black IS, seemingly provoked by my challenge, accelerated in pursuit. The gap between us closed, and the situation became increasingly risky. As I lured the IS away, I couldn't help but wonder if my actions would be enough to protect those caught in the crossfire.

(I hope I looked cool enough)


The cop, driven by Aruto's example, took charge of the situation. He swiftly rallied the remaining alive cops, issuing urgent commands to prioritize evacuating civilians. The gravity of the threat posed by the black IS demanded quick thinking and coordinated action.

"Listen up, everyone! We need to get these civilians to safety. Protect and guide them away from this nightmare. Our priority is their lives!" the cop barked, his authoritative tone cutting through the chaos.

Though battered and weary, the small group of cops rallied under the cop's leadership. They fanned out, assisting people in shock and guiding them away from the danger zone. Sirens wailed in the distance, signalling the arrival of additional emergency responders.

The cop glanced back at Aruto, still engaged in his dangerous dance with the black IS. "Hold on, kid. We'll do our part here. You make sure you come out of this alive," he muttered, a nod of respect and understanding directed at the person they were supposed to arrest who had thrown himself into the line of fire.

Determined, the cop led the charge in securing the area and evacuating the remaining civilians, hoping Aruto's distraction would buy them enough time for this impromptu rescue mission. The sounds of destruction and chaos formed a backdrop to their urgent efforts as they worked together to navigate the grim aftermath of the black IS's rampage.


My desperate attempt to fend off the black IS led me to snatch a gun from the lifeless grip of a fallen police officer. With adrenaline coursing through my veins, I aimed and fired, hoping against hope that the bullets would find their mark.

However, the metallic clang of bullets hitting an impenetrable shield shattered any illusions of success. The IS's shield system effortlessly deflected my shots, rendering my makeshift weapon useless. Panic gripped me as I realized the futility of my efforts.

"The famous absolute defence of those IS, huh? What a fucking headache…" I muttered with dead fish eyes at the result of my gunshot.

In a split second, I recalibrated my strategy. The shielded IS closed in, and I had to rely on agility and wit to survive. Each step became a calculated move, a dance between life and the relentless pursuit of the war machine.

Desperation fueled my actions as I searched for any potential advantage in the war-torn landscape. This game was unfair, with no chance for me to survive. It was almost funny to think this was still the same game that I previously played with Fate.

This is a slaughter. I'm only delaying my death; my only win condition is waiting for the backup.

The black IS, undeterred by my futile attempts, retaliated with a barrage of heavy armament. The air reverberated with the menacing hum of its weapon charging, and I instinctively dove for cover behind a decimated car.

The ground shook as the heavy projectiles slammed into the surroundings, leaving destruction in their wake. Debris scattered, and I felt the shockwaves of the impact even from my cover. The IS's firepower was overwhelming, and I knew that evading this onslaught required nothing short of a miracle.

The world around me blurred into chaos as I crouched behind the battered car. The acrid scent of burning debris mingled with the stench of gasoline, creating a terrible danger. Each explosion brought me closer to the edge, but there was no time to dwell on fear.

I gasped for breath, my vision blurring as I sought refuge behind a piece of debris. The relentless pursuit had taken a toll on me physically and mentally. The IS pilot seemed like an otherworldly force, and the absence of communication from the pilot only intensified the mystery surrounding them.

I felt utterly drained, like fatigue had wrapped me in a bear hug I couldn't shake off. The idea of a quick nap seemed pretty tempting. With a sigh, I shut my eyes, hoping for a mini escape from this madness. The tolls of everything I'd been through settled on me like a heavy blanket, begging for a moment's breather.

"Two minutes should be enough to rest, right…?" I whispered to myself, the weariness evident in my voice.

[Unfortunately, you can't afford to rest now.]

Unexpectedly, a familiar voice resonated, jolting me back to reality. I scanned my surroundings, finding no one in sight.

"So, you're back, huh? The crazy voice. Guess I'm not going insane," I mused, half-relieved.

A subtle hum echoed in response.

[That remains to be seen.]

"Come on, don't be like that. If you're not the voice in my head, then who are you?" I inquired, summoning whatever courage remained within me.


Confusion etched my face as the urgency in the voice became evident.

"What do you mean?"

[Run, it is still here.]

The ominous warning spurred me into action, adrenaline coursing through my veins again. I couldn't afford to rest; the danger was far from over.

I barely had a moment to process the warning before reality snapped back into focus. My eyes focused, and there it was – the black IS, looming in front of me like a mechanical nightmare. There was no escape, and the air was tense as it prepared to unleash another wave of destruction.

In a split second, my instincts kicked in, and I darted to the side, narrowly evading the impending attack. The ground quivered with the force of the IS's heavy armament, and debris scattered in its wake. I could feel the heat from the unleashed firepower, a reminder of the lethal force I was up against.

I needed a plan – an escape route, a way to turn the tide. The voice in my head remained silent, leaving me to navigate this life-or-death situation on my own. My eyes scanned the surroundings for anything that could give me an advantage, but the devastation left little room for cover.

With the IS closing in for another strike, I made a split-second decision. I sprinted towards a nearby alley, hoping its narrow confines would limit the IS's movements. The mechanical monstrosity followed with relentless determination, its heavy steps echoing through the lonely street.

"I think it's for you to help me! Since you decided to appear in my head, you must have a solution for this monster!" I shouted and rolled away from a fast sword strike from the IS.

Seriously, this IS was armed to the teeth. That person wanted me dead…

As I navigated the maze of alleys, the mysterious voice echoed again in my mind.

 [Turn left, now!] 

It urged, and without second-guessing, I followed its guidance. The urgency in its tone mirrored the imminent danger I faced.

With a sharp turn, I found myself in a slightly wider alley – an opportunity to reassess my situation. The voice, though cryptic, seemed to be on my side. 

[There's an abandoned warehouse ahead. Use it for cover.] It provided directions with a precision that defied explanation.

Trusting the voice, I sprinted towards the looming structure. The black IS, relentless in its pursuit, closed in with a thunderous gait. As I reached the warehouse entrance, the voice guided me to a hidden corner, out of the IS's line of sight.

[Stay low and wait. It's searching for you.] The voice's guidance became my lifeline. I crouched in the shadows, the weight of my breaths amplified by the stillness around me. The metallic behemoth passed by, scanning the area with its sensors.

[We have some time now. It's time to bend the rules of this unfair game.]

Suddenly a handsome man wearing a gorgeous black robe, on which are shining golden runes, outside the robe is a large white cloak, in stark contrast to the black robe inside, the hood of the cloak worn on the head appeared beside me in which completely startled the shit out of me.

"Wha—" I tried to shout at the sudden appearance of this individual. However, my shout was entirely blocked by the hand of this individual who clamped my mouth with his hands.

[Shut it. It's still near us, and we don't have time to waste.]

I nodded in understanding as the man removed his hand from my mouth. I looked at my companion, which seemed to be the origin of the crazy voice in my head.

"So, who are you supposed to be, mysterious voice?"

[I am you, and you are me.]

"Wow, yeah, okay, don't pull a persona on me," I said with suspicions in my eyes.

However, the man didn't seem impressed by my performance as he glanced at me and observed the menacing IS.

"Okay, okay, not the time... So who are you, and why are you in me?"

[I'm—, and I'm another aspect of the power within yourself.]

Yeah, I was officially confused by the situation. So, I had power all along, and activating the IS was not my gift, or was it a part of it? I don't know... let's ask the professionals on this subject. Also, what was his name again? I didn't hear it...

"Yeah, I don't get it, so—"




The mysterious man's urgent command cut through my confusion, and without questioning, I immediately dropped to the ground. A barrage of energy blasts streaked through the air above me in that split second, narrowly missing my head.

I started to run away as it seemed like this cover was no longer safe, and I found myself exposed once again in front of the relentless IS. Glancing upward, the man beside me maintained a stoic expression, his eyes unwaveringly fixed on the menacing black IS. What baffled me was that this man floated at my side, seemingly invisible to the IS.

[As I mentioned before, you are me, and I am you. No one else can perceive my presence except for you.]

[You have an extremely powerful gift within you, Aruto. A power that defies the rules of this world] he explained cryptically.

I gawked at him, torn between disbelief and awe. "Okay, Riddler, get out of my body and explain to me clearly!"

The spirit beside me halted, delivering a sigh and a gaze that resonated with disappointment, akin to a disapproving father. Irritation surged within me.

"Hey, cut out the whole disappointed father act, alright? We've got no time for that."

In response, my supposed alter ego returned with a retort so audacious it almost made me spit blood.

[A father? Weren't you an orphan? How would you even recognize that look?] questioned the enigmatic figure, infused with a sense of confusion.

Damn. That one cut a little too close to home.

"Firstly, ouch! Secondly, now is not the time to roast me. Focus, please," I exclaimed, deftly evading another barrage of fire from the IS. I couldn't help but wonder how I'd managed to survive this relentless assault for so long and why the supposed government forces hadn't intervened yet.

I grumbled, "Hello! We've got an unidentified IS wreaking havoc in our country, and there's still no sign of those government guys? Seriously?"

[You can't rely on someone else to fix our problems. This is your battle, the stage for your transformation,] the spirit beside me asserted.

"Then tell me how I'm supposed to fight this!" I bellowed, frustration and desperation seeping into my voice as my composure started to slip.

The spirit sighed, merging into my body. Before I could question his disappearance, a peculiar sensation surged through me, invigorating and empowering. I felt a newfound energy coursing through my veins.

[This is the gift you received upon entering this world. Now, seize this opportunity to fight back,] the voice echoed in my mind.

As I tried to comprehend the enigmatic message, my fist began to glow, radiating a brilliant light.

"Okay! Okay! That's cool, bro! Now, what should I do with my shining punch?" I inquired, suddenly feeling like I could take on the entire world.

[What else? Go punch that IS.]

"Huh?" I stammered dumbly, caught off guard by the unexpectedly straightforward response.

The mysterious spirit's voice resonated in my mind once more, [Believe in your power, Aruto. Channel your determination into that punch, and you'll see the true extent of your abilities.]

[It's time for you to defy the rules imposed by Fate with your hand. We are the masters of our destiny, and now is the moment for you to diverge from your predetermined path and become an active player.]

That's motivating, but how can I punch a flying and fast machine? I am sure I could jump, but not that high…

[Ask them.]

I sighed contemplatively, acknowledging the wisdom in my spectral companion's advice. Screw it, I thought, might as well give it a shot.

With a leap of faith, I abandoned my cover, facing the formidable IS that seemed hovering to blast me into oblivion.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" I bellowed, infusing my command with every ounce of passion I could muster.

[See, I told you,] echoed the ghostly voice.

My jaw practically hit the floor as the IS halted its charge. Its ominous cannon calmed and hovered slightly on the ground. The pilot inside appeared to be waiting for... what exactly? Was this some poorly-written fanfiction come to life?

[Take the first step and change your fate, Aruto.] 

Channeling the newfound determination coursing through me, I gathered every ounce of strength. With a primal yell, I propelled myself into the air, a shining fist leading the way.

In that suspended moment, time seemed to slow as I descended upon the hovering IS. My punch connected with a resounding impact, a burst of light and energy emanating from the collision. The IS recoiled, caught off guard by the audacity of my assault.

With a deafening crash, it collided with the warehouse wall, sending shards of metal and debris scattering in all directions. The impact echoed through the desolate surroundings.

[Now is your chance to turn the tide, Aruto! Call upon my name and break free from these chains!]


[What's the matter? Why hesitate? Invoke my name!]

"…Yeah, I don't know your name," I said as I scratched the back of my neck. Who would have thought I needed to know the name of my ghost partner? I really should have said something back then.


The spectral presence fell into an awkward silence, a pregnant silence filled with unspoken frustration, a tension that lingered in the air without the need for words.

Suddenly, a sudden noise drew our attention back to the wall where the IS had collided. As the dust settled, a foreboding growl emanated from the wreckage, capturing our focus.

To our shock, the IS, instead of lying defeated, emerged more menacing than before. I felt a terrible vision fall upon me, and a chill ran down my spine as we realized that the actual battle was far from over.




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