323 Preparing to enter enemy territory

The rest of the day in the territory of the Pureblood Vampyres in the Underworld was spent with the young Prince Cassius who introduced the culture of Vampyres and the delicacies that they enjoyed.

At a certain point, they returned to the wide dining hall where numerous sparklings foods were laid out, this time the chalices and adorned cups holding viscous red liquids being returned as Cassius offered Noah a drink.

"This will be your first taste of something that you would only understand the wonders of as a Vampyre, go on."

The Prince was observing closely as he thought he was undertaking the job of feeding an important new addition to the clan for the first time, not knowing a gorgeous silver-haired beauty had already offered up blood of even greater quality not too long ago.

Noah sipped the blood rolling in the chalice as he compared the taste, observing the much lower quality as he unconsciously wanted the first one he had again.


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