Infinite Death Games Apocalypse: The Rise of Villains

"You have three lives - One as a human, one as a survivor, and one as a hunter." In the year 202X, a chilling phenomenon grips the globe as 20,000 individuals vanish without a trace overnight. This eerie occurrence repeats every Sunday at midnight, sending shockwaves through society. Despite the escalating disappearances over 20 consecutive weeks, the world remains indifferent to the growing crisis. Among the missing is Vesper Pallas, whose fate thrusts him into a realm of perilous existence. Confronted with life-threatening situations, he unravels the sinister truth behind the abductions and the ensuing terror. Following a fateful encounter with a mysterious figure resembling the Grim Reaper, Vesper is forced into a triad of roles: a father, a prey, and a relentless hunter in pursuit of answers.

DamnPlotArmor · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
72 Chs

As inquiries into the culprit behind the tragic deaths intensify, authorities have reached out to the previous house owner, identified as fashion model Sarah Cougar.

Chapter 42 - Earth Intermission - 9

Mary lets out a deep sigh and begins to explain.

"Here's the issue, Mr. Pallas. Every Sunday at midnight, local time, approximately 10,000 random civilians in the same time zone are abducted into the death game world. Those who survive a set of three stages or the tutorial stages can return home and share their experiences. This creates a significant problem."

She turns to Vesper, giving him a meaningful look, and silently draws a small handgun, pointing it at his temple. Without warning, she pulls the trigger.


"OW!" Vesper reacts, flinching and removing his blindfold. When he faces Mary, she sighs deeply and retrieves a small bottle of red liquid, passing it to him.

"What was that for?!" Vesper protests, clearly shaken by the unexpected shot.

"I was clarifying my statement to make it easier to understand. Did it hurt?" Mary asks calmly.

"Obviously, duh!" Vesper replies, still incredulous.

"But did you die from being shot in the head?" Mary questions further, her tone implying there's more to the situation.

Vesper scratches his temple and realizes that the wound is superficial, the bullet head having already exited and landed in his lap.

"Drink the potion. It will heal the wound instantly," Mary instructs, handing him the potion.

Vesper examines the potion, reading the label.


Standard Healing Potion

This potion is commonly found in third-grade or higher-level shops. It can instantly cure poison, heal deep wounds, and restore lost blood. However, consuming too much may cause kidney pain.


Reluctantly, Vesper sips the potion, feeling the wound and fatigue vanish as if they were never there. However, a side effect soon kicks in. He bends forward slightly, feeling a stuffiness in his lower abdomen where his kidneys are, accompanied by an annoying itch.

Mary continues her explanation despite Vesper's discomfort. 

"The issue isn't just about the missing civilians but also the returnees. As you've experienced, every survivor gains some sort of superpower after clearing the stages. And when more civilians gain super strength or supernatural abilities, their humanity is put to the test."

She presses some switches on her remote, changing the channels on the monitor to a news channel. The anchor narrates recent events with a trembling voice, her hands shaking with mixed emotions.

"The school shooter who murdered 30 children last Monday has been shot down after a 2-hour shootout in front of the Texas Bank during an attempted robbery. The FIB Director, who was among the hostages, was killed."

The scene on the monitor shows a man in a hooded jacket running outside the bank, hurling fireballs at police and armored cars. Military personnel and armed policemen are set ablaze, screaming in agony. Yet, three mysterious figures in tight suits surround the assailant, attacking him with ice shards, spears, and energy beams reminiscent of characters from the Marvel series.

In the end, the suspect was subdued, but there were many casualties, including police officers in the background who were not as fortunate.

"What the…" Vesper is stunned by the display of superhuman abilities and the chaos.

Mary deeply exhales, her expression revealing inner turmoil for the loss of her comrades. "I'm sorry to be the one to break this to you, Mr. Pallas. You're not the only superhuman alive. Apart from you, we've caught 250,000 survivors who awakened unique powers after using the elemental aptitude runes. They've consumed so many runes that no firearm can harm them."

"Wow," Vesper murmurs, processing the magnitude of what he's hearing.

"That's why we exist," Mary continues, "working to ensure that you and other survivors won't exploit your powers to harm others."

Vesper nods, finally grasping the mission of Mary and the PIA. "So, that's why you're detaining me."

"Yes," Mary confirms with regret in her tone. "I'm sorry if this inconveniences you. I know you've done nothing wrong, but we have to detain you."

"What about my gold?" Vesper is concerned about his possessions.

"...As long as the gold came from that world, we'll trade with you using the local rate, with some regulation fees."

Although Mary and the PIA seem suspicious, Vesper is relieved that she doesn't confiscate his gold on the spot like third-rate villains in games and novels. As long as they aren't overbearing, he believes he can negotiate with them.

Vesper changes the subject, curious about the death games. "Can you tell me more about the death games? Who is behind this?"

Mary calmly gives Vesper another blindfold cloth and passes it to him. "We'll explain when we get there. For now, please put this on."

Vesper nods, complying with her instructions. 

"Don't worry about the gold. We've looked into your background and your bank account. Once we verify your gold bars, we'll wire the money to your bank account," Mary adds.

"Thank you," Vesper acknowledges, putting on the blindfold cloth again and reclining in his seat. He sighs deeply, wondering what awaits him.

The van transports Vesper to the local international airport, but it veers into the restricted plane hangar area. Despite the blindfold, Vesper's enhanced vision allows him to see through the blindfold and observe the surroundings through the window. He notices several squads of heavily armed military personnel patrolling the area. Among them, individuals in superhero-like suits stand out.

As Mary's black Alphard approaches the checkpoint, the soldiers halt the vehicle and engage in a conversation with the driver, who presents their credentials. 

"We've caught another. Which plane is available today?" the driver reports to the inspection team.

"How many?" inquires one of the soldiers in superhero attire, eyeing Vesper inside the van.

"Just one." 

"Use hangar three," directs the soldier, allowing the vehicle to proceed after verifying the information.

The van proceeds further along the road. 

Inside the hangar area, the ground is marked with lines, indicating designated paths. Massive dome hangars are guarded by foreign military personnel, all bearing shoulder emblems featuring a giant shield with angelic wings.

Initially, Vesper doesn't pay attention to the emblems or their insignias. His attention is drawn when he notices that everyone shares the same tags except Mary and her men.

A sudden realization prompts Vesper to activate his X-ray vision. He gazes at Mary, scanning her body. 

She possesses a flawless physique, characterized by toned abs, a slender waist, a generous chest, and well-defined hips. Had Vesper been in a different situation, he would have admired her body all day. 

While ogling her juicy body, Vesper notices a peculiar tattoo beneath Mary's naval—a gold eyeball of a goat. 

Suddenly, the tattoo eye moves! Their eyes meet!

Mary slightly blushes and subtly reacts, pinching Vesper's arm in warning. 

"We're almost there. Behave yourself," she whispers, prompting Vesper to flinch and quickly divert his gaze.


The van arrives at Hangar 3, where a military cargo plane is parked.