Infinite Paths: The Raging Phoenix

He lived a life of mediocrity, plagued by regret. Instead of pursuing his dream of becoming a pro boxer, he listened to others and became a corporate slave. He was wrongly accused when money went missing from the company's account. He lost everything—his job, his friends, and even his family turned their backs on him. Eventually, he became homeless. On the same day, he witnessed a homeless woman being attacked in a dark alley while everyone ignored her shouts for help. Despite his own struggles, he couldn't ignore her plight. He decided to step in to protect her. Still, that only caused his downfall. He was stabbed to death… Still, fate wasn’t done with him, and he had the chance to be reborn in a world of truly Infinite Paths… (The Human Path was unlocked) (You obtained the skill of Language.) His story was a painful reminder of the consequences of settling for an ordinary life and the remorse that comes with it. His death highlighted the harsh reality of how his choices and circumstances led him to this tragic end. It served as a powerful message to him to strive for something greater, to never lose sight of his dreams, and to extend a helping hand to those in need, even in our darkest moments. This time, he will live his life without regrets… Our discord server: https://discord.gg/bd9aDdEeQK

ExSoldierLv99 · Fantasy
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1552 Chs

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The condition was simple yet profound: Terra and Seara could access and utilize the magical seals as long as they harbored a deep and unwavering love for Rain. To the amusement of Rain, this condition had proven to be surprisingly effective. The power of their love and devotion had forged a connection strong enough to enable the seals.

"I guess there are two ways to improve the technique," Rain thought while riding some golems and teaching his kids how to do the same. "Increase the number of seals, increase the power of those involved, and also improve the technique itself."