7 Path thing

While Leiah tried to keep a low profile and not get close to anyone. Some people still came to greet her. She greeted them back with an awkward smile… Rain wondered if she didn't know how to interact with nobles or if there was another reason for that.

"They seem like good people… not all the family may be made of assholes," Rain thought.

Rain still needed to learn more about the world and the things close to him, so he couldn't tell if his guess was right or not.

In any case, it looked like Roan and Leiah were counting the minutes to leave the place, but the party lasted for a while. Eventually, a boy that looked like a mini version of the oldest of Roan's brothers stepped forward and then raised his arms to his sky. Everything went silent for some reason until. Eventually, he suddenly created a Fireball and shot it into the sky.

Before long, the fireball exploded and then became a bunch of fireworks. People around began to applaud the kid.

"Now I understand why he is remarkable… I wouldn't teach a five-year-old kid how to use magic, even if you paid me," Rain thought. "Still… magic, huh."

Rain's grandparents showed up around that time, and as if they had equipped them that day, they hugged the boy and then smiled proudly.

"Wow, amazing… they actually have working muscles on their faces," Rain thought.

Rain didn't think about that for too long… the spell left a bigger impression on him after all. He wondered how a five-year-old boy could learn magic like that… he probably wasted some time in a conjuration, but that was just a minor detail. The really important thing was the fact that a five years old boy could use a spell that had the power of a grenade.

"Teaching that out of nowhere to a kid of that age should be hard… way too hard," Rain thought. "As expected, the answer lies in the system."

That would explain the magic, and that also would explain why dragons still existed in that world. Anyone with half a brain would conclude that they needed to be hunted down to extermination. Still, if they had a similar system and different bonuses, then their potential was practically endless, even more so if they could live for longer.

While Rain was thinking about all that, the party came to an end, and then his family left the place as fast as the wind. They avoided some problems because Roan made himself the focus of his brother's nonsense.

"Either way, maybe I should try harder and see if I can learn magic faster than that kid… being able to use Fireball at five will greatly increase my chances of protecting my skin in this world," Rain thought. "Even though I think that it is much cooler to fight using my own body. It will work to cover my bases."

From the next day onward, Rain began to focus more seriously on the things that he could do to get experience. Crawling and learning the language of the world. Thanks to that, while his basic vocabulary was almost complete, he still managed to learn a lot of the more complex words faster. It took more effort, but leveling his language was more efficient since he couldn't recover his stamina faster.

Thanks to his hard work, Rain was able to stand by himself when he was seven months old. His face turned red thanks to the effort, but he felt satisfied with the result, but that wasn't the only thing that changed.

(The human path reached level ten)

(All Parameters increased by one.)

(You learned the skill of Running.)

(You reached the necessary requirements to unlock a new path.)

(Physical Path - Unlocked due to the development of running and improved physical fitness. This path focuses on enhancing overall physical attributes, strength, endurance, and body conditioning.)

"What the…" Rain thought in surprise. "A new path this soon?"

(Physical Path - Strength, Vitality, and Endurance + 02 per level.

Level 1: Basic Conditioning - Increases maximum stamina by 10 per level.)

"This will make my body stronger… Still, now comes a difficult question, should I change the path now or do it later?" Rain thought.

Rain didn't know if he could learn magic following the human path alone, but it was clear that he wouldn't learn magic in a path called the Physical path. Things were starting to look interesting as of now.

"I can still equip the skills of the human path in the support skills section, but it will be more efficient to keep them until I get the next skill of the physical path," Rain thought. "That path should get experience even if only the skills are equipped… I need to confirm that."

While it wasn't much, spending the extra stamina made Rain gain some experience in Basic Conditioning. It only happened when his stamina was almost empty, so he had to push himself. It was hard to do that when he couldn't even run with his unsteady legs.

It took a few days, but eventually, the skill leveled up, and the path gained experience as well. That was good; it would be troublesome if only a single path could get experience while skills of other paths could be equipped.

"The human path lets us use basic human skills that we need, huh," Rain thought. "If my guess is right, a new path will be unlocked at level twenty, and it will be connected to the skills of levels fifteen and twenty… maybe one of those new paths will let me use magic."

Rain knew that his father worked as a guard, but he also could be a swordsman or something similar. While his mother was probably something of a worker. Her writing skills seemed top-notch, and she never made mistakes. She also could write really fast.

"She is probably some kind of educator… not a teacher, but almost there," Rain thought. "Anyway, this path thing is a lot more fun than I thought."

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