42 Rune: 【Adjustments】

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If he went on a trip every night, he could level up within three to four days.

Along with the rewards from the daily missions, he would get at least 25 EXP every night.

As for the gold coins, that was a sad case. They were still far from his target.

The thing that Li Rui was most satisfied with was his EXP. He could at least digest about one or two points. His health point had increased by 20 points within this week, which was almost double the amount of Awakeners of his age.

Other than those who practiced body arts from an early age, probably only aliens like Luo Li could be comparable to him.

Ding dong!

Just as Li Rui was immersed in the satisfaction of his achievements, a notification on his phone pulled his attention back.

Once he opened it, it was a notification of the payment on his account.

 "Dear Mr Garen, thank you for your contribution to world peace and stability. The system has transferred 150,000 soft coins along with 5 points of contribution values into your account. Please have a look, thank you."


Li Rui threw a fist in the air with excitement.

He didn't think that the police in Shanghai were this efficient!

He already had 5 contribution points now. Would 100 still be far behind?

Within a month, he would be able to get his hands on [The Eternal Indestructible Tribulation]!

There was a blazing fire in his heart and he really wanted to just wipe out all the wicked criminals of Shanghai!

"Brother, I've finished my homework! I'm going to go watch TV!"

An eager voice came from outside the door and Li Rui's expression changed. "Wait, I have to check your homework first!"

"No~ You can check it yourself…"

"Did you write nonsense again?"

"No, I didn't…"

"Look at me when you're talking!"



For the next few days, Li Rui would be in school during the day, and at night, he would be a cleaner who was responsible for cleaning the harmful garbage of Shanghai.

In only four days, he had accumulated enough EXP and had leveled up!

Just like before, he didn't have much choice with his gold coins and mana power. Therefore, he could only upgrade the runes.

"[Grasp of the Undying] and [Bone Plating] can be upgraded?"

As he saw the 'plus sign' that was lit up above the runes, Li Rui was moved.

These were extremely powerful skills for both offense and defense. Not to mention, t [Grasp of the Undying] could take away the opponents HP which made its potential limitless!

But on the third day after activating the runes, he finally let go of his hesitation.

[Adjustments] (Level 1)

(Passive) You have received +8 Armor and +8 MR. Your overall AR and MR has been increased by 1%.

Initially, he only had 7 points of AR and 9 points of MR, but with all these runes, his defense ability was immediately doubled.

A pure-breed Sion was just a little boy but if he had his armor and a magical shield, he could be his elder brother!

He could directly knock out the person if he found them annoying!

With about 10 points on double defense and HP of over hundreds of points, Li Rui could be considered a small tanker amongst the Awakeners!

At the moment where he selected [Adjustments],an invincible energy started flowing into his body.

The aching pain felt like worms climbing all over his body. He began to feel light-headed as if he were having a cold.

The veins on his head were pounding. Li Rui slowly went to his bed and bore the discomfort of both the soul and the body.

What was the matter?

As he opened his attribute bar, Li Rui was shocked.

AR: 7 (Undigested AR 8 points)

MR: 9 (Undigested MR 8 points)

AR and MR had to be digested as well?

Did this also mean that there was also a digestive process for mana power, AD, and AP?

As he thought about these, he felt that his head became even more painful!

System: "The host can fasten this process by using cultivation techniques."

Cultivation techniques could fasten the process?

That was great!

While suffering the 'headache' along with the 'growing pains', Li Rui's desire for [The Eternal Indestructible Tribulation] increased drastically!

Li Rui went to sleep while withstanding the discomfort. When he woke up the next day, Li Rui realized that the pain was much less than the night before.

Maybe it was because he was already used to it, or because of other reasons.

He looked at his attribute bar. 8 points of AR and 10 points of MR. One point of each had been digested overnight, which was still an acceptable efficiency.

He hammered his chest. Perhaps it was just an assumption, but he could feel that his muscles had become much tougher than before.

"Lazy pig, get up already!"

His sister's bright voice was screaming like crazy outside the door. Li Rui stood up from his bed and opened the door.

"Are you hungry?"




"You're so annoying! I'm going to bite you! Woof!"

After feeding Li Wei, Li Rui then left for school.

However, he was feeling uncomfortable and was 'dead' the entire day. Even Little Huang was not interested in annoying him.

Since there were no counterattacks after provoking him several times, a dangerous look was emitted from Huang Juncai's eyes.

"Hmm, Little Li. You're doomed today. I will return all of the humiliation that you have given me in the past. Take the Three Divine Skills from Hell!"

"The Dragon's Fracture!"


"AHHHHHHH! Brother Rui… Lord Rui… Lord Rui…! Let go! My hand is going to break soon!"


As he laid on his own table to rest, Li Rui suddenly thought of something and turned to Huang JunCai. "Come to the fighting center after class. Your application has been approved."

Little Huang who had been crying at the corner, jumped up like a spring with a face filled with excitement.

"Really? The door to my harem is finally open?"


Li Rui tilted his head. Why would the school team become your harem?

Pretty sure your head was full of sh*t!

He ignored Little Huang, who was jumping up and down next to him. Li Rui closed his eyes, trying to rest, and was silently waiting for the class to start.

The morning classes finished in a blink of an eye. Just when Li Rui was about to head to the fighting center, a yellow ball followed right behind him.

"You're in liberal arts. Don't you have a class in the afternoon? Why are you following me?"

"I've changed my major to martial arts!"

"Huh? When did you change it?"

"I applied after the Awakening. After all, I am the 'chosen one'. I have to build up my own harem with my supernatural powers!"

Li Rui was speechless for a moment.

If this fella really became a Transcendent in the future, changing his major to martial arts may not be a bad decision.

As he brought Little Huang into the fighting center, the huge training hall was already filled with noises.

Most of the members had already started training.

"Why the f**k are they here so early? It might not be the best choice to exercise after lunch, right?"

Huang Juncai immediately felt a little guilty after looking at the fiery atmosphere.

With just a look, it was obvious that those boys who are lifting were fitness lovers and this small body of his would not stand the exercise that they are doing.

"The championship season is coming soon. So, they have to seize the chance to move up in their global ranking. Or else, they may not be able to choose a good school after graduation."

"We have to do the same as well?"

"Of course!"

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