Infinite Mana in the Mage Academy

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Chapter 20 || Battle with tier 3;SPEEDER Rhino

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"Ain't you guys going too early this time? It's only been a day, and you are already leaving?"

Allen asked.

"Sorry son. I would love to spend more time with you, but... we have our work. " His father said with a gentle smile on his face.

His mother patted his head and showed a motherly smile before hugging him. "I'm gonna miss you!!"

"Yeah, yeah."

"Brother. Just wait for us, we are gonna join this academy!"

"Yeah, we will protect you then!"

The two children hugged Allen.

After the farewell, Allen looked at his sister.

"So, I am stuck with you."

"Of course."

Riya smiled mischievously and stuck out her tongue.

"Well, live well. I am going to the mountain to train."

"Wait! Why now? Can't you show the academy to your little sister? " Riya disagreed with a teary face.

"Sorry, but I don't have time to play with you."

"Uuuu." Riya jumped at Allen and tried to hug him, but she got stuck in the air.

"Huh...?" She looked below and found herself floating midair. Her face twitched, and she started moving her hands and legs.

"What is this?!!! Why am I stuck?!!! Brother, help me!!!"

Her eyes were on the verge of shedding tears, while her legs and hands moved like dying fish.

Allen sighed and put her down.

"What was that?" Riya sat on the ground, her legs gave up and she trembled. It was a horrible experience.

"It's ok."

Allen puts his hands on her head and gently pats her like a gentle brother, showing a brotherly smile.

"Can you now... go to your room? I will show you the academy later, ok."

Riya nodded and stuck with her brother.

Allen looked at her with pity as her legs didn't respond to her command and shook violently. Allen was somewhat, no, entirely at fault here, so he just carried her in his arms.

Carrying her like a princess, he took her to her room, a guest room prepared for the family.

He smoothly laid her on the bed and left the room.

"Whew! Let's go hunt the monsters."

Allen flew toward the monster forest and reached it in twenty minutes. He entered the forest without a hint of hesitation.

Previously, he just explored the outermost part of the forest, but this time, he stepped inside the inner part.

He didn't get that deep into the forest fearing meeting the stronger monsters.

He met with various tier 2 monsters, and some tier 3. Those tiers 3 were easier to deal with since they weren't mana users.

Finally, he met with their 3 mana user monster. Speeder Rhino. Speeder Rhino, is a monster whose whole body is covered with a metal-like skin, a big pointy horn on its face, and a speed faster than a normal human.


Allen raised his guard fully.

Speeder Rhino charged at Allen with a quick speed. Its speed was indeed fast, but not that fast that could startle Allen.

Allen smirked and raised his hand.

Blue mana flowed out from his hand like strings and stuck with Speeder Rhino.

Allen's telekinesis grabbed the Speeder Rhino but...


This was the first time Allen's telekinesis failed. The mana got cut off before it could even grab the monster.


Allen cursed and gritted his teeth. And attacked Speed Rhino with a Pyroblast.

A ball the size of a human head floated in the air. One, two, three... In the blink of an eye, more than ten fireballs fired at the Speeder Rhino.

Boom! Boom!

The sound of explosions echoed inside the forest. But Allen didn't relax. Just as he guessed, the body of Speeder Rhino glowed Golden color.

The Golden Mana Shield, the Speeder Rhino's defense, easily handled the explosion. However, Allen didn't stop. He repeatedly fired Pyroblast, energy blast, windblast. But those were all low leveled skills. And just tier 2.

Those skills could barely put a scratch on the Speeder Rhino barrier let alone its thick skin.

Allen gritted his teeth and looked at the Speeder Rhino charging at him. He immediately used shadow art and dispersed inside the tree shadow.


Speeder Rhino roared angrily and started to jump. Its huge body that had huge weight didn't affect its jump.

Thud! Thud!

The land shook as the Speeder Rhino jumped. The trees shook violently, and cracks appeared on the land. Constantly shaking off the land disrupts Allen's skill. The tree shadow wavered as the tree's leaves shook and blocked the sunlight.


Allen cursed again and his skill canceled automatically because of the lack of shadow.

Allen glared at the Speeder Rhino. He quickly cast the killing ray.

A red ray of light shot at the Speeder Rhino. The thin red light was so fast and hot that it created a small hole in the barrier and skin of the Speeder Rhino.


Speeder Rhino scream in agony. Its skin melted down. The light was comparable to the drop of corrosive acid that would melt anything.

A grin flashed on Allen's face. Like a superman who could destroy anything with his eyes laser, Allen also emitted laser from his fingers.

He wanted the light to be thicker but his skill level was low, so he gave up.

On the other hand, Speeder Rhino's whole body was full of small holes. It wasn't that serious since they were very small.

Speeder Rhino's eyes flashed and its legs glowed in blue.


Its speed got several times faster. It was the true ability/skill of Speeder Rhino to increase its speed five times.

Just as Allen blinked, the Rhino had already closed the distance between them.

"Oh fuck!!!"


Speeder Rhino's horn hit Allen. Fortunately, he immediately created a barrier with his telekinesis, so the damage wasn't that critical.

He flew ten meters away hitting the tree. He spat a mouthful of blood and panted heavily.

"Huu! Haaa!"

He took a deep breath.

He didn't have any more skills, so he had only two choices; run or fight to the death.

Well, he could just run and get away but somewhere in his heart, he yearned to fight.

He wanted to kill it. Just as he thought that a brilliant plan came to his mind.

"Am I stupid? Why didn't I think of that earlier?!"

He murmured and smiled. His grim expression turned into a playful one.

"Who said I have to stick to the ground when I can just fly? Haha!"

Allen laughed creepily like a madman and activated his telekinesis.

He flew in the sky. He has better control over his telekinesis now, so balancing himself in the air is easier than before.

"Now come at me, you little rascal."

Allen provoked the Speedy Rhino like a kid teasing his pet.

Speeder Rhino roared and glared menacingly at Allen. Allen wasn't that high, so it appeared below Allen in a blink of an eye.

It jumped and raised its horn trying to poke Allen but Allen immediately raised his altitude and Rhino pierce the air.

As it landed, its force shook the land. Speeder Rhino jumped repeatedly like a cat trying to catch the cattail but to prevail it couldn't reach Allen.

Speeder Rhino's speed decreased, sweat covered its whole body and its barrier dimmed before vanishing in the thin air.

It lay on the ground tired from all the jumping and exhausting its mana storage.

Finally, Allen landed down and touched the forehead of Speeder Rhino.

Speeder Rhino raised its head and gritted its teeth since it didn't have any energy left in its body.

"Bye-bye, buddy. It was fun to play with you."

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom!

Many red rays of light pierced Speeder Rhino's forehead and pierced its brain.

Before it could even scream in agony, the soul left its body.


Allen breathed a sigh of relief and sat on the ground.

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