Infinite Death Games Apocalypse: The Rise of Villains

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What is Infinite Death Games Apocalypse: The Rise of Villains

Read ‘Infinite Death Games Apocalypse: The Rise of Villains’ Online for Free, written by the author DamnPlotArmor, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "You have three lives - One as a human, one as a survivor, and one as a hunter."In the year 202X, a chilling phenomenon ...


"You have three lives - One as a human, one as a survivor, and one as a hunter." In the year 202X, a chilling phenomenon grips the globe as 20,000 individuals vanish without a trace overnight. This eerie occurrence repeats every Sunday at midnight, sending shockwaves through society. Despite the escalating disappearances over 20 consecutive weeks, the world remains indifferent to the growing crisis. Among the missing is Vesper Pallas, whose fate thrusts him into a realm of perilous existence. Confronted with life-threatening situations, he unravels the sinister truth behind the abductions and the ensuing terror. Following a fateful encounter with a mysterious figure resembling the Grim Reaper, Vesper is forced into a triad of roles: a father, a prey, and a relentless hunter in pursuit of answers.

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I've run out of Florida gags, so I'll be writing something serious this time. This novel is inspired from the following series: - (Novel) Terrer Infinity - (Novel) Reincarnator - (Game) Silent Hill Series - (Game) Resident Evil Series - (Game) Home Sweet Home - (Game) Dead by Daylight - (Game) Phasmophobia - (Game) The Texas Chain Saw Massacre - (Game) Helldivers 2 (FOR DEMOCRACY!) - (Game) Outlast Trials - (Movie) Saws Series - (Movie) Ju-On - (Movie) The Ring - (Misc) SCP Foundations - (Misc) Backrooms - Many other games, movies, and novels in the horror or thriller genres. As you can see, most of the inspiration came from horror or thriller series. of course. I don't expect this story to be a masterpiece, but I'll try to deliver it and make it at least half as good as one of them. Additionally, this story involves three perspectives: the human world, the world of survivors, and the world of hunters. Our main character won't sit around and become prey for the game masters. Instead, he will join the death games as a killer, which might either detract from the novel's appeal or make it more entertaining... I have no idea how readers will perceive this story, but I can't please everybody. I have fun writing this. That's all it matters. There's a quote from the gaming community that I recently learned: "If you're trying to please everybody, you're pleasing no one." Therefore, no harem! You can only get one grim reaper waifu!


synopsis sound interesting. I have good hope for this book knowing the amazing stuff the author wrote!


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