1 Prologue: I have been summoned

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One summer in the year 20XX, just as the crickets outside were being a pain in the ass, Li Rui was sitting in his room drinking milk tea when he got an unexpected phone call.

"Hello, Brother Kai? Is the sun about to rise in the west?! I can't believe that you're actually calling me! Wait, is sister-in-law in a meeting?"

Li Rui started teasing him.

"Rui, did you see the news?"

Brother Kai wasn't bothered about Kai's reaction as he spoke in a reminiscing tone. 

"Huh? What news? I don't recall anything big happening recently."

Li Rui turned on his computer while talking on the phone and started searching for the latest news.

"LoL is closing down their servers."

Li Rui was shocked, and his hand which was on the mouse froze as an indescribable feeling came over him.

It had been a long time since he had played this game, and it felt as if it had already been long forgotten in his heart.

However, Brother Kai's words brought back the memories.

It wasn't surprising news as everything eventually comes to an end, and for a game, there will always be one day when it ends. It was somewhat an expected thing.

However, when he was about to really lose the game forever, Li Rui was still shocked. He had a lot of good memories of this game. 

Courage, persistence, faith, laughter, and even tears…

These eighth-grade syndrome emotions were a big part of his youth.

He could still clearly remember the fun times he had with his 'comrades' in the internet cafes every day, the joy and excitement they had for advancing into the master levels and the sense of accomplishment that came carrying a noob girl to the diamond tier.

Even Brother Kai, the one who had previously been on the phone, was someone that he had met in the game and had eventually become best friends with in reality.

But as time passed and they aged, all of them had their own lives to carry on with, along with the troubles that came with it - careers, marriage, children, illness…

Their small group of friends who had been as thick as thieves in the game slowly drifted apart, and it was difficult for all of them to ever get together again.

It was starting from some time ago that the avatars that lit up Li Rui's friend list gradually became lesser and lesser. The darkened names below these avatars were as if they had forever left the battlefield, never to return.

After losing his 'comrades', Li Rui rarely logged on to the game. If it wasn't because of Brother Kai, he would have forgotten that he even had this game on his computer.

"They will be permanently closing the server tonight. Li Rui, I'll meet you at Summoner's Rift!"

"Haha, instead of feeding your kid, you're here playing? Won't my sister-in-law kill you?"

Li Rui was starting to feel sentimental, but he immediately gathered himself and smiled.

The phone call was silent on the other end. Kai then replied in a thick and firm voice as if he were taking an oath, "I have been summoned, and I will respond! Demacia needs me!"

Even though it was a really lame line, it still deeply pierced Li Rui's heart. Perhaps only those who have deeply loved this game would be able to understand their passion and faith.

Influenced by Brother Kai, the fire in him started burning. Li Rui hit himself on the chest just like a soldier who was about to go to war. He repeated the same line in a deep voice, "I have been summoned, and I will respond!"

After ending the call, Li Rui found a familiar icon in the corner of his computer.

Upon entering the game, he was shocked to see that most of the avatars in his friend list were lit up!

"Watermelon! Aren't you busy with a second child? We haven't seen you for at least a year. Let's have a gathering the next time you come to Shanghai."

"Little Deng, how was Japan? You're graduating this year, right?"

"Old Ran, New York seems to be a little messy recently. You better watch out and stop going out at night~"


Friends that came from all around the world did not directly enter any games. Instead, they gathered around and happily chatted away as if LoL had become an online chatting site.

Li Rui's eyes suddenly turned wet as he saw all of the familiar IDs.

At this moment, he realized that he didn't only love the game, but also all of these 'comrades'!

"Brother Rui, my graduation thesis is so annoying. This may be the last time I can log in to the game. It's nice to be able to personally bid you farewell."

"Remember to come look for me when you're back in Shanghai."

"Haha, I will definitely come look for you if I have the chance!"

"It's a promise!"

"Okay… Goodbye…"


As Little Deng's figure faded, a part of Li Rui's heart became empty as if something important were missing.

This was because he knew that after logging out this time, it would really be for forever…

The world is so big and life is hard. It was impossible to be able for them to get together again…

After a long time, Li Rui got some enlightenment.

The thing that he was about to lose was the mark of his youth.

Those past few beautiful years of his that were tightly intertwined with this game would soon lose its colors as the server closes.

No matter if it were joy or pain, happiness or pain, the marks that the summoners have left behind will all soon disappear along with the game.

Only the bittersweet memories will be left behind for them to reminisce as they become old.

As some of them started logging out after bidding goodbye, a few of them decided to start a game to once again experience the simple joys of LoL.

As Li Rui entered, he was surprised to find that every version since the beta had been released. Countless strange yet familiar equipment appeared on the stage.

Force of Nature, Atma's Impaler, Deathfire Grasp, Sword of the Occult…

Of course, there were also several interesting modes which included Ultra Rapid Fire, Summoner's Rift, Twisted Treeline, Howling Abyss…

Li Rui couldn't help but smile upon seeing those familiar names as if he had once again found all of the curiosity and excitement from the first time he had entered the game.

However, he didn't choose these modes or join a game with his 'comrades'.

Instead, he chose normal mode and changed back to the hero that he had used in the beginning - Cho'Gath, the Terror of the Void!

He randomly chose his runes and masteries, and the system quickly found him a match.

It shall end where it all started...

After entering the interface, Li Rui typed in the dialogue box.

"Cho'Gath top or int!"

As one stone raises thousands of waves, Li Rui's teammates immediately responded with passionate responses.

"Yuumi middle or int!"

"Yasuo support or int!"

"Soraka jungle or int!"

"F*** you! Can't you guys play properly? I beg you, stop showing off! My eye hurts from seeing you guys play!"

The only normal one was the ADC who started crying.

"Hahaha, bro, why so serious? Is it that important to win?"

Their support on the other hand was very zen about it.

Li Rui was also grinning from ear to ear. Exactly, is winning that important?

They were no longer just playing games. They were using this last chance to put a perfect ending to their youth.

Just be happy, why so serious? 

The game then entered into the loading interface, and a special BGM suddenly appeared.

Li Rui was able to recognize the song. It was an edited folk song called League of Legends Epic Dubstep (LOL Remix).

The lyrics of the song used sound effects from the game.

As the song reaches its climax, the hero's quote becomes a hot-blooded oath!

Janna: The tempest is at your command.

Jarvan IV: By my will - this shall be finished.

Pantheon: They are privileged to die at my feet.

Lucian: Everyone dies, some just need a little help.

Riven: What is broken can be reforged!

Irelia: My blade is at your service.

Draven: Welcome to the League of Draven.

Garen: To the field of justice.

Nasus: The cycle of life and death continues. We will live, they will die. 


As if he were still a teenager, Li Rui couldn't contain himself anymore as the passion in his chest started burning and his original passion and faith returning.

"I have been summoned! I will respond! For the glory of Demacia!"

Li Rui placed his right fist on his chest and muttered to himself. 

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